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PG25 Night Vision Monocular

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The PG25 Night Vision Monocular is a no frills, budget night vision option.

We’re just going to come out and say it: this unit won’t be for all of you. And that’s ok. But for some of you, this unit is THE move. The PG25 is an ultra-compact night vision device that is about half the size of a PVS-14. The incredibly small and lightweight form factor makes this unit PERFECT for bridging to a thermal monocular. While this unit will not offer the same performance as a PVS-14 built with high-spec Elbit or Photonis tubes, it will give you a new capability in the darkness. The aluminum housing creates a well protected unit that is also IP67 rated. The onboard illuminator is powerful, the functions are simple and seamless. This is a simple, effective, budget friendly way to get into the darkness.

*We do not ship this unit with tube specifications as they are not provided by the manufacturer. No hand select option is available for this unit*

Minimum Specifications of the PG25:

  • Green Phosphor intensifier Tube
  • 1400 MIN FOM
  • 22 MIN SNR
  • 64 lp/mm MIN center resolution

Need a bridge for this unit? Consider the MOD Armory Bridge.

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PG25 Night Vision Monocular

The PG25 Night Vision Monocular is arguably the smallest and lightest night vision monocular available on the market. Don’t let its size fool you: This NV monocular is strong and capable and a perfect fit for the person just getting into night vision devices. One thing we will make abundantly clear: This will NOT be the most potent/high-performance unit on the market. We are offering this unit specifically for people who need NV capabilities without spending too much money on the unit.

Strength Coupled with Lightweight Form.

The PG25 is manufactured from an aluminum cast housing and features a mil spec dovetail. Inside the unit is a Gen 2 image intensifier tube. One thing to note: Rating a tube based solely off the “generation” is not a good metric. We will discuss minimum specs of these units below. The aluminum housing is rugged and durable. Because of this construction, we are are confident to descend into harsh environments with this unit on tap.

Low entry point, mid-range performance.

We aren’t offering the PG25 Night Vision Monocular for the hardcore person who needs the best of the best. Because of that fact, you should consider this unit with realistic expectations. The intensifier tube is not going to perform as well as our PVS-14’s with Photonis or Elbit tubes. It DOES still perform well, and gives you a capability in the darkness you otherwise would not have had. We just don’t want to mistake our intentions here: This is a VERY inexpensive unit that is PERFECT to get SOME people into the darkness. If you are new to night vision and/or you are on a tighter budget this might be a perfect fit for you.

Lightweight, Small, Portable.

One of the greatest strengths of the PG25 is the form factor. It is about half the size and weight of a PVS-14 monocular. When mounting units on your head, ounces equal pounds. Because of this reality, it is CRITICALLY important that you balance your load out on your helmet to limit fatigue. The PG25 is a No-Frills unit that has one function control knob, houses one CR123A battery, has a milspect dovetail and includes onboard illumination. That’s it. No frills, just a unit that gives you capabilities.

Perfect to couple with a bridged thermal monocular.

If you are looking to run a dual band setup (a NV monocular bridged with a thermal), this might be the perfect unit. For folks who need thermal more than NV, there is little reason to drop $4-5K on a high-spec PVS14. For the predator hunter, the PG25 is a perfect companion to a thermal. Having a quality thermal is the best way to scan, the PG25 coupled with said thermal just gives even more information to process while hunting.

Budget price, still a clear image.

Due to the size of the glass on the PG25, there is a LITTLE distortion around the edges of the glass. Overall, the tubes offered in the PG25 are very clear. We have been very happy with the performance of each PG25 we have purchased. Minimum specs are 1400 FOM, 22 SNR, & 64 lp/mm are the minimum specs for these units. The only downside: We do not receive specifications of the image intensifier with these units. Therefore, we do not supply specifications or guarantee specific metrics with each unit.

If you are looking to bridge a thermal with the PG25, check out the MOD Armory Bridge HERE. Find our helmet mountable thermal units HERE.


Yes, Through Photonis

Gain Control

No Gain Control

IR Illuminator

Yes, onboard illumination

Adjustable IR Spot/Flood


LED IR Indicator


LED Low Battery Indicator




Flip Up, Turn Off Setting

No, Must Manually Power Off

Horizontal Field of View



One Power (1X)

Diopter Adjustment

-5.0 to +3 Diopters (adjustable in .25 & .5 increments)

Power Source

(ONE) CR123A Battery

Battery Life (advertised)

No IR: 55 Hours, with onboard IR on: 5 hours

Water Resistance Rating

IP67 Rated

Focus Range

19.6″ to Infinity

Weight of Unit Alone

8.54 Ounces (May Vary Slightly Unit to Unit)





Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) How does the PG25 Compare to a PVS-14? Answer: From a functionality standpoint, they are VERY similar. The PG25 is just much smaller. When discussing tube options, the PG25 is what it is: a budget option. We do not currently offer custom tube construction with these unit. If you need a more potent unit, a custom built PVS-14 might suit your needs better. If you are more concerned with price, the PG25 might make the most sense.

2.) Does the PG25 NEED to be run on a bridge? Answer: For now, yes. You should purchase the MOD Armory Bridge HERE. This bridge will allow you to run the PG25 Alone, OR with a bridged thermal unit.

3.) Can I get White Phoshpor in the PG25? Answer: We only offer the standard Gen 2+ image intensifier tubes in green at this time.

4.) What thermal units can I bridge to the PG25? Answer: The most seamless units to couple with the PG25 are the STINGIR units. This is because the height of the dovetail on the STING IR 384/640 PERFECTLY matches the PG25. Other units may require some spacing of the dovetails to get everything to line up. Contact us if you have questions.

5.) Where is the PG25 produced? Answer: the housing is manufactured in China. The tubes are of unknown origin.

6.) Does the PG25 have wifi, GPS, or bluetooth? Answer: Nope. This is a bare bones, single button, no frills unit. That’s it.

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  1. William Smith (verified owner)

    The PG25 exceeds the performance of any Gen 2 Device I’ve ever used (I’ve got around 2000 hours using Gen 2 PVS-14s and other NVG devices). Very clear image, absolutely no blemishes in either of the 2 PG25s I own, more than adequate night vision performance in a variety of lighting conditions, and haloing is pretty minor (even in environments with plenty of street lights). I’ve got just 10ish hours under Gen-3/Gen-4 PVS-14s, but the PG25 has not left me wanting, especially given the form factor.

    I did some training with my PG25s and was pleasantly surprised with their performance. Apart from being more than adequate to take engagements out to any distance my civilian-powered illuminators were effective, the PG25’s small form factor is a force-multiplier for passive aiming. In a variety of stances/positions – there are just more ways to get behind your sighting system and get a good sight picture while wearing PG25s, given their compact size (I was using a 1x Prism sight). Also, when encountering “photonic barriers” due to illuminator splash or visible light sources, I found the IR Flood on the PG25 was readily able to illuminate darker objects past bright objects in the foreground (for a CQB environment).

    I wore 2x PG25s as a modular dual-tube system during during a challenging night hike, wearing a “slightly less miserable” skull crusher. I was far less uncomfortable than I would have been using a dual PVS-14 setup, or even a fair number of dedicated dual tube systems. When paired with a Thermal monocular, I found the PG25 worked very well in a bridged Thermal?NGV system.

    The PG25 rocks! Even with a gen-2 tube, I would argue they are worth considering (even if you have Geb-3/4 stuff) given their light weight, compactness, ease of passive aiming, and more than adaquate performance for tactical shooting.

A note about our current lead times:

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