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Dovetail Adaptor for the Rix ST6 / AGM Sting IR


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The AGM StingIR Dovetail Mount is a mount made for the StingIR (it also works with the RIX Stride ST6) that will allow the user to mount the thermal monocular to a bridge. If you see yourself running a dual band system with your unit, we recommend this dovetail mount to make mounting easy.

We HIGHLY recommend purchasing this at the same time as purchasing your StingIR or ST6 Thermal Monocular. Save money on shipping by combining into the same order at the same time.

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AGM StingIR Dovetail Mount

The AGM StingIR Dovetail Mount from Mod Armory is a perfect solution for those needing a dovetail for the StingIR (or other units like the RIX Stride ST6). This dovetail mount will allow you to run your unit on a bridge. When running a dual band system, most thermal and night vision units will require some accessories to make bridging work smoothly. A dovetail mount like this will allow for easy connection and disconnection to the bridge for when you want to change units around or store them.

Why would someone want to bridge a unit?

We are big advocates for dual band systems for the prepared citizen. A solid dual band system to us looks like any combination of night vision and thermal. For example, we will often run a PVS-14 along with an RH25 (or ST6/StingIR). Dual band gives the ability to both navigate easily (night vision) and identify extremely fast (thermal). This deadly combo gives you the best of both worlds and unlocks incredible capabilities.

We Recommend This Product For Anyone Who Wants To Run A Bridged Setup

If you have even the slightest notion that you eventually will own a bridged setup, consider grabbing the AGM StingIR Dovetail Mount. The price is right, it is feature rich, and you can focus more on training.

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