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Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8 FFP


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The Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8 First Focal Plane Rifle Scope.

The Vortex Optics SE 1-8 FFP rifle scope on the surface level might look like a regular old budget strike eagle optic, but underneath it is packed with features.

A few notable features:
  • First Focal Plane EBR-8 Reticle features many holds for elevation and windage
  • 1/4 MOA Adjustment is much finer than previous generations of Strike eagle scopes
  • 30mm tube equates to a fairly light weight optic with plenty of range of travel
  • Capped turrets protect your adjustments from accidental changes
  • Illumination with 11 settings including TWO night vision settings
  • clear glass, high quality design and feel, reliable return to zero in our experience

We have been extremely pleased with the durability of this budget friendly optic, and wouldn’t think twice about adding it to any of our rifle builds in the armory.

If you also need cantilever mounts, we stock the pro 30mm offset HERE as well as the quick release HERE.


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The Strike eagle 1-8 FFP scope is the newest scope in the line of strike eagle LPVO’s from vortex optics.

Why do we carry the new strike eagle scope?

Over the years our team has run quite a few strike eagle scopes. While these scopes did work well, we were never “blown away” by their performance. They were a budget option and did what budget scopes do: just enough with no frills. When we heard about the new Strike Eagle being a first focal plane optic, we knew we needed to get our hands on a few.

What is different with this version of strike eagle?

The first change most people will pick up on is the first focal plane construction. What this means is the reticle will actual expand and contract with the different magnification settings. This CAN be a disadvantage with busier optics on 1X because the “dot” can look cluttered. So that begs the question, is it worth it? We think so, and there are a few reasons why. Previous generations of strike eagles were second focal plane meaning the “holds” shown on the reticle were only accurate on the highest magnification setting. This is no longer the case.

For one, the strike eagle is packed with features. The reticle features many holds and has 11 settings for illumination. Illumination, in our opinion, is critical when using an LPVO on 1X for faster shooting. It assists in faster target acquisition.

Another neat feature is the inclusion of a throw lever within the standard package. This means you get exactly what you need without the need to purchase extra parts on the side. Throw levers are amazing and allow faster transitions through the magnification ranges on an LPVO scope.

Who is the strike eagle 1-8 FFP built for?

The new strike eagle 1-8 FFP, in our opinion, is built for anyone who wants many of the features of the Razor line of optics without the massive price increase.


1X – 8X

Objective Diameter


Tube Diameter


Eye Relief

3.9 Inches

Turret Style


Turret Adjustment Increment

1/4 MOA Per Click

Max Elevation Adjustment

145 MOA

Max Windage Adjustment

145 MOA




23.9 Ounces




Yes. 9 Daylight, 2 Night Vision





Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Is the new Strike Eagle an improvement over the old strike eagles? Answer: in our opinion, yes. This isn’t to say that the old strike eagles were bad, this strike eagle is just a better direction in our opinion considering the specs and features.

2.) How does the new 1-8 compare to the Razor HD Gen III 1-10? Answer: While many might consider the new strike eagle outclassed by the razor line, it has many of the same features of the razor line of optics. That being said, the GEN III 1-10 does appear to have clearer glass, a bit better feel in the turrets, and definitely boasts better daylight illumination. We also prefer the EBR-9 reticle of the 1-10 to the EBR-8. The 1-10 is also a bit lighter than the new 1-8. With that being said, you could get around 4 of the new 1-8 scopes for the price of one 1-10. The 1-8 FFP also has a more forgiving eye relief than the 1-10 in our uses. For most people, the 1-8 will do just fine.

3.) How is the eye relief on the new 1-8 FFP? Answer: Better than we expected, especially considering the price point. We did not struggle on 8X even when laying prone. We also did not notice any of the “fade out” of the illumination when not perfectly aligned. Users will notice this on the 1-10.

4.) What is your opinion of the EBR-8 reticle. Answer: The “downside” of all of these “Standard ballistic” reticles is they are based on “factory” loads and will never truly line up with your loads. The EBR-8 has a sort of half moon look to it and that can feel a bit “cluttered” on 1X. It’s not bad, but we prefer the full circle of the EBR-9 reticle on the 1-10. With that being said, it works well, and the price is right.

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