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Mod Armory Bridge – Dovetail Mount

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Users looking to bridge two PVS 14 monoculars, dual MH25 thermal monoculars, or a combination of thermal and night vision need look no further. The Mod Armory Bridge delivers function in a durable and reliable bridge unit. Take a look at Bridging a PVS-14 with any iRay Thermal for some necessary and cool information.

Why should someone choose the Mod Armory bridge?

The Mod Armory bridge is a bit unique as it is machined and manufactured from aluminum. In many ways this is superior to polymer or 3D printed bridges in terms of strength. This bridge will weigh more than some other bridges (like the panobridge), but it makes up for that weight in form and function. The greatest attribute that we see with the Mod Armory Bridge is the fact that they have the adjustment necessary to properly run a thermal monocular (like the MH25) coupled with a PVS14. For users desiring this combination, they should purchase the Dovetail Adapter accessory for their MH25 unit(s).

Who should consider the Mod Armory Bridge?

For users simply looking to bridge two PVS14’s together, the Mod Armory VS panobridge debate is pretty much a wash. The panobridge wins in terms of weight. The mod armory bridge wins in terms of function and quick disconnect capabilities. Either will work fine.

For folks looking to run thermal AND night vision, the Mod Armory, in our opinion, is the clear winner. The reason for this is the added adjustment that the Mod Armory Bridge offers the end user. Mod Armory has nailed the features and function of this bridge.

We stock this bridge because we believe in it and have used it personally in the field over the last year extensively.


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In the world of night vision there are a few different bridge options. Bridges will allow users to combine two PVS14’s to create binoculars. Bridges can also allow users to run dual MH25 (or similar) thermal monoculars. Our preferred combination is one PVS14 and one MH25 thermal. This is the best of both worlds: see heat signatures immediately while being able to navigate and shoot with the PVS14.

What is included with the Mod Armory Bridge?

The Mod Armory Dovetail Bridge includes the main body with the quick release shoes as well as TWO PVS14 arms. One arm is for the left eye, one arm is for the right eye. Each arm is laser etched to state which side it belongs on. The Mod Armory bridge does NOT include the dovetail adapter for thermal monoculars. This will need to be purchased separately.

Our experience with this bridge:

Initially we purchased and ran the panobridge in the field with our MH25’s and our PVS14’s. The panobridge worked well for this task, but due to how the MH25 mounts, we really had to run either the MH25 or the PVS14. The units did not align 100% properly to overlay correctly. We then started the search for other bridges that would allow better positioning of the MH25 thermal in order to be able to run dual MH25’s or simultaneous use of an MH25 and PVS14. We found that the Mod Armory bridge along with the dovetail adapter for the MH25 allowed proper positioning of the MH25 next to the PVS14. While this does NOT guarantee that everyone’s brain will be able to combine the images and overlay them, it does mean that the units are in the correct position to do so.

Other notable traits of the Mod Armory Bridge:

The quick disconnect shoes are amazing. Units can easily be removed when not in use. One downside to having two quick disconnect shoes is users MUST be careful not to bump the release buttons. Doing so will result in units falling off the users helmet. ALWAYS use tie downs/lanyards to secure night vision equipment to helmets.


*Note: Images show night vision optics attached. This is ONLY the bridge and does NOT include any night vision monoculars or optics.

**For customers wanting to mount the MH25 Monocular to the Mod Armory Bridge: The Dovetail adapter is sold separately and is not included with the Mod Armory Bridge alone. Find the Dovetail Adapter HERE.



Mout Method

Milspec Dovetail

Compatible Mounts

G24, Lo Sto, Photonis, Etc.

Quick Connect?


Left Pod Articulation?


Right Pod Articulation?



4.4 Ounces

PVS14 Compatibility

Compatible with most PVS14 housings

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Is it worth it to bridge two PVS14 units? 

That really depends on the users end goals. It is a viable option. Is it better than getting dedicated binocular night vision goggles? In most cases, we would say no. There are a few reasons. The first is the reality that in order to have a matched set of PVS14’s, you would really need to purchase two units together AND spec that you are desiring to run them bridged. This is so we could match the two units as closely together as possible. Running two PVS14’s with very different tubes can result in fatigue. It all depends on the individual.

If you already have one PVS14, it may not be a bad plan. Make sure to purchase the same brand and type of image intensifier tube to match as closely together.

2.) Do the images actually “overlay” when running a thermal and PVS14?

This will completely depend on the end user. Most of us on our team are able to function well running the MH25 and a PVS14. It does create more mental fatigue on longer nights vs running a dedicated set of binos. The tradeoff, in our opinion, is worth it. Having a thermal over one eye allows immediate scanning of large areas for heat signatures. This is something night vision simply does not come close to on its own.

We have found the Mod Armory bridge to be one of the best solutions on the market for running thermal and NV bridged.

3.) Can I use this bridge to run dual MH25 thermal monoculars? 

Absolutely. And its incredible when you do. The MH25 is extremely capable and can be used on its own over both eyes for massive scanning and detection capabilities. You would need to purchase TWO of the dovetail adapters for the MH25 should you decide to go this route.

4.) Which is better: The Mod Armory Bridge or the Panobridge?

We don’t believe either is better than the other in all things. If weight is your biggest concern, the panobridge wins. If you want the “panoramic” capabilities with two PVS14’s and a wider FOV, the panobridge wins. If you desire strength and quick disconnection of your units, the Mod armory wins. We will say this: We do prefer the mod armory when running an MH25 and PVS14. One downside is the dovetail adapter for the Mod Armory Bridge is an additional cost whereas the panobridge includes an MH25 rail adapter standard.

They both are solid options and will do what they are designed to do. For folks running two PVS14’s, either will do just fine. For folks running dual thermal or a thermal and PVS14, we’d personally lean more towards the Mod Armory Bridge.

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  1. Caleb (verified owner)

    This bridge is solid! Quality and function is top notch.

  2. Matt (verified owner)

    Was struggling to get a clip on thermal with external battery to work with other mounts, but this thing runs it like a champ. Paired it with a dovetail moded Rhino II and it’s able to rock both single and dual tube with the clip on without any real wiggle in it. Highly recommend.

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