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RIX Stride ST6: Massive Performance, Low Cost

  • February 12, 2024
  • By Brenton
RIX Stride ST6: Massive Performance, Low Cost

RIX Optics recently released the Stride ST6 as a high quality, affordable, helmet-mounted unit. Over the past few months we have been testing this product behind the scenes and have come to love this thing. So let’s dive in.

First off, if you want to see the ST6 in action, watch the video that we created about this unit. Ethan dives into specs, comparisons, who it is for, and more.

Stride ST6 Specifications

This might be what you thermal nerds came here for. Well you are in luck. The ST6 is a potent little beast in specs department.

Sensor and Screen

To start off, the unit features a 50Hz, 640×512 resolution sensor which provides incredible clarity for spotting and identifying. The sensor also features a 12µm (micron) pixel pitch and sub 25 millikelvin which is a game changer. 12µm is pretty standard in units similar and is clearer than units that are 17µm or higher. Where the 25 millikelvin comes in handy is in “blank screen” scenarios where the weather may be cold and rainy for a few days resulting in similar temperatures across the board. The lower rating allows the sensor to see more variation than units with sub 50 millikelvin ratings which results in an image with more contrast.

All the above coupled with a 1024×768 OLED screen gives you maximum clarity when out in the field.

RIX Stride ST6 Thermal Image
RIX Stride ST6 Thermal Image
Physical Specifications

Being that the ST6 is designed to be a handheld or helmet-mounted unit, the footprint is small and the weight is light. It measures 4.5 x 2.8 x 1.9 and less than .6lb (without battery). This means that in can easily brought with you anywhere and won’t be an added burden. The ST6 is IP67 rated which means it is water-resistant up to a depth of about 3 feet for up to 30 minutes and is dust tight. This means you never have to worry about using this unit out in the rain. Along with that, the operating temperature range for the ST6 is between -4°F and 122°F. Again… no worries there.

Battery Considerations

Many potential customers always want to know the battery life of whatever unit they are looking into… which we are as well. Knowing how long a unit can last on a battery is critical when using it a lot! The Stride ST6 has an advertised run-time of 10 hours, but realistically we have seen anywhere from 6-8 hours. It is powered by a single 18650 and can also be charged with an external 5v power supply.

Optical Specifications

Diving deeper we have some more technical data to dump when it comes to the optics. The ST6 features a 26.7mm objective lens that has a 16.3° x 12.3° field of view. While the unit is a 1x optical zoom, it also features a 2x, 4x, and 6x digital zoom for when you really need to punch in. Speaking of which, the ST6 has a detection range of 1,969 yards, which is pretty impressive to say the least!

It also has 20mm eye relief paired with a diopter adjustment of -5 to +2 dpt.

Stride ST6 Hot Modes Comparison
Stride ST6 Hot Modes Comparison
Internal Recording

When you are out and about, there are times when you want to record a moment that you don’t want to forget. Thankfully, the RIX Stride ST6 has internal recording to capture whatever you desire. It can take both photos and videos with a resolution of 640×512 and store them on an internal 64GB built in memory. The unit also can be connected to your phone via Wi-Fi  in order to transfer files. The Stride ST6 also features White, Black, Green, Red, and Iron Hot color palettes along with an added edge detect mode.

How does the ST6 compare?

Now you are probably wondering how the RIX Stride ST6 would compare to units like the StingIR and RH25. We got you.

Dual Band Helmet Setup
Dual Band Helmet Setup
Mounting options

The one area the ST6 can’t compete (at this point and time) is in the weapons-mounted territory. Both the StingIR and Rh25 can be handheld, helmet-mounted or weapons-mounted while the ST6 can only be handheld or weapons-mounted. Now, if you don’t care about weapons-mounting then that is a mute point!


When it comes to clarity in scenarios where temperature contrast may be hard… the ST6 takes the cake. The sub 25 millikelvin sensor allows for more contrast to be seen over a sub 50 millikelvin sensor.

Build Quality

The Stride ST6 is similar to the StingIR when it comes to build quality. It features a high quality, durable polymer as its exterior. We have not found either of these units to have any design flaws that lead to breaking, they are very durable. If you are looking for something that feels a little more sturdy, check out the RH25 as the housing is built out of aluminum.

RIX Stride ST6 and accessories
RIX Stride ST6 and accessories

Who is the Stride ST6 for?

The Stride ST6 by RIX Optics is perfect for anyone looking to helmet-mount a high quality 640 core thermal monocular and not have to spend $3,500 or more. You get incredible quality for the price all while getting the same (or better in some cases) specs as many of the same units we discuss often. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email cs@arkayne.com and we can get you the answers you need.

2 thoughts on “RIX Stride ST6: Massive Performance, Low Cost

  1. I have a helmet and was looking at the st6 by itself. Does the st6 come with mounting hardware?

    1. The ST6 includes one dovetail adapter to go directly into a mil spec helmet mount like the G24. If you want to go dual band, you need to purchase a bridge and the dovetail adapter that we offer. Email us at CS@Arkayne.com and we can get you the correct links. ~ CS team

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