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Chinese Thermal Imaging Dominates

  • March 7, 2024
  • By Josh Watterud

A Brief History

As red-blooded Americans, we adore our United States manufacturers and engineers dearly…. But at times we abhor the work that they do. The thermal industry presents a blaring example that is perilous to overlook. Chinese thermal imaging dominates the American market.

Chinese Thermal Dominates American Market

Until the recent year of 2020, the thermal industry, en masse, went about innovation with an overwhelming attitude of complacency. This produced a void in the domestic market that only few could fill. Tapping into this opportunity required access to technology. Advancements in software drove us to where we are now but software alone will no longer advance performance. Now the catalyst for innovation lies in the sensors and configuration.

Responsible in no small part for the speed of technological advancement in the U.S. is Private Sector Procurement. Everyday citizens like you and me spending our hard earned cash on the latest and greatest thermal optics. In 2020, the thermal industry in the United States began to change rapidly! So, what happened to boost this change in pace so quickly? Enter, iRayUSA.

There was a holding company in the 1930’s that tapped into the American market. It turned out they were owned by IG Farben (Auschwitz Camp). It was later found out that they were also relaying sensitive information such as Fuel Refining Techniques back to the Nazi party in Germany [for more check out: World War 2, Publicity]. Don’t worry. There is no way this will happen again! Certainly not in the thermal industry (winky face).

Raytron, a China based infrared technology developer, is the number 1 producer of thermal gear in the world. In 2020 they partnered with the Texas based iRayUSA (not to be confused with “InfiRay,” a trademark of Raytron) in order to sell this technology to civilians in America. US Military has thermal gear, but they chose not to allow their own citizens to have access to any of it. Lack of production = lack of innovation. For a country so heavily invested on the idea of a “Well equipped citizen militia” this seems like quite odd behavior. But who knows. Perhaps we simply fall short of details from our altruistic and faithful government.

Auspicious Behavior

With this information, there’s no wonder it looks like so many are companies are copying each other’s designs. It’s because they probably are! That is, they are producing “identically similar” products to InfiRay Outdoor’s designs in record time! In fact, the only obvious difference is what is printed on the unit. Raytron, a foreign company is eating our lunch and we are not doing a domestic thing about it! Chinese thermal imaging dominates the US market with ease. The dilapidation of such a critical market, in our inexpert opinion, is a national security crisis!

iRayUSA Warehouse
iRayUSA Warehouse

Night vision and Thermal fusion is the way of the future. It is incredibly difficult to defeat both at the same time. The question that remains is, “Will corporate USA step up, or continue to blind their house keepers?” We find ourselves in a slippery situation when it takes an adversarial country like China to come in and provide defensive technology.

The definition of “irony” is when what is expected is the OPPOSITE of reality. And here we stand. According to the U.S. state owned media: China is a country of tyrants and slaves using the free market system to sell us the defensive tools our government condemns. Russia is a monster, openly standing against self proclaimed Neo Nazis. U.S. Senators and congresspeople are supporting genocide and investing glorious sums to leaders applauding surviving Nazi war “heroes” in the midst of Yom Kapor. 15 days later Israel is invaded, still the prepared citizen is the abomination. The highest irony of all is the underlying theme of this paragraph. The stance and actions of the U.S. government. Repress and demonize law abiding citizens pursuing the agency of self responsibility. TYRANNY.

Our Challenge | Our Commitment

Dual Band Helmet Setup

Our critical challenge goes to the engineers and manufacturers of night vision and thermal components in the U.S. Will you fill the vacuum and reach for the cutting edge of domestic innovation? We will support you.

Our commitment goes to our customers past, present, and future. If (and when) we find companies stateside who are determined to earn a position in the free market system, we will bring it to you with haste and confidence! This is how we take back our security and our country.

Having said that. Now that you have read all the propaganda and watched all the literature brought to you by your state owned news media (“China bad”). Where are you going to stand? Is an object that can save your life evil because your politician promises it’s so? The demand exists weather you do or not. You can gain an edge with thermal, or you can do something to change the market yourself. Anything else is just proud gesticulation.

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