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First Responder & Military Personnel

Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders.

Our company honors any person who willingly says they will stand up for freedom and defend those who can’t or won’t defend themselves. First responders, Individual Officers, and Military personnel (whether active or retired), can redeem a discount off of our steel target systems as a thank you for their sacrifices.

To redeem your discount code as an officer/military personnel/EMT for personal range training:
Please email us proof of active or prior Military, Law Enforcement, or EMT services to and we will provide the discount code. This code may be entered at any time on our website and used to save some money off of our steel target systems. Please note: this code cannot be combined with other offers and products, like our optics and ammunition, are excluded from this discount.

For departments looking to order, you may place your order off of our website OR contact us at We would be happy to provide you a quotation on our company letterhead.