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Budget Night Vision Monocular

  • November 20, 2023
  • By Brenton

Budget Night Vision Monocular

When diving headfirst into night vision, it is first noted how expensive night vision can be. We get it. That’s why we sourced a budget night vision monocular for people to start out with. This unit we found is a PG25 and does a very solid job for the price.

PG25 with battery

What is the PG25?

We have found the PG25 to be the best budget option on the market that saves you money and weight on the helmet. That being said, this unit is not for everyone. Some will desire a higher spec PVS-14 that will have incredible FOM ratings and all the rest. So if you’re looking for that, check out our PVS-14s or any other unit we have on our site.

The PG25 is an analog night vision monocular that is good enough for navigating and great for a budget dual band system. Speaking of which, we have a video talking budget dual band systems and specifically the PG25. Check it out for more information.

PG25 specifications

PG25 VS PVS-14
PG25 VS PVS-14 held in hands to show the size difference.

The PG25 is an aluminum IP67 water resistant unit that fetures a Gen2+ green phosphor tube with a minimum of 1,400 FOM. Unfortunately the unit does not come with a spec sheet but it does feature 22 minimum SNR and 64 lp/mm minimum center resolution. It also features an on-board IR illuminator that will enhance the capability of the unit when it is extra dark. Where we love this unit for dual band systems is the weight. This unit is 8.54 ounces and is close to half the size of a PVS-14. This makes maneuvering around at night less taxing on the neck.


The PG25 has a 40° Horizontal Field of View and can be focused from 19.6″ to infinity. The diopters can be adjusted from -5.0 to +3 in .25 and .5 increments. It also includes a mil-spec dovetail for mounting and utilizes a CR123A battery for up to 55 hours of run time (5 hours if using IR illuminator).

Who is the PG25 for?

As discussed earlier, the PG25 is not for everyone. This unit is for someone who wants to get into night vision but doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars. It is perfect for those who want a dual band set-up and want the ability to have night vision to supplement their thermal.

Looking for a PG25?

If you are in the market for a unit, consider emailing us at cs@arkayne.com. You can find Ethan’s number on the site and text/call for more information. If you are looking for other supplemental gear, check out Arkayne.com.

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