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SureFire EDC2-DFT Light


The Do-All handheld light from SureFire.

The SureFire EDC2-DFT Light is an incredibly potent handheld light built for illuminating the dark areas in your life… well in a physical sense.

While this light won’t fix all of life’s problems, it will definitely put a smile on your face. The EDC2-DFT features 100,000 candela that can reach up to 632 meters in distance. This means you can reach further into the darkness to identify a potential threat if needed. The EDC2-DFT also provides enough spill light to give you maximum situational awareness. While it may not be the smallest EDC light on the market, but the light it puts out makes it extremely valuable.

Who should consider the EDC2-DFT?

In short, if you need an EDC light that is potent yet semi-compact this is a solid option to consider. The EDC2-DFT shines (pun intended) in a variety of scenarios from anything to spotting to reading maps in the darkness. The EDC2 is an EXTREMELY potent handheld light that is still small enough to fit into your pocket. This is a light you will want to keep with you always. The spread and throw are balanced well, resulting in a light that shows you what is out there in the darkness. This light absolutely packs a punch.


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SureFire EDC2-DFT Light

The SureFire EDC2-DFT Light is dual fuel compatible with the ability to use 18650 or CR123A batteries. With 18650 batteries the user can see out to 632 meters utilizing the 100,000 candela. As far as the structure of the light goes, it is built to handle whatever is thrown at it. The EDC2-DFT is built from Aluminum with a Mil-spec Hard Anodized finish. It is also can be submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes due to its IPX7 rating.

  • Precision engineered, smooth parabolic reflector produces a high-candela, far-reaching beam on high-output ideal for positive identification at long distances
  • Generates 100,000 candela and 700 lumens of focused light with SF18650 or 90,000 candela and 600 lumens with two 123A batteries
  • Multi-output, with low-output mode ideal for administrative tasks and extending runtime
  • Rugged Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum body and tailcap are knurled for a secure grip in wet or dry conditions
  • Two-way, black oxide-finished clip finished permits easy bezel-up or bevel-down carry
  • Meets IPX7 waterproof test standard; can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes
  • Note: SF18350 battery required for 700-lumen output, 100,000 candela, 2.75 hours runtime, and 632-meter beam distance
Key Attributes

Hight Output

700 lumens

High Runtime

2.75 hours (with 18650 battery)

Peak Beam Intensity

100,000 candela (with 18650 battery)


One 18650 rechargeable (incl.) or two 123A batteries


Click switch


4.7 in (12.1 cm)


Hight Output

700 lumens

18650 Runtime

2.75 hours

(2) 123A High Runtime

1.75 hours

Low Output

25 lumens

18650 Low Runtime

46.5 hours





Mil-Spec Hard Anodized

Weight w/ Batteries

5.6 oz (158.8 g)

Bezel Diameter

1.258 in (3.19 cm)

Liquid Ingress Protection


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