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The Transit Sling 2.0 is purpose built to be the ultimate compact bag for EDC items.

The Transit Sling 2.0 is one of the smallest bags in the Vertx lineup, but it is mighty in its capabilities. Don’t be discouraged by a small sling bag. Sling bags offer rapid deployment of medical gear or concealed pistols and rifles. They also blend into urban environments much better than larger bags. On the topic of concealed rifles: this bag will easily fit 5″ 300 BLK folded rifles. In fact, this is our primary use for this bag: Potent, discreet, rifle carry.

A few notable features of the Transit Sling 2.0:
  • Although small in size, the main compartment is spacious and features a zipper pouch and various pockets
  • Main compartment opens via YKK zipper and is lined with loop
  • Main compartment can be used to fit small laptops (13-14″). MacBook Airs/Ipads are perfect for this bag.
  • Front most compartment is lined with MOLLE and loop: Perfect for medical gear or other EDC items.
  • CCW compartment is lined fully with loop. Perfect for CCW storage or spare magazines/important documents.
  • Various color options designed to be functional and not stand out in public areas
  • Intuitive layout of pockets means easy organization of your essential items
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and waist strap that can be used for extra stability of the bag
  • Compatible many micro rifles in the 5″ barrel flavors.

The newest Transit Sling is perfect for the micro carbine carrier. Our desire is to see citizens armed and capable of being formidable. When violence or medical emergencies erupt, having the right gear on tap is critical. Whether for EDC or for serious firepower, the Transit Sling delivers value in a discreet manner.

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The Transit Sling is purpose built for the die hard everyday carrier.

The Transit Sling is a very compact single sling style bag that is about as simple as it can get. Although simple in execution, the Transit Sling is packed with features that we admire. When we originally found this bag years ago, we immediately saw the value it brings. This bag allows larger pistols or even micro rifles to be carried in an extremely discreet manner. Most other bags stand out, this sling bag blends into all environments.

A favorite bag for carrying micro rifles.

With the state of our world and the decay of our culture, we recognize the importance of citizens being prepared. Consequently, this sling bag allows a multitude of uses to achieve that end goal. The best feature of this bag is the fast deployment and discreet styling. Carry confidently without raising concern from other citizens.

 Small design, ample storage for all necessary gear.

Don’t sleep on this bag. The front pouch is absolutely perfect for a small IFAK or other medical equipment. The middle compartment is perfect for an iPad, laptop, notebooks, etc. Additionally, the new revised main compartment is also perfect to house a folded micro rifle. The rear most compartment is designed for rapid access of CCW or spare magazines. It can also be used to securely store important documents. This bag is meant to offer exactly what is needed most in an EDC companion.

Updated, further refined, and ready for action.

The new edition of the transit sling adds a water pouch, a better laid out main compartment, and overall more refined design and style. The 2.0 was great, but the latest version of the transit sling offers even more.

We believe that citizens should carry tools to become formidable. Become an asset to your community by training and equipping yourself with lifesaving tools.

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Need a larger sling bag? Consider the Commuter Sling, or the Commuter XL.




Bonded nylon thread


YKK Quiet Zippers

Back Panel

3D Molded Design

Outside Dimensions

16″H x 10″W x 7″D

Main Compartment

25″H x 12″W (Diagonal)

Armor Size Needed

8.5″W x 14″H Panel



MOLLE webbing?

Yes, Front Compartment

Strap Style

Single Strap Sling Bag

Cross Strap?


Waist Strap?


Bladder Compatible?



1.) Are Vertx Bags really that great? 

There are plenty of quality bags on the market. There are also many…not so great options. We bought our first Vertx bags back around 2015/2016. We have been a customer of Vertx for years and we have used nearly all of their backpacks, slings, and packs in our personal lives. Our team quite literally carries Vertx bags on us every single day. There is a reason: They are extremely well built, they are laid out well, they can take immense abuse, and the don’t look tactical. The last thing we want is to have bags that look tactical or are laid out poorly. The Vertx bags in general are well built, well thought out packs.

2.) Are these bags drop shipped? 

No. We stock these physically in our warehouse and we only stock models that we have had the opportunity to get our hands on and use. We stock these bags so we can be sure to service you the way we know you want to be treated: Faster shipping, better service.

3.) Are Vertx bags made in the USA?  

No. Vertx bags are manufactured in Vietnam.

4.) Who should consider the Transit Sling?  

The Transit sling is one of the smallest bags in the Vertx lineup. This bag is purpose built for the everyday carrier. This is a bag meant to carry only the most essential items you need everyday. The single sling strap design means deploying a pistol or rifle is extremely fast. This is truly a “grey man” bag that allows users to blend into any environment. Is this an overnight or travel/camping pack? No, this is an urban bag meant to bring the items you need everyday at a moments notice. The design is lightweight, simple, well laid out, and easy to integrate.

5.) What size rifle will fit into the Transit Sling?

In a world where we see more and more violence, our team desires to always have the upper hand. The Transit sling easily fits most 5″ 300 BLK rifles that are folded. This is our primary use for the transit sling: micro rifles and medical. The MOLLE and loop inside the front panel aids in storage of medical equipment. Users could also use the main compartment for smaller laptops (13-15″) and the CCW compartment for a holstered pistol. Although small, this bag is packed with mighty features.

6.) What is the best way to carry spare magazines? 

We offer several variations of our mag shingles. We have a triple rifle version, a 2 Rifle 1 Pistol, and a Quad Pistol shingle for discreet bag carry. For this particular bag the shingles/spare bags work best in the concealed carry compartment (closest compartment toward users back).

7.) Who should steer clear of the Transit sling?

Folks who need maximum storage might not find a home with the transit sling 2.0. This bag is purpose built to be small and lightweight/simple. For bags that hold maximum capacity and larger rifles, users could consider the Gamut 2.0 and/or the Commuter Sling.

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