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PD-PRO-Q Panoramic Night Vision


Lead Time on this product: 15-30 days (email cs@arkayne.com for more details)
Engage the darkness with the widest field of view on the market.

The Photonis PD PRO Q is a panoramic night vision device that is a highly refined, highly capable unit. Do not sleep on this unit. Nothing else compares to the MASSIVE 104 degree field of view. Photonis curates the best 18mm hybrid 4G white phosphor tubes for each Panoramic unit. When coupling the amazing clarity and performance of the 4G tubes with the aluminum construction of this unit, you realize that this is the supercar of the night vision world.

This unit is lighter, smaller, and features a wider FOV than the GPNVG-18. The fact that it is manufactured from aerospace grade aluminum even further adds confidence while operating in harsh conditions. So whether you are ripping wheelies on your supermoto, shooting on the flat range, or driving your rig blacked out, this pano is built for it. Wide FOV means more data. More data helps you make faster decisions in the darkness. This is a premium solution that gives you the superpower of seeing in the darkness.

Here is what is included with EACH PD PRO Q pano:

  • Hard carrying case to keep your goodies safe and organized.
  • PD-PRO-Q unit
  • Clip on Diopters (READ DESCRIPTION BELOW)
  • Photonis Breakaway Mount
  • Battery Cable
  • Cable Routing Sleeve
  • External battery pack (for 4 AA batteries)
  • (4) AA batteries
  • Specification sheet
  • Instruction manual

*Please note: Specifications and inclusions are subject to change. Please contact us with questions PRIOR to purchasing this unit.


Level up in the darkness.

This PD-PRO-Q Panoramic Night Vision device is purpose built to give you the maximum field of view. Field of view of MOST night vision devices lands right around 40 degrees. The PD PRO Q Panoramic Night Vision device offers a massive 104 degrees. More FOV equates to more data for you to process. The biggest downfall of most night vision is the “tunnel vision” effect the limited FOV offers. Pano’s give a more natural peripheral vision that allows you to SEE. Seeing is critical, as you know. When you see more, you act quicker. Whether this is in a driving scenario or a shooting scenario: seeing more faster is always more better.

Packed with capability and features.

The Q is hand built with hybrid 18mm 4G intensifier tubes. Four tubes are housed in an aerospace grade aluminum housing. The housing is a fixed “bridge” meaning the groups of two pods cannot articulate independently. Additionally, The entire unit can be flipped up on the included Photonis Breakaway mount when not in use. Due to the nature of panoramic night vision, this unit does not have typical diopter adjustment. In order to adjust diopter, you must use the included lenses. The adjustable lenses simply clip into place. This is a “set it and forget it step” you take as you set the unit up for the first time.

The unit features onboard infrared illumination that can be controlled by a knob on the battery pack. The form factor of this unit is advertised to be both lighter and smaller than the GPNVG-18 while still offering high performance. The Q features a mil spec dovetail that will mount into any mil spec helmet mount. However, there is no need to purchase a separate mount, though, as this unit INCLUDES a photonis breakaway mount. The Photonis mount is REQUIRED to activate the on/off and “auto shutdown while stowed features.”

Built for military and SWAT applications, this unit also has a home for citizens.

Whether you just like to ride your supermoto or ATV at night on your property, or you like jogging at night, or you simply want the best of the best: The PD PRO Q will fit your needs perfectly. We believe that regular citizens have the right to own military gear for defense of self, property, and nation. Panoramic night vision lands on that list as well. This unit has been designed and built to perform in the most extreme conditions. In other words: this unit will stand up to what you throw at it.

More light spectrum, more capability.

The Q can see light in the 400nm to over 1000nm spectrum. The 4G tubes will see infrared spectrum that other Gen 3 units cannot see. In turn, this offers a huge advantage when marking targets with out of band lasers/markers.

Clear Glass, Fast Autogating.

German manufactured glass means maximum strength and clarity. Photonis’ auto-gating is also second to none. They are capable of reacting over 3X faster than you can blink and the autogating feature helps your tubes perform in higher light scenarios and protect the tube during intermittent brighter scenarios. Just remember: NEVER expose your unit intentionally to extremely bright lights, even when powered off.

Exceptionally high performing image intensifier tubes on tap.

Photonis 4G tubes always perform great. 4G tubes offer incredible clarity and resolution. Gain levels are lower than SOME “gen 3” units; however users can expect a high performance device that is highly capable in all scenarios. 4G tubes are purpose designed and built for urban fighting. They offer arguably the best highlight performance. Photonis tubes have also proven to be EXTREMELY durable and resistant to temporary burns while driving or passing brighter lights.

For the citizen or professional looking for the MAXIMUM FOV in a rugged and lightweight package, we’d highly suggest this unit.


Yes, Through Photonis

Gain Control

No Gain Control

IR Illuminator

Yes, onboard illumination

Adjustable IR Spot/Flood


LED IR Indicator


LED Low Battery Indicator


Tactical Monocular Cutoff


Flip Up, Turn Off Setting


Horizontal Field of View

104° (+/- 1°)


One Power (1X)

Diopter Adjustment

-2.5 to +2.5 Diopters (adjustable in .25 & .5 increments)

Vertical Field Of View

38° (+/- 1°)

Operating Temperatures

-49°F – +140°F


17 Feet (special saltwater requirements apply, contact us)

Focus Range

7.9″ to Infinity

Power Source

(4) LITHIUM AA Batteries, External battery pack

Operation Time

30 Hours +/- (Run Time WILL Vary)

Weight (w/o batteries)

Less than 28.2 ounces



Frequently Asked Questions: 

1.) Is there a minimum FOM for this unit? Answer: while technically no, typical FOM minimums are 2200 FOM for center tubes and 2100 FOM for peripheral tubes. Keep in mind, these are custom/hand built units that are built to EXACTING tolerances and specs. It features the absolute highest performing 4G tubes available. Only the best 18mm hybrid 4G tubes make the cut. Additionally, we will NOT entertain hand select options for this unit due to the nature of how it is manufactured.

2.) What is the Photonis “Hypersense”(TM)? Answer: Each PD-PRO night vision goggle offers users the unique ability to see 30% more of the visible light spectrum, from below 400nm to above 1,000nm. We’ve labeled this feature Hypersense™ for its ability to give operators superior situational awareness in their surroundings and the option to utilize laser designators and illuminators that are not visible to night vision goggles using standard industry image intensifiers. Night vision professionals using a PD-PRO system equipped with Hypersense™ get a superior advantage out in the field with the ability to see more of their surroundings. Before the release of the PD-PRO series this distinctive capability had never been seen on any other leading night vision systems.

3.) What is so good about the Photonis 4G technology? Answer: Only a PD-PRO night vision device equipped with an evolutionary 4G image intensifier tube can deliver the highest performance in all field and lighting conditions. Each 4G tube is held up to your 4G Technology standard that is defined by the very minimum specifications needed by modern night vision users. Only a 4G tube can provide the smallest and most transparent halo, crystal-clear resolution, and a high definition of contrast to provide accurate situational awareness for the operator. Additionally, Photonis 4G image intensifier tubes are equipped with the fastest Auto-Gating in the industry that reacts over 3x faster than the blink of an eye to sudden lighting transitions, such as weapon flashes, flash-bangs, or other dynamic lighting conditions.

4.) How much more capable are pano’s vs binos? Answer: The truth is, that depends on YOU. You get out what you put into your training. If you have a very low baseline skill with nods, you won’t see a difference between pano’s or bino’s. Buying something like the PD PRO Q is amazing, but it doesn’t GIVE you skills. Training does. So if you are looking to unlock some secret superpower, you should know: you need to train. Panoramic units absolutely give a MUCH higher FOV. More than double the FOV of a standard binocular device (104 VS 40 degree). Having a wider FOV makes transitions, moving, driving, running, or navigating obstacles much more intuitive. Does this mean the panos are better than binos? Possibly for some people. But the truth is: it ALWAYS depends on the individual and their circumstances.

5.) Are the PD PRO Q’s worth nearly $40K? Answer: If you need panos, they are 110% worth it. In certain situations, panoramic night vision is unmatched. We recognize that this unit is an incredibly expensive unit, and for most people it will not make sense. For some people, this will be the perfect unit. Your situation and needs will dictate this.

6.) When should I consider getting the PD PRO Q? Answer: First, when your financial house is VERY tidy. This is an extremely expensive purchase. We have some special requirements (like wiring us money or sending a certified check) for this unit simply due to the expense. You MUST have a solid handle on your finances to drop 5 figures on nods. If your house is in order, great! Maybe this unit is perfect for you. We also think this unit shines most while driving.

Whether you are driving your UTV, ATV, dirt bike or SUV, Panos will create a safer experience. If you need to drive professionally under night vision, the PD PRO Q makes a lot of sense. Any other activity that requires wider FOV will benefit from running this unit. Please note: Driving with nods could be illegal and should be reserved to professionals on private property with proper training and proper approvals/permissions (when necessary). Don’t be stupid with nods, it can get you and others killed.

7.) I am a predator hunter. Will I benefit from the PD PRO Q? Answer: In our experience panos will not help you much for hunting. What you should be really considering is a bridged PVS14 and a thermal monocular. If you do more fast paced activities and only hunt occasionally, this unit might still check your boxes. Night vision really isn’t as good at scanning and finding as thermal imaging. Will it work? Absolutely. But it is not purpose built for this task.

8.) How do I avoid damaging my night vision unit? Answer: Basic common sense goes a long way. NEVER expose your unit to extremely bright lights. This obviously means the sun, but can also mean studio lights, interior lights, dusk to dawn lights, and anything else emitting extremely bright lights. 4G tubes feature amazing autogating and safety features. Realistically, passing lights, streetlights, stars and the moon will not cause permanent damage to your unit. Damage come from staring at bright lights without moving. It is also important to note: you CAN damage your tubes EVEN WHEN THE UNIT IS OFF. When you are done, put the safety covers over EACH lens. Damage from misuse or neglect or intentional abuse is never covered under warranty.

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