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Consultation Call


Our Consultation Service

Book a call with one of our subject matter experts to avoid the headaches. We understand firsthand how difficult and frustrating it can be to figure out what unit would be best for you. Our objective with this call is to dial in EXACTLY what you need. We remove the risk and we guarantee our service. If you aren’t happy after the call, we’ll refund your card. What’s included:

  • Choose a 30 minute 0r 60 minute time slot
  • Download the questionnaire AFTER purchase
  • Fill out the questionnaire and send to SUBJECT: SEND HELP
  • Our CS team will reach out to schedule your call
  • You will talk with Ethan
  • We will send a survey after the call to ensure you are happy with the experience.


Consultation Call

Think of the last time you were pitched a consultation call. How did it make you feel? It LIKELY didn’t feel that great. Nobody likes to be pitched a service, and we want to be clear: We will help you with your questions via email for FREE. All day, every day. This consultation is NOT for those who love to do their own research. This consultation is not for folks who feel 100% confident in their purchase.

an option for you to save time and money.

The consultation is an option we offer you in order to save you time and money. Rather than spending 6 months reading forums, tap into OUR experience and let us help you navigate the most pressing questions you have. The benefit of this is you will save time AND money. For some people, they don’t care about their time or money. They are satisfied coming to the decision on their own. If that is you, we recommend just watching our YouTube channel and reading our blogs. If you value your time MORE than the cost of this service, we’ll save you possibly (and likely) hundreds of hours.

How we make this risk free.

You have no risk when taking this consultation call. Let us explain what we mean.. We take this service VERY seriously. Because of this, we will give you the most amazing experience and we guarantee you that we will put you in a better position. After the consultation, we will send you a survey. Our CS team has full authority to give you free time or a full refund IF we did not do our part. You should expect the highest level of service from us, and we take that very personally.

Addressing the negative comments

We’ve had some pushback from folks because there is a misinterpretation that was had at one time. Some folks think that this consultation call replaces our CS process. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Our CS team is posed and ready for your emails and questions. And we respond to all questions fast. So to address that concern: Answering your emails costs you nothing but your time. We will point you in the right direction. If you want a HIGHER level of service, the consultation call is here for that reason.

Instructions for the consultation call.

1.) Check out for your desired time slot.

2.) You will download a form to fill out.

3.) Fill out the form and email it into (Subject: SEND HELP)

4.) Our CS team will reach out to you.

5.) We will schedule the phone call and you will have the phone call.

6.) We will send a post call survey.

7.) You’ll be on your way into your PERFECT unit.

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A note about our current lead times:

Arkayne is a RAPIDLY growing brand. Because of that, some of our suppliers have a hard time keeping up. There are occasions where WE experience lead times from our partners, and we do our absolute best to post the lead times at the top of our product pages. BEFORE PURCHASING: look at the lead time on the product pages. If you have ANY questions regarding lead times,  Email: and we will send you our closest ETA. We know you are pumped to get your gear, and we will process your order as fast as possible. We aren’t Amazon, we are a small US owned business that gives a rip about getting you equipped. We will get you your gear ASAP. See you in the darkness.