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Photonis Vyper Binocular Night Vision Device


Lead Time on this product: 15-30 days (email for more details)
The Photonis Vyper Binocular Night Vision Device is a lightweight, powerful and simple to use binocular night vision device.

If you have considered purchasing night vision, you realize how complex the world of night vision can be. The Photonis Binocular Night Vision device is one option in the market that might be a good contender for anyone looking for binos. The Vyper Binos are a high strength resin body assembled with a few options of P45 White Phosphor image intensifier tubes. Photonis has had a great track record for us and we have always been pleased with the performance of the Photonis WP tubes.

A few notable features of the Photonis Vyper Binocular:
  • Built with High Strength Resin = light weight, rugged design
  • Very impact resistant due to the construction of the housing
  • Integrated IP stops for easy “set and forget” adjustment of the pods
  • Compatible with ALL Milspec dovetail mounts, like the G24.
  • Easy ONE BUTTON on/off function
  • Auto pod shutoff when rotated upward (individually powered down)
  • CR123 Battery is common and easy to replace/maintain
  • Advertised 25 hour battery life
  • Advertised 523g with battery
  • 40 degree FOV
  • Available in lightweight or standard glass
  • Available in 2000+ min or 2200+ min FOM tube ratings.

For anyone desiring a reasonably priced Bino that is lightweight and extremely simple to use AND features the clarity of Photonis WP tubes, the Vyper is a solid contender.


The Photonis Vyper is a lightweight, easy to use, budget friendly binocular option.

The Photonis Vyper is the newest binocular to hit the Photonis lineup. Naturally, as soon as they were available we grabbed several units. The part that really intrigued our team was the lightweight form factor. The simplistic nature of this Bino was also appealing, as it has only what users need, nothing they don’t.

In the world of binos, sometimes simple is better.

It is easy to get overwhelmed when price shopping binocular night vision devices. The price points are much higher than PVS-14’s, the options are seemingly limitless. It is easy to get sucked into units that might have features that are unnecessary, depending on the situation. For anyone looking for a non-gain, single push button unit, the Vyper might be a solid option.

Small form factor, high performance.

Our team has always been very pleased with the clarity and consistency of Photonis WP image intensifier tubes. While many in the industry like to beat up on Photonis, we put our money where our mouths are. We ran dozens of Photonis builds, put hundreds of hours downrange. We have had nearly EVERY tube option through our hands. Are Photonis tubes the best? No. But they do excel in several areas. One of those is clarity. The Vyper Bino coupled with either the 2000+ FOM tubes or the 2200+ FOM tubes will offer fantastic performance for any user, regardless of where they find themselves.

For a deeper dive into who would fit this Bino best, check out the FAQ’s in the specifications section.

Need a helmet mount? Grab one HERE.



High Strength Resin

Tube Type

P45 White Phosphor


2000+ MIN FOM

Onboard IR?


IP Stops?


Pod auto power off?

Yes, when articulated up

individual pod power off?


Battery Type


Battery Life

+/- 25 Hours

Body Color


Manual Gain Adjustment?




1.) What’s the deal with Photonis Tubes? 

Many companies and influencers in the world of night vision hate on Photonis. The basic premise is people like to say that Photonis is not GEN III tubes. While this is “technically” true, it is simply because Photonis tubes and their construction method do not fall under ANY “generation”, and they cannot be classified as any generation of tube. This is why you will hear people call them Gen 2, Gen 2+, etc. This is not correct. Not only that, “generation” of a tube does NOT equate to better performance! You can have a low spec 1344 FOM Elbit that is technically GEN III, but a photonis tube that is 2000+ FOM can walk all over the low spec Elbit. As you increase the performance, you get diminishing returns for your dollar. Photonis has always been a budget friendly and AVAILABLE option. Often, we have little to no lead time on units built with Photonis tubes.

2.) Would we recommend Photonis? 

Absolutely. They are one option of many. Are they the best? No. No image intensifier or unit will be the best at everything. In some situations, the Photonis tubes will absolutely outperform L3 and Elbit. When it comes to maximum gain, the L3 and Elbit will sometimes outperform the Photonis. Real world situations are where it matters most. Don’t get caught up in the hype battles from keyboard warriors who probably don’t even own Night vision anyway.

3.) What is manual gain?  

Manual gain refers to units that have the ability to manually adjust the gain. Think of gain as increasing the brightness within the unit. This CAN be helpful depending on the situation, but often adds some bulk and added cost to the unit. The Vyper binos are NO-GAIN meaning they do not have manual gain adjustments. The image intensifier tubes will always be at maximum gain levels.

4.) Can I hand pick a unit? 

There are four options for Photonis Vyper binos. Lightweight glass and standard, and 2000 MIN FOM and 2200+ min FOM. Those are the selections you can choose. We do not offer further hand selection for this product.

5.) Lightweight Glass or Standard? 

That will completely depend on the end user. If weight is an issue and you desire the lightest, smallest unit possible, get the lightweight. There are upcharges. Weight saved will be around 90g.

6.) Are the Photonis Tubes AutoGated?  

Yes, Photonis NAILS the autogating. The tubes react swiftly and precisely in higher lighting environments. While the 4G tubes perform extremely well in higher lit areas, and they have many safety protocols in place to protect the tube, it is important to never subject the units to high lighted areas or sources of lights.

7.) I have heard that Photonis Tubes do not compare to L3. 

We have content all over our YouTube and instagram pages and our site comparing all tube options. It is unfortunate that many companies, for whatever reason, have decided that Photonis isn’t a contender. Not only is this untrue, we’d argue that those vehemently against Photonis either haven’t used them at all or there is some sort of ulterior motive at play. In many cases the Photonis tubes have been clearer than our L3 units. This is not to say that the L3 units are bad and Photonis is better, we are simply stating that the Photonis 4G tubes ARE an effective option and will offer amazing performance. We take great pride in what we do. We don’t recommend products we don’t believe in.

The cool part: If you are 100% set on L3 in a Bino, we can get you set up as well.

8.) Is a helmet mount included in the price above? 

No. You will need to purchase a helmet mount separately. Photonis does have their own helmet mount and it works well. If you purchase the photonis mount it has a magnetic arm that will power the unit on anytime the unit is lowered into position, even if the power switch on the unit is off. For more information on the Photonis mount, click here: Helmet Mounts.

9.) BNVD vs Vyper Bino vs PD PRO Bino?

All three options have their strengths and weaknesses. The BNVD is a powerhouse and has a TON of options available like onboard IR, Manual Gain, and various tube options. It can sometimes be a bit bulkier, but it makes up for that in performance. The Vyper binos are extremely simple to use, but tube types are limited to Photonis. The PD PRO is one of the only (if not the only) all aluminum 7075 housed binos on the market. The PD PRO’s are beautiful, high performance units. They are a no-gain Bino but feature onboard IR.

Ultimately, compare pricing of all three. Each will do what you ask of it. If you have questions, email us at

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