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Take your EDC Bag to the next level

  • October 26, 2023
  • By Brenton

Take your EDC Bag to the next level

Vertx Commuter Sling XL shown above with our shingles and Bullet Baggies.


EDC Bags have been all the rage for the past few years and it isn’t hard to see why. Everyday Carry Bags allow you to carry essential things with you including bag guns, extra ammo, medical kits, bug-out supplies, and supplies for your daily use. Many have opted for smaller bags that can be carried in public and others have gone towards bigger bags they can leave in their vehicle. So… how should you take your EDC Bag to the next level?

Our go to bags are made by Vertx as they have great storage capabilities and are extremely durable. In fact, some of our team has been running them for years and have yet to have the zippers fail or fabric tear. Our team also utilizes the various bags that Vertx has to offer as they have a large line-up that will fit the needs of most. Using the bag along with our mag shingles and Bullet Baggies adds a level of organization that makes finding and grabbing supplies much faster/easier.

Vertx Transit Sling
Vertx Transit Sling 2.0 Black
Transit Sling 2.0 shown above with IWI Uzi for scale.

The Transit Sling made by Vertx may very well be the best way to carry an Uzi (or any other short-barreled carbine). This 13L bag is perfect for carrying around EDC materials as well as any supplies you may need for work and home. The Transit Sling features a single strap that can be worn across the chest as that provides an easy way to swing the bag around to quickly open it. Jared decided to take a deep dive into what the Transit Sling has to offer in the video below.


Vertx Commuter Sling
Vertx Commuter Sling 2.0 pictured above.

Ever since diving into bag guns people always asked, “what size rifle can I fit in a bag for my everyday carry”. Well, with the Commuter Sling you can carry any mid-sized carbine and any extra accessories that you may need. This 17L sling bag is slightly bigger than the Transit Sling but still small enough to carry in public. In this video, Jared goes into what the Commuter Sling has to offer and Leo discusses what he carries in his Commuter Sling daily.


Vertx EDC Ready Pack
Vertx EDC Ready Pack in Rudder Green/It’s Black shown above.

The EDC Ready Pack 2.0 should be deemed the “Everything Backpack”. This backpack is perfect for anything you may carry everyday like medical, notebooks, laptops, etc. The EDC Ready Pack 2.0 can even fit a decent sized carbine if you desire. This 20L backpack gives you endless organizational pockets in order to keep you organized on the go. In this video, Jared goes into what the Ready Pack 2.0 has to offer and Brent discusses what he carries in his Ready Pack daily.


Vertx Last Call Pack
Vertx Last Call Pack
Vertx Last Call Pack in Heather Tarmac/Galaxy Black shown above.

The Last Call Pack is an extremely unique bag when it comes to Vertx’s line-up. This bag features a wide-mouth top which makes stuffing it full of gear extremely easy. On top of that, it does not use a zipper to close, which makes opening it faster and more convenient. This 20L pack is perfect for stuffing supplies in or carrying around your kit. In this video, Jared and Brenton dive into their load-outs for the pack but with a twist. Instead of a typical bag gun load-out, Brenton talks about how he uses it for overlanding.


Vertx Commuter XL Sling
Vertx Commuter XL Sling with armor shown above.

When you need to carry a larger rifle, the Commuter Sling XL might be on your radar. The Commuter Sling XL may not be what you are looking for when discrete carrying… but when you need a longer rifle, you need a longer rifle. In this video, Jared dives into what he uses the 23L Commuter Sling XL for and why he loves it.


Vertx Gamut Back Pack
Vertx Gamut Back Pack
Vertx Gamut Back Pack in Dark Earth shown above.

Ever wonder how you can fit a mid to large sized pistol in a bag? As with all Vertex bags, the Gamut 2.0 is built to take anything you throw in it. The Gamut 2.0 has always been a very popular option with everyday carriers as well as the average back-pack wearer. This 25L backpack can truly do it all and can carry everything you need and more. In this video Ethan and Jared dive into why they love this bag and how they use it.

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If you like any of the bags you saw in this blog consider supporting us over at Arkayne.com. We have many styles and colors of Vertx bags available. We also have Mag Shingles and Bullet Baggies that will help you build the EDC Bag of your dreams. If you have any questions, email cs@arkayne.com and we will get you set up with anything from night vision to small (but important) supplemental gear.

Take your EDC Bag to the next level with Vertx Bags.

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