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Photonis Defense 50-degree Boomslang Optic

  • April 30, 2024
  • By Josh Watterud

Do you have what it takes to be capable in the darkness? You don’t if you have tunnel vision. We had a lot of fun playing trench war with toilet paper tubes when we were kids. If you are applying that same fantasy to your playtime in the darkness, night vision will get you killed. Situational awareness is EVERYTHING! Isn’t that why you acquired the ability to see in the dark in the first place? To your face I bestow the Photonis Defense Boomslang Optic.

Vyper-14 with Boomslang Glass
Innovation without distortion

Photonis has delivered, yet again, a vital solution to playing in the dark that just may save your life. When it comes to field of view (FOV), the industry standard for night vision has been 40 degrees. This is the same as looking through a roll of toilet paper. Photonis has developed an eyepiece attachment that fits perfectly to the Vyper-14 and Vyper Bino which increases that FOV to 50 degrees.

10 degrees does not sound like a lot, but 28% more FOV is the difference between peripheral vision and no peripheral vision. Ask a pilot, or field medic how important peripheral vision is and all the sudden 10 degrees starts to feel sufficient.

With the Boom Slang attachment affixed to the Vyper-14 and Vyper Bino, Photonis advertises better than IP68 rating. This means your device is protected against solid objects over 1mm in diameter, withstanding dust and other particles. It is also protected against water immersion up to 1.5 meeters (4.9 feet) deep for 30 minutes. Perhaps you will enjoy using your night vision in your snorkeling expeditions for less than 30 minutes! I wouldn’t recommend it. You probably won’t see much, but your Vypers should endure, and you will see 28% more bluish white fog than normal!

Photonis Boomslang Comparison
Photonis 40° vs 50° Glass
It’s brighter, lighter, and wider
Vyper-14 with Boomslang Glass

Greater field of view means better situational awareness for 2 primary reasons. First, the obvious reason is that you can see more area around the object you are facing. The second function this feature provides is an increase to the amount of light that is able to hit the intensifier tube. Your image will be brighter.

In addition to more light and increased vision, the Photonis Defense Boomslang Optic is slightly lighter than the default lenses. You will notice a better feel on your helmet as a result of this small difference in weight.

Let’s recap what the Photonis Boomslang Optic will get provide you. Greater view. More light. Zero image distortion. Great eye relief. All with slightly less weight. This upgrade is made for the Photonis Vyper-14 and Vyper Bino, but it will also fit on any unit that utilizes the same optics as a PVS14.

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