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Finding Killers with Thermal

  • November 27, 2023
  • By Brenton

Finding Killers with Thermal

Danelo Cavalcante

Finding Killers with Thermal may be a topic not often thought about. When it comes to search and rescue or searching for a fugitive on the run… thermal is incredibly important to get the job done.

On August 31st, 2023 a murderer escaped from a Chester County prison which triggered a massive manhunt.

In 2017, Danelo Cavalcante was originally convicted in Brazil for homicide but then fled to the United states and successfully lived at large for 4 years. He somehow obtained a job and a girlfriend in the states. When his United States girlfriend found out about his convicted murder in Brazil she threatened to turn him in. So, instead of risking getting locked up and deported from the United States he chose to commit yet another murder.

This triggered a massive manhunt which brought in US Border Patrol and prompted hundreds of Pennsylvania State Police officers to join the search in Chester County. After almost two weeks of searching, on September 13th they finally located Cavalcante hiding in a wood pile using a thermal.

If you truly want to own the night the first thing you need to do is figure out how to get both night vision and thermal in your kit.


Cow seen through RH25 thermal by InfiRay Outdoor.
Why is thermal crucial to search parties?

It’s no secret that thermal provides the user with a different advantage than night vision would in certain situations. In regards to search and rescue thermal is not a tool you can do without in today’s modern age. Time and time again it is shown that thermal is king when it comes to finding people. Thermal is one of the only tools that will highlight body heat and make it very easy to spot in even the darkest scenarios. Finding killers with Thermal is a cheat code that you can’t be without.

Check out our video about the manhunt and different types of thermal here.

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