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Bridged Thermal and NV Packages


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Budget Bridges:

Picking the right units to bridge on your helmet can be challenging. It was for this reason we created our budget bridge packages. The objective of these is to simplify your ordering process and to streamline your decision making. We created a few curated packages below that will get you into the darkness fast. Please read the description of EACH package very carefully. Also note: These packages do NOT include a helmet or helmet mount. You will need to purchase these separately. You can find them HERE.

We also listed important information in our specs/Q&A section. Be sure to dive into that area prior to purchasing. Each kit includes the following:

  • A thermal monocular
  • Mod Armory Bridge (to mount units to helmet)
  • A night vision monocular
  • All accessories that typically come with each unit when purchased separately

  • *Bridged Combination

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    Add a Dovetail adapter? (REQUIRED FOR STING IR)

    A dovetail adapter is required for the Sting IR to allow for helmet mounting to a bridge.


Bridged Thermal and NV Packages.

Bridged Thermal and NV Packages are a great way to take our expertise and experience to simplify your purchase. We run our gear hard, and we’ve tried all sorts of combinations to be most effective in the darkness. We took the initiative to create combinations of night vision and thermal to streamline the decision/purchase process for you. It can get complex and the decisions are difficult. Because of this, we created this simple way to get the gear you need most.

What are dual band systems?

We use the term “Dual Band” to describe bridging a thermal monocular with a PVS-14. This setup affords you the ability to navigate with night vision AND scan with thermal. Most folks assume you HAVE to run them simultaneously, trying to force your brain to combine the images. Typically we use one or the other. Use the thermal to scan for prey, use the night vision to navigate terrain. The biggest benefit of the dual band systems are the fact that you have the high speed detection of thermal coupled to night vision. This gives you MORE data to process decisions. Find with thermal, confirm with NV.

What are included with the packages?

Each package is setup for specific purposes. We wanted to create a budget option and a US manufactured option at minimum. The budget options will be manufactured outside the US. Consequently, the US manufactured options are more expensive but support US manufactured products. The kits will include everything typically included with each unit when purchased individually. Additionally, we will list WHAT is specifically included or not included in the description of each package. These combos are a simple way for us to package these units to save you time and money.

You can also view EACH individual unit on its own product page if you have further questions. Each individual product page will go in depth with the specifications and details of the individual units. We will do our best on this page to summarize.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) PVS-14 VS the PG25: How do they compare? Answer: The PVS-14 is a more refined, higher performance option that has the ability to be built up customized with a tube of your choice. The PG25 is just a bare bones simple Gen 2+ night vision monocular. It comes with no specs, it’s a green image tube, and it’s VERY inexpensive. BOTH units allow you to see in the darkness. The PVS-14 is just a more refined option. So if you care more about performance than price, go with the PVS-14 packages. If you want a more budget minded setup, go with the PG25/STINGIR. The PG25, although inexpensive, is not a bad unit. It is a solid contender when packaged together with the STINGIR units.

2.) Which package should I buy? Answer: If price is your driving factor, get the PG25/STINGIR packages. If you care more about US manufacturing than running products made overseas, the NOX18/PVS-14 will check that box. Look, all packages shown here are amazing performers. We wouldn’t offer them if they didn’t work in our own experiences. You simply have to determine which one will check your boxes better for your needs.

Comparison of Units:

3.) NOX18 VS STINGIR: Which is better? Answer: neither is better. They are just different in their own ways. The STINGIR 384 and 640 offer amazing clarity. The 640 has an edge in the clarity department over even the NOX18. Don’t sleep on the STINGIR 384 either. The clarity of this unit is amazing, and the price point is great too. The largest benefit we see of the NOX18 is the robust construction. The NOX18 is built to take hard use. Not that the STINGIR can’t be used hard, it’s just that the NOX 18 FEELS built to take abuse. Either of these thermals will pair perfectly on your helmet rig. The NOX18 does have a slight advantage because it uses PVS14 glass. When coupled next to a 14, it feels very seamless.

4.) Can I create my own custom packages? Answer: Sure. You simply will need to add the items individually to your cart. We set these packages up to help people streamline their purchasing process. You are welcome to purchase whatever units you like separately.

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