Defiantly Free - Arkayne

Defiantly Free

A division of the Exodus Companies

What was known by few, taught to many.

The Mission

The Exodus Companies are a collective of brands that exist to form a new community. Our driving force is our belief that culture has been degraded and weakened over time intentionally to create dependent people. Our mission is to refocus and re-engage those who desire to travel a different path. We create the Exodus in order to build a new Community. Each brand has its own mission and purpose in existence. Each brand will create a tribe and tailor to a different aspect of YOUR Exodus from this culture.

Arkayne is a brand devoted to truly exploring, educating, equipping, and empowering individuals to truly understand what freedom is and how we protect it. We recognize that for generations we did not properly educate our citizens about the foundation of our culture and nation, and we never fully instilled values and principles that protect this existence. Arkayne exists to change that. We hold a knowledge of what this nation should be, and our objective is to educate regular people about what it means to be truly free. We do this within Arkayne by supplying hard goods, soft goods, training and media. We recognize that this culture desperately needs rejuvenated. We are doing this through living out our core values:

1. Take the Road Less Traveled.

We believe in doing the hard, honest work. We commit to honest business practices and put everything we have into this. We recognize that through doing business better, we change lives for the better. The road less traveled means:

– Being honest in our practices. Setting the example.
– Standing for truth no matter the cost.
– Standing by our customers, equipping with tools and training that saves lives.
– Normalize gear and equipment used to defend the freedoms we hold, even if it is not popular.


We are committed to building up individuals with equipment and gear that is used for defense of self and defense of liberty. The founders of this nation bore fighting rifles exactly like the military. We believe that our culture and people are better when they are more prepared with modern offensive and defensive weaponry. We are committed to creating media and products that further our goal of normalization of fighting equipment.


In a world riddled with blind consumerism, Arkayne exists to bring real solutions to market, whether we create it from the ground up, or we partner with companies we believe in and align with. Arkayne refuses to engage in practices of garbage products or products that are gimmicky. Our focus is modern gear for citizens who train to higher standards and desire to be formidable.


Through and through we believe that what our culture needs most is a community of individuals who don't rely on government to succeed or thrive. We know that community, and what the community creates, ultimately guides and forms culture. We are committed to creating and leading the charge to create a stronger community of freedom-minded individuals.


We recognize that without a firm understanding of the forces at play, we will never be able to prevent future atrocities. Cycles exist in our world, and horrible histories repeat often. We believe that the best defense of our nation and our rights and liberties is to be aggressively strong in our ability to be offensive or defensive with modern weapons and tools. Our right to bear arms was not written into history to shoot deer.

We are driven to refocus our nation and its people on the truth. We defy those who deprive us of liberty and freedom, we build community.

For thousands of years communities have existed to defend, to create, to grow, to teach, and to build culture. Community doesn’t mean we all agree 100% in everything, but it does mean we respect each other, we value each other’s rights and liberties, and we build up communities of sovereign people.
We also believe in aligning with companies of the same set of values. Through partnerships we can further strengthen our community and rid ourselves of those who abuse our communities and we can finally bring our nation and its people closer to experiencing the freedom we were guaranteed at the founding of this nation.