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RIX Stride ST6


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A high-quality unit built for your helmet set up

The Stride ST6 from RIX is a 640×512 core resolution, helmet-mountable unit that is built to last. As thermal technology increases, the clarity and performance continues to rapidly expand. While we don’t see much improvement year over year in analog night vision technology, thermal expands rapidly every year.

One very intriguing fact about the ST6 is that it has incredible features and specifications similar to many thermal monoculars on the market… but it comes in at a very reasonable price.

Some notable features include:
  • 640×512 core sensor resolution
  • 1,969 yard detection range
  • 1-6x digital zoom
  • Internal video/photo capture
  • Up to 10 hours of run-time on a single 18650 battery
  • IP67 rated
  • Add a Dovetail adapter to your ST6 order?

    Add a dovetail adapter to your ST6 order to allow for helmet mounting to a bridge.


RIX Stride ST6

The RIX Stride ST6 is thermal imaging monocular that features amazing clarity and comes in at a VERY reasonable price in order to get you out into the darkness quickly. This helmet-mountable, 640 core unit is great for dual band systems in order to help identify potential targets quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I buy a RIX Stride ST6?

In short, the RIX Stride ST6 is an incredibly capable unit that comes in at an extremely reasonable price. In comparison to many thermal monocular units on the market, this unit is very competitive. The 4 things that set it apart is the resolution, price, detection range, and zoom.


If you’re in need of very high resolution thermal monocular, the ST6 is probably for you. It features 640×512 core resolution, 12 micron sensor. When it comes to thermal, having the ability to easily identify potential targets is crucial. The 640 core sensor allows you to see much more detail than you could with a 384 core sensor.


One of the biggest considerations for potential buyers would be price. As you already know, the world of thermal and night vision has a high barrier of entry… but it doesn’t have to be so high. The RIX Stride ST6 comes in at around $3,000 with a lot of similar features that many $4,000+ units have. If you want a high-quality, potent unit that doesn’t cost 4k+… the ST6 might be for you.

Detection Range

The ST6 has a detection range of 1,969 yards (1,800 meters) which is slightly above average compared to similar units. Enough said.


Digital zoom in the thermal realm can be useful in certain situations. Digitally zooming in decreases picture quality (hence why it’s only helpful in certain situations) but it can help you pin-point something you think you see in the distance. The ST6 features a 1-6x digital zoom which is more than the typical 1-4x digital zoom in thermal monoculars.

Where can helmet-mounted thermal be used?

Helmet-mounted thermal can be used in a wide variety of scenarios. Thermal gives you the unique ability to identify anything emitting heat whether it is pitch black, sunny, rainy or any other condition. That being said, thermal is critical to have in your kit for any scenario. We personally run Helmet-mounted thermal a lot for predator hunting and any other night activities. We typically recommend people to work towards a dual band system (PVS-14 or some flavor of Night Vision + thermal) so they can navigate (night vision) at night as well as quickly identify (thermal).


Sensor Specifications Type VOx Uncooled
Resolution, pixels 640×512
Pixel Pitch, µm 12
NETD, mK <25
Frame Rate, Hz 50
Optical Specifications Objective Lens, mm 26.7
Optic Zoom, x 1
Field of View 16.3° × 12.3°
Digital Zoom, x 1 to 6
Eye Relief, mm 20
Diopter Adjustment, D -5 to +2
Detection Range,m/yd 1800/1969
Display Specifications Type OLED
Resolution, pixels 1024×768
Wi-Fi Wireless Protocol Wi-Fi
Frequency, GHz 2.4
Video Recorder Video / Photo Resolution, pixels 640×512
Video / Photo Format .mp4 / .jpg
Built-in Memory, GB 64
Physical Specifications Degree of Protection, IP code IP67
Operating Temperature Range, °F -4 to +122
Dimensions, inch 4.5×2.8×1.9
Weight, lb <0.6 (without battery)
Connections and Compatibilities Battery Type 18650
Operating Time on Battery Pack (at t=72°F), h Up to 10
External Power Supply 5V (Type-C USB)


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