Warranty - Arkayne


One of our Core Values is standing by our customers. We recognize that at times our customers may experience a product failure. This page covers the process for warranty claims.

Final Authority:

Arkayne Co retains final authority to accept or deny any warranty claims for products we produce. Arkayne Co reserves the right to update or alter this policy without notice. Customers should periodically contact Arkayne Co and request updated warranty information if desired.

Products NOT produced by Arkayne Co:

We retail MANY products on our website that are produced by other companies and suppliers. Products we retail are subject to the manufacturers warranty. MOST product warranty requests our customers experience will be handled by the company who produced the product. In these circumstances, the product is subject to the manufacturers terms of warranty. Our customers should read the manufacturers warranty closely and questions pertaining to the specifics of the warranty should be directed to the manufacturer.

Requesting RMA’s for products we retail:

One way we assist our customers is helping them get to the right people to receive an RMA (returned merchandise authorization). In the event that you have experienced a failure with a product you have purchased on our site, you can contact us at CS@arkayne.com. Our team can coordinate with the manufacturer and help seamlessly initiate an RMA.

While we cannot guarantee that a manufacturer will accept your product and warrant its replacement, we will certainly do our part to help get you to the right people.

Where to send products for warranties:

DO NOT SEND PRODUCTS FOR WARRANTY REPLACEMENT TO OUR LOCATION. Most returns will be sent DIRECTLY to the manufacturer. After that point, we will follow manufacturers instructions to get a replacement into your hands, if the RMA is approved.

Sewn Goods:

Sewn goods and soft goods are warranted against manufacturer defects. The warranty covers a simple replacement in the event that a customer receives a product with a flaw from our manufacturing process. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or expected failure during normal lifetime of use.

Night Vision:

Users should read each product page carefully for the disclosed manufacturer warranty for each product. Much of our Night vision includes a 10 year warranty. Some units are less. Please contact us prior to purchasing for specific information on warranties for night vision and thermal units.

Always remember: Warranty’s for night vision DO NOT INCLUDE neglect, misuse, or intentional damage. If you have your unit turned on and you decide to walk out into the daylight, that’s on you. If you shoot your laser into a mirror and it bounces back and destroys your intensifier tube, that’s on you. It is YOUR responsibility to understand how to use your new unit and how to avoid damage. Warranty’s only cover manufacturer defects or product failures during normal use that are deemed “covered” by the manufacturers.

Thermal Units:

All thermal units carry warranty’s through the manufacturers. Any and All Warranty claims will be processed through the manufacturer. Please contact us if you need assistance with obtaining an RMA, but DO NOT send the defective product back to us unless we SPECIFICALLY request you to do so.

Contact us at CS@arkayne.com with ANY questions you might have PRIOR to purchasing.