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The Best Panoramic Night Vision on the market

  • November 16, 2023
  • By Brenton

The Best Panoramic Night Vision on the market

It’s no secret that Panoramic Night Vision is the ultimate goal for the trained citizen, because of this we wanted to dive into some of the best panoramic night vision on the market.

PD-Pro-Q Panoramic Night Vision

We wanted to discuss one of our favorite units for the money. The PD-Pro-Q from Photonis Defense is a potent unit with many unique features that will assist you on your journey to preparedness.

Watch our video on the PD-Pro-Q unit here.

What is the PD-Pro-Q Panoramic Night Vision Device?

The Photonis PD PRO Q is a panoramic night vision device that is a highly refined, highly capable unit. Do not sleep on this unit. Nothing else compares to the MASSIVE 104 degree field of view. Photonis curates the best 18mm hybrid 4G white phosphor tubes for each Panoramic unit. When coupling the amazing clarity and performance

of the 4G tubes with the aluminum construction of this unit, you realize that this is the supercar of the night vision world.

Also, this unit is lighter, smaller, and features a wider FOV than the GPNVG-18. The fact that it is manufactured from aerospace grade aluminum even further adds confidence while operating in harsh conditions. So whether you are ripping wheelies on your supermoto, shooting on the flat range, or driving your rig blacked out, this pano is built for it. Wide FOV means more data. More data helps you make faster decisions in the darkness. This is a premium solution that gives you the superpower of seeing in the darkness.

The PD PRO Q features 3o hours +/- runtime with 4 Lithium AA Batteries and comes in under 28.2 ounces (without batteries). It can be operated above -49°F and below +140°F  and can be submersible down to 17ft (special saltwater requirements apply, contact us). As far as the vertical field of view goes you are looking at 38° (+/-1°) with a focus range of 7.9″ to infinity.

Why Photonis?

We get this question a lot when it comes to tube and unit choices. Photonis is regarded as a “Gen 2 tube”… when in reality that couldn’t be further from the truth. Photonis’s 4G tubes are spectacular and perform closely with L3 and Elbit tubes. The 4G tubes featured on the PD-PRO-Q unit do not technically have a minimum FOM, they typical FOM minimums are 2200 FOM for center tubes and 2100 FOM for peripheral tubes. Keep in mind, these are custom/hand built units that are built to EXACTING tolerances and specs. It features the absolute highest performing 4G tubes available. Only the best 18mm hybrid 4G tubes make the cut.

Also, Each PD-PRO night vision goggle offers users the unique ability to see 30% more of the visible light spectrum, from below 400nm to above 1,000nm. Photonis has labeled this feature Hypersense™ for its ability to give operators superior situational awareness in their surroundings and the option to utilize laser designators and illuminators that are not visible to night vision goggles using standard industry image intensifiers.

Photonis is also know for its incredibly reactive auto-gating feature. This will ultimately make your unit less susceptible to burns when any sort of light quickly flashes your night vision.

Are the Photonis PD-PRO-Q’s for you?

That is a question only you can answer… but we can help.

As discussed earlier, Panoramic Night Vision is very expensive for 99+% of the consumer market. So first off, you have to make sure your financial situation is in VERY good condition. We never encourage using debt to buy things.

Secondly, are your priorities in order? Do you have your rifles and other gear fully set-up? Do you have thermal in your kit?

It is very easy to overlook the small things when it comes to setting up your kit for success. If you feel you are fully prepared and want to upgrade your night vision set-up, than the PD-PRO-Qs might be for you. We find these to be some of the best panoramic night vision units on the market.

If you are in the market for a unit, consider emailing us at You can find Ethan’s number on the site and text/call for more information. If you are looking for other supplemental gear, check out

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