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The Leap 6 and Leap 3 from RIX Optics is some of the best in Weapons-mounted Thermal

After playing with the Leap 6 from RIX Optics, we started falling in love. The clarity, functionality and everything else made it easy to trust when out in the darkness. Weapons-mounted thermal is one of our favorite accessories (or necessities) when on night hunts. The L6/L3 provide us a tool like no other in the darkness.

While we are big fans of the Leap 6, we also see a gap that the Leap 3 fills. The Leap 3 is a great budget option for someone who is looking for a solid quality weapons-mounted thermal that doesn’t cost 3k+. While the L6 features a 640×360 core resolution, the L3 has a 340×216 core resolution. To some that is a deal-breaker but to others it may be perfect… that is all up to your specific needs. Besides the resolution, the L3 has a 35mm objective lens (L6 has 50mm) and an optical zoom of 3.2-9.6 (L6 has 2.8-8.4). Both are great options depending on budget and what your looking for.


RIX Leap L6/L3

The RIX Leap L6/L3 is a potent weapon-mounted thermal that allows the user to operate a high quality weapon-mounted thermal without spending 4 grand or more. Both the Leap 6 and Leap 3 are quality scopes that will give you the data you need to take the shots you desire.

Quality scopes… for less

Though the L3 and L6 are similar for the most part… they do have some differences. For one, The L3 features a 384×216 core resolution sensor and the L6 features a 640×360 core resolution sensor. This may not be a huge deal for you, the better sensor provides much clearer image when using. The L3 has a detection range of 1,800 yards while the L6 can detect up to 2,600 yards due to the difference in objective lens size.

Incredible Zoom capability

Another fascinating thing about the Leap series is its optical zoom capability combined with its digital zoom feature. The Leap 3 can zoom optically from 3.2-9.6x while the Leap 6 can zoom 2.8-8.4x. Both variations also have a 1-4x digital zoom.

Model L3 L6
Resolution Pixels 384×216 640×360
Pixel Size,μm 12
NETD,mK <25
Frame rate , Hz 50
Objective lens 35mm 50mm
Optic zoom,x 3.2-9.6 2.8-8.4
Fieid of view (HxV),degrees / yd@100yd 7.5/12.2 8.8/15.4
Digital zoom,x 1 – 4
Eye relief,mm 50
Diopter Adjustment,D -5 – +5
Detection range,y 1800 2600
Resolution,pixels 1920×1080
Video/photo resolution,pixel 960×720
Video/photo format .mp4 /.jpg
Built-in memory,GB 32
Wireless Protocol Wi-Fi
Frequency,GHz 2.4GHz
Degree of protection,IP code IP67
Operating temperature range,°F -4 – +122
Battery type 18650
Capacity,mAh 3200
External power supply,V 5v(Type – C USB)
Dimensions,Inches 14.2×3.5×3 14.6×3.5×3
weight,LBS 2.4 2.6

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I buy a Leap 3 or Leap 6?

In short, the Leap 3 and Leap 6 are very similar in design and functionality. The 3 things that set them apart is the resolution, objective lens and the price.


If you’re in need of very high resolution, the L6 is probably for you. It features a 640×360 core resolution (L3 has a  384×216 core resolution). That means it is easier to identify potential targets due to the clarity.

Objective Lens size/Detection Range

In addition, the other aspect to look at is the objective lens. The L3 has a 35mm objective while the L6 has a 50mm objective lens. The bigger objective lens allows the L6 to have a further detection range (2,600 yards compared to 1,800 yards with the L6). Now if you are used to hunting in distances around 100-400 yards, you should not have an issue.


The last consideration would be price as the L3 comes in almost $1,500 less than the L6. If the above specs fit your needs, the Leap 3 could be for you based off of price.

Where can weapon-mounted thermal be used?

Weapon-mounted thermal can be used in a wide variety of scenarios. Thermal gives you the unique ability to identify anything emitting heat whether it is pitch black, sunny, rainy or any other condition. That being said, thermal is critical to have in your kit for any scenario. We personally use weapon-mounted thermal a lot for hunting but it is a solid piece of gear to have around in general.


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