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The MCH-EDC is a compact and potent handheld weapon light.

Turn this light on and watch the roaches scatter like politicians when adults walk in the room.

We have used the MCH light for nearly a year. Over the course of that year, we have put it through hardcore abuse. One notable trait of the MCH is the fact that, although small, it dishes out a potent amount of lumens AND Candela. It is quite possibly the most potent white light we have owned.

Durable Glass, durable construction.

From welding and fabrication, to unusually high levels of hardcore abuse, the MCH has performed flawlessly for us. One side note to keep in mind: Due to the extremely high lumen and candela output, the body of this light will get extremely hot. Just something to note when planning on running this light for extended amounts of time.

Who should consider the MCH?

If you are most concerned with having the most compact light, the MCH won’t necessarily be the best. It is fairly thick in the hips but it makes up for it with output. Run time is fair, but it was never meant to be a “work on your vehicle for hours” flashlight. This light is perfect for someone who needs maximum output in a concealable size and values extreme durability in their handheld lights.


You are considering a BLACK MCH in this listing. Currently black is the only color we stock in our warehouse.

Available on backorder



When making the MCH-EDC full size, Cloud Defensive set out to create the highest-quality and most modular handheld light ever produced. This handheld light needed to be adjustable at both the light head and the tail cap.

Tail Cap Configurations

The MCH-EDC allows for mission critical configuration of various aspects of the light such as the Adjustable Negligent Discharge protection system. Included in each shipment is the full ND Protection package meaning you can configure the tail cap for your specific use. Weather your tactic is deep-pocket carry or table-acquisition, modify it with the tools you have, and you’re good to go.

Specs for MCH-EDC:
  • 18650 Single Output option: 40,000 Candela/1400 Lumens/120 minutes
  • Uses a proprietary and customized Mil-Std coating on Low-Iron AR glass that moves the light temperature from 6000K down to 5200k. This creates a penetrating white light that is warm enough to defeat photonics barriers and cool enough to be highly disruptive on target.

The brightest light on the market of its size. The included full ND Protection package make the MCH-EDC’s performance and mobility unmatched.

Each MCH-EDC ships with a Thyrm metal deep-cary pocket clip, forged from spring steel, heat-treated and black nitride plated.

Every Day Carry (EDC) Light Head

  • 18650 Single Output option: 40,000 Candela/1400 Lumens/120 minutes
  • Head Diameter: 1.20″
  • Full Size MCH Length: 5.175″
  • Full Size MCH Weight (with battery): 5.71 oz
  • Mission Configurable Handheld
  • UI2 Charger
  • 1 Battery
  • 3 ND Protectors
  • Thyrm LPC metal deep-carry pocket clip
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