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RIX Leap 6

  • March 8, 2024
  • By Josh Watterud

So, you love hunting. Especially at night time. Grabbing the .243 coated in the smell of gunpowder. That satisfying action of threading the suppressor over the end of that 24 inch cold, hard boar. Before you leave the house you always check the batteries in that delicate night vision scope, and that’s when the same thought always occurs. “Man, what if I had a thermal scope for one of these guns… that would be freaking sick!” Followed, of course, by all the other thoughts. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could bring one of your buddies out every once in a while? You have a second rifle, but no night time optic for it. And wait! “WHAT IF WE COULD RECORD those magical moments one of us gets something, or we tag team that pack of coyotes!!!” Well, YOU need to check out the RIX Leap 6!

RIX Leap 6
RIX Leap 6

Optical Zoom on a Thermal

You read that right, no typos. The Leap 6 (and Leap 3) by RIX has a beautiful AMOLED display, with OPTICAL ZOOM! The optical zoom magnifies the screen, which is still visible because of the AMOLED. You may think this means it will look all grainy and blurry, but you may be wrong. It still looks good and you can see the target better. But, what about recording? Oh yeah, I guess we were avoiding that part…

RIX Leap 6
RIX Leap 6

Let’s consider another scenario. If you have ever gone out with a thermal optic on your gun or your helmet, you know how easy it is to forget to hit record. Or maybe you try to and you think it’s going but you should have held that button for three and a half seconds, you only held it for three (3). Now you are out with your buddy or your son. It is their first time ever hunting and you really want to record their first harvest, so you give them the optic that has recording capabilities. You spend 10 minutes before you leave showing them how to record. Then again when you get to your spot you refresh them really quick, “its this button, hold it for a good 4 seconds just to be safe.”

What are the odds something went wrong? Well, you won’t know till you get back home tired and excited to see what was recorded. And that’s when you realize the horror… nothing. If you had the RIX Leap 6 you wouldn’t have had to worry about any of that… As long as you can see through the L6, it’s recording and dedicating the footage to short term memory. As soon as the scope feels that jolt from the recoil, it dedicates the previous 10 seconds as well as recording a short time after the shot is taken. No room for mistakes. You will get some really cool footage as long as you use it.


In this lineup you have two options and both are under $4K! The RIX Leap 6 features a 640×360 core resolution, while the Leap 3 has a 340×216 core resolution. L3 has a 35mm objective lens as opposed to the 50mm lens on the L6. L3 has a detection range of 1,800 yards while the L6 can capture up to 2,600 yards due to that 50mm lens. The L3 has an optical zoom range of 3.2-9.6x, while the L6 can zoom 2.8-8.4x and both feature a digital zoom of 1-4x. If you hunt at night and are looking for thermal, which you should be, this is a no brainer. The only question is, would you prefer the features of the L3, or the L6?

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