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Photonis Vyper-14 Night Vision Monocular


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If you have considered purchasing night vision, you realize how complex the world of night vision can be. The Photonis Vyper-14 Monocular Night Vision device is one option in the market that might be a good contender for anyone looking for a solid monocular. The Vyper14’s are a high strength resin body assembled with an Echo White Phosphor image intensifier tube. Photonis has had a great track record for us and we have always been pleased with the performance of the Photonis WP tubes.

  • Built with High Strength Resin = light weight, rugged design
  • Very impact resistant due to the construction of the housing
  • AA Battery is common and easy to replace/maintain
  • Advertised 40 hour battery life
  • Advertised 320g with battery
  • 40° FOV (50° with Boomslang Glass)
  • Available in standard or Boomslang Glass
  • Available with 2000+ min FOM tube ratings.

For anyone desiring a reasonably priced Monocular that is lightweight and extremely simple to use AND features the clarity of Photonis WP tubes, the Vyper-14 is a solid contender.

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Introducing the Photonis Vyper-14 Night Vision Monocular

The Photonis Vyper-14 Is A Lightweight, Easy To Use, Budget Friendly Binocular Option.

The Photonis Vyper-14 is the newest monocular to hit the Photonis lineup. The part that really impressed our team was the lightweight, rugged form factor. The simplistic nature of this monocular was also appealing, as it has only what users need, nothing they don’t.

Small Form Factor, High Performance.

Overall, our team has always been very pleased with the clarity and consistency of Photonis WP image intensifier tubes. While many in the industry like to beat up on Photonis, we put our money where our mouths are. We ran dozens of Photonis builds, put hundreds of hours downrange. Therefore, we have had nearly EVERY tube option through our hands. So, are Photonis tubes the best? No, but they do excel in several areas. One of those is clarity. The Vyper-14 coupled with 2000+ FOM tubes will offer fantastic performance for any user, regardless of where they find themselves.

In The World of Night Vision, Sometimes Simple Is Better.

We get it, when price shopping night vision devices it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. For the most part, there is a never-ending list of specs, designs and prices to dive into and look over. Depending on the situation, it is easy to get attracted to units that might have features that are unnecessary. For anyone looking for a non-gain, simple unit, the Vyper-14 might be a solid option.

Need a helmet mount? Grab one HERE.

Vyper-14 Specifications

Field of View (FOV) 40° (Standard)/50° (Boomslang)
Minimal Focus Distance 1.9 in (4.8 cm)
Diopter Adjustment -2 to +2
Power Source 1 AA Battery
Battery Life 40 hrs at room temperature
Size (Vyper 14™ and Vyper 14C™) (L x W x H) 4.5 in x 2.0 in x 2.2 in (11.4 cm x 5.1 cm x 5.7 cm)
Weight 320g w/ battery
Material High Strength Resin
Color Black


1.) Should I buy Vyper Binos or a Vyper-14? 

That’s a tough one. Really, the PVS14 is the gateway drug into night vision. Most people start with a PVS14 and eventually jump into bino’s. There is nothing wrong with that at all. A Vyper-14 can provide you awesome capabilities and at the end of the day will help you see more at night than your own eyes. You also will be able to use IR illuminators and lasers with a Vyper-14. With all that being said, Binoculars do everything better, generally speaking. Depth perception is better with bino’s like the Vyper Bino. Vyper Bino’s also offer more features and you always have the ability to run the BNVD’s with one channel stowed up if you’re running a handheld thermal scanner. We tend to argue that Bino’s will offer more performance, but if your budget says Vyper-14, that’s a great option.

2.) Why buy Photonis? 

Photonis tubes sometimes get slammed in the industry because they are not US made tubes. While they may not perform exactly like the ELBIT or L3, we have quite a few units in house that we have used in content that feature the Photonis tubes. If you are in a more urban environment and there is some light pollution, the Photonis will be amazing. The clarity of the tubes is there, but they will not perform in super dark conditions quite as good as the ELBIT or L3. Will that be a problem for most people? No, most people will find the Photonis tubes to work great. If you need nightvision capability and want a clear tube in white phosphor, the photonis is currently your best option. 1-4 week lead time on Photonis.

3.) What Sets the Vyper-14 Apart? 

Vyper-14’s are built tough, extremely reliable, easily maintained, and are extremely versatile in their uses and function. Manual gain allows you to dial in your image depending on lighting conditions and their lightweight form factor means very little fatigue even when running long periods of time with your Vyper-14 on a helmet. Although, a Vyper-14 might be the perfect fit for you if you don’t have the budget for binos. At the end of the day, a Vyper-14 allows you to see better and shoot better at night. That’s pretty rad.

4.) Does the price include a helmet mount? 

No. You will need to purchase a helmet mount separately.

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