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Vertx Gamut Back Pack

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The Gamut Back Pack is a go to bag for our team anytime more gear and equipment is needed on our day to day journeys.

The Gamut Back Pack is a larger pack that is purpose built to bring more gear on any adventure. It is larger than the EDC Ready Pack, and the benefit of its added size is the substantial increase in storage. Ample pockets, intuitive zipper layout and organization is found throughout the entire bag. Vertx has created one of the most well rounded bags on the market. High quality construction and materials means this back is built for hard use and a long life.

A few notable features of the Gamut Back Pack:
  • Very large and spacious main pocket full of zippers, pouches, and loop for accessories.
  • Main compartment opens fully to a lay flat design making gear packing and removal extremely easy
  • Buttons on main compartment add an extra layer of security.
  • Front most compartment has high quality zippers and buttons and a quick pull feature
  • Ample MOLLE and loop inside front most compartment (Medical, mags, accessories, etc.)
  • Various color options designed to be functional and not stand out in public areas
  • Intuitive layout of pockets means easy organization of your essential items
  • Easily fits your everyday carry pistol in the CCW compartment (Hot pull tab allows quick deployment of rifle from main compartment as well)
  • Adjustable shoulder and chest straps for varying body types and sizes and loadouts
  • Accommodates up to a 15″ laptop (We use these for our MacBook airs and MacBook pros)
  • strategic loop panels allows use of various accessories (like our shingles)
  • Compatible with most rifles with folding stocks and barrel lengths up to 10.5″. For larger rifles, the Commuter sling XL or the Last Call Pack.

The Gamut is a solid performer in the Vertx lineup. It is our teams go to bag anytime we need a 10.5″ rifle on tap or more space for gear and daily use items. Fit your everyday essentials, office gear, and equipment to keep your community safer all in one place.

*Note: Color options shown below. Stock levels will be indicated when color is chosen. Some colors may not be available at all times. If you don’t see what you are after, email us and let us know.

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Built to bring ample gear and kit all in one bag: The Vertx Gamut Back Pack.

When maximum organization of more gear is most important, the Vertx Gamut Back Pack shines bright. For folks looking to carry larger folded rifles, this bag comes in clutch. We have had much success fitting rifles up to 10.5″ Barrel lengths inside the gamut. Bear in mind: Muzzle device, stock type, and folding mechanism will affect the ability to fit various lengths of rifles.

The Gamut continues to be our heavyweight champion for everyday carry of gear.

We love that the Gamut combines maximum storage in a simply laid out and elegant bag. There are no unnecessary features or functions when it comes to the Gamut. It is large, but built to blend in.

Three large sections for storage:

The Front most pocket features a quick deploy design and is packed with MOLLE and velcro loop. The next pocket is what we call the “Main Compartment”. Inside the main compartment is where we will house most firearms, up to and including 10.5″ MK18 style builds. Concealed pistols can be kept in the third storage area, although we tend to like to use the rear most area for spare magazines using our mag shingles. These shingles simply attach to the loop inside the gamut 2.0. Side pockets and water bottle pouches also grace the sides of the bag. If you haven’t gathered this yet: This bag is serious about storage.

We believe that citizens should carry tools to become formidable. Become an asset to your community by training and equipping yourself with lifesaving tools.

Consider adding our Magazine shingles to your bag order (3X Rifle, 2X rifle/1X pistol, 4X pistol)

Need a larger bag? Consider the Last Call Pack, or the Commuter XL.




Bonded nylon thread


YKK Quiet Zippers

Back Panel

3D Molded Design

Outside Dimensions

21″H x 14.5″W x 5.5″D

Main Compartment

21″H x 12″W (Diagonal)

Armor Size Needed

11″W x 18″H



MOLLE webbing?

Yes, Front Compartment

Strap Style

Double Strap Back Pack

Chest Strap?


Waist Strap?


Bladder Compatible?

Yes, fits many bladder packs


1.) Are Vertx Bags really that great? 

There are plenty of quality bags on the market. There are also many…not so great options. We bought our first Vertx bags back around 2015/2016. We have been a customer of Vertx for years and we have used nearly all of their backpacks, slings, and packs in our personal lives. Our team quite literally carries Vertx bags on us every single day. There is a reason: They are extremely well built, they are laid out well, they can take immense abuse, and the don’t look tactical. The last thing we want is to have bags that look tactical or are laid out poorly. The Vertx bags in general are well built, well thought out packs.

2.) Are these bags drop shipped? 

No. We stock these physically in our warehouse and we only stock models that we have had the opportunity to get our hands on and use. We stock these bags so we can be sure to service you the way we know you want to be treated: Faster shipping, better service.

3.) Are Vertx bags made in the USA?  

No. Vertx bags are manufactured in Vietnam.

4.) Who should consider the Gamut 2.0? 

The Gamut 2.0 is a bit on the larger size. It is easily 2-3 inches larger all around vs the Ready Pack 2.0. While this is not a negative trait for most people, when it comes to urban/public settings, this bag could be a bit large. For more rural areas, this should be a non-issue. Remember: The objective is blending in. Choose a bag size and style that looks “normal” in your area. The Gamut 2.0 is perfect for folks who want to keep a 10.5″ rifle on deck with spare mags, medical, and other gear. It is also perfect for folks who need extra gear going to and from work. We tend to use the Gamut as the foundational bag to carry all critical gear for longer trips and daily adventures.

5.) What size rifle will fit into the Gamut 2.0?

This bag will comfortably fit rifles that have folding stock mechanisms up to 10.5″ in barrel length. Bear in mind, your desired flash hider and stock/brace setup MAY change what fits into your bag. This bag has a diagonal interior dimension of approximately 21″H x 12″W.

6.) What is the best way to carry spare magazines? 

We offer several variations of our mag shingles. We have a triple rifle version, a 2 Rifle 1 Pistol, and a Quad Pistol shingle for discreet bag carry.

7.) Who should steer clear of the Gamut 2.0?

If you find yourself among crowds or in more urban spaces, the Gamut doesn’t always blend in as well. Just something to keep in mind. Maybe the EDC ready pack would work better in that role.

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