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The Last Call Pack is a crowd favorite among our team, especially for situations requiring a less “traditional” style backpack.

One of the great aspects of Vertx is the sheer diversity of the bags in their lineup. There is quite literally a bag or pack for every situation. The Last Call pack is full of features and an elegant style that will appeal to users looking for a larger capacity pack that isn’t massive.

One notable feature that sets the Last call pack apart from some of the other offerings from Vertx is the fold over top. Instead of a zipper around the perimeter, this bag has a flap with hook and loop and two buckles. This allows superior adaptability to different load outs and offers adjustability in the capacity.

A few notable features of the Vertx Last Call Pack:
  • Very large and spacious/accessible main compartment with laptop sleeve
  • Main compartment opens with two buckles. Straps are adjustable to adapt to various load outs.
  • Front compartment is discreet and features two buckles for securing various loads.
  • Ample MOLLE and loop inside front most compartment (Medical, mags, accessories, etc.)
  • Various color options designed to be functional and not stand out in public areas
  • Simplistic interior design of this bag: Nothing is overdone, just what you need, nothing more.
  • Easily fits your everyday carry pistol in the CCW compartment (Rapid access tab allows fast deployment.)
  • Adjustable shoulder and chest straps for varying body types and sizes and loadouts
  • Accommodates up to a 15″ laptop (We use these for our MacBook airs and MacBook pros)
  • strategic loop panels allows use of various accessories (like our shingles)
  • Compatible with many rifles in the 9-10.5″ range. SOME 10.5″ Rifles may not fit well in the main compartment depending on the muzzle device or lights uses. For larger rifles, the Commuter sling XL or Gamut 2.0 Backpack.

The Last call pack is a perfect bag for commuting, outdoor adventures, or being a more capable better prepared citizen. While a medium/large size bag, it blends in well and works in a multitude of different settings and situations.

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Purpose built to offer options and to function well in all situations: The Vertx Last Call Pack.

The Vertx Last Call Pack answers the call for users looking for easy access to the main compartment. Users will appreciate the simplistic nature of this bag. Although this is not the largest bag, the wide open main compartment affords space for everything from a laptop, to extra clothes, camera gear, camping equipment, and so much more.

Compared to other bags in the lineup, the Last Call Pack is most closely sized to the Gamut 2.0.

The Last Call Pack is slightly larger than the EDC Ready pack or the Commuter sling. It is slightly smaller than the Gamut 2.0. This size strikes the middle between all the available bags, and the unique features make it perfect for those who want something different in a daily carry bag.

Three compartments for an array of different storage options.

The Last Call Pack features a CCW compartment that can be used for daily pistol carry, spare magazine carry, important documents or even body armor panels. For this pack, we would recommend our armor insert that is 17″H x 11.5″W. This compartment features quick access via the rapid access tab on the zipper. The middle compartment is extremely spacious and is easily accessed via two straps and buckles. The front most compartment is discreet and easily opened via dual zippers. Inside this compartment is MOLLE and loop. Perfect for adding a various array of accessories.

If you are on the hunt for something different, but still need a bag built to take you wherever you are headed: The Last call pack answers the call.

We believe that citizens should carry tools to become formidable. Become an asset to your community by training and equipping yourself with lifesaving tools.

Consider adding our Magazine shingles to your bag order (3X Rifle, 2X rifle/1X pistol, 4X pistol)

Need a larger or more traditional bag? Consider the Gamut 2.0, or the Commuter XL.



Bonded nylon thread


YKK Quiet Zippers

Back Panel

3D Molded Design

Outside Dimensions

18″H x 14″W x 6″D

Main Compartment

21″H x 12″W (Diagonal)

Armor Size Needed

11″W x 18″H



MOLLE webbing?

Yes, Front Compartment

Strap Style

Double Strap Back Pack

Chest Strap?


Waist Strap?


Bladder Compatible?

Yes, fits many bladder packs


1.) Are Vertx Bags really that great? 

There are plenty of quality bags on the market. There are also many…not so great options. We bought our first Vertx bags back around 2015/2016. We have been a customer of Vertx for years and we have used nearly all of their backpacks, slings, and packs in our personal lives. Our team quite literally carries Vertx bags on us every single day. There is a reason: They are extremely well built, they are laid out well, they can take immense abuse, and the don’t look tactical. The last thing we want is to have bags that look tactical or are laid out poorly. The Vertx bags in general are well built, well thought out packs.

2.) Are these bags drop shipped? 

No. We stock these physically in our warehouse and we only stock models that we have had the opportunity to get our hands on and use. We stock these bags so we can be sure to service you the way we know you want to be treated: Faster shipping, better service.

3.) Are Vertx bags made in the USA?  

No. Vertx bags are manufactured in Vietnam.

4.) Who should consider the Last Call Pack?  

The Last Call pack features a unique top flap closure with velcro and two buckles. This is a seamless way of storing various size loads inside the bag. This method of closure also creates an incredibly fast way to unload the bag in a hurry. Folks who might be packing clothing, camera gear, or other larger essentials may love the way the top opens so wide. This bag is also very stylish and blends in well, even though it is similar in size to the Gamut 2.0. The Front closure features dual zippers and MOLLE behind the panel. There are also two straps for situations when larger loads need to be put into the front location.

5.) What size rifle will fit into the Last Call Pack?

This bag will snugly fit rifles that have folding stock mechanisms up to 10.5″ in barrel length if the top straps are adjusted to their maximum length. Some folks may have better luck with shorter barrels depending on the setup. Bear in mind, your desired flash hider and stock/brace setup MAY change what fits into your bag. This bag has a diagonal interior dimension of approximately 19″H x 14″W. One nice finishing touch of the Last call pack is the fact that the top flap is adjustable. Many different size rifles will fit well inside this pack.

6.) What is the best way to carry spare magazines? 

We offer several variations of our mag shingles. We have a triple rifle version, a 2 Rifle 1 Pistol, and a Quad Pistol shingle for discreet bag carry. For this particular bag the shingles might work best either in the concealed carry compartment (closest compartment toward users back), or in the front panel on the MOLLE sections.

7.) Who should steer clear of the Last Call Pack?

Folks who want the main compartment to be zippered or want a more traditional style of pack might want to consider the EDC Ready pack or the Gamut 2.0.

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