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Backpack Builds

Wide-mouth Bag | Last Call Pack

Carry a MK18 | Gamut 2.0

Carry a 12.5″ Rifle | Commuter Sling XL

The Everything Backpack (EDC Ready Pack)

Everyday Carry Commuter Sling 2.0

Best Backpack for carrying an Uzi?

Gun Builds

7.5″ 300BLK Bag Gun Build

Uzi 9mm Bag Gun Build

Night Vision Machine Gun Loadout

Shortest Everyday Carry | 5″ 300BLK SBR Overview


Vortex Scope Mounts

Budget Red Dot that works

Thermal Optics

The Most Versatile Thermal Unit? | RH25

White Lights

Best Everyday Carry White Light | Cloud Defensive MCH

Surefire Switch Options

Finding the BEST Weapon Light | Surefire