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(4) Pistol Mag Shingle – Black


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ArkayneCo Exists to offer real solutions to citizens embodying the true meaning of our right to bear weapons of war.

We believe that our communities are safer when our citizens are better equipped with fighting and supplemental tools in their everyday lives. Discreet bag carry has become ever more prevalent as we have seen more gruesome atrocities perpetrated by citizens and governments globally.

Our (2) Rifle (one) Pistol shingle offers discreet carriers the ability to carry spare rifle mags and a pistol mag in one compact location.

Just like on body carry, having the tools needed on hand and easily accessible is key. We also want to be streamlined and not slowed down by loose or bulky gear. Our magazine carriers keep magazines where they need to be. It’s that simple.

Quick overview of specifications:
  • Materials sourced in US and Sewn by Americans
  • Mil Spec A-A-59826A bonded nylon #70 stitching
  • Milspec A-A-17337 1.5″ Nylon Webbing
  • 4″ Velcro Hook and Loop: A-A-55126
  • 4″ Woven Nylon Elastic W5664

For discreet carriers of fighting rifles, our magazine shingles will keep your magazines on hand, ready to use, consistently located.

*Note: Currently we are ONLY sewing/offering black.

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In previous years carrying a bag gun was seen as…taboo. 

Our culture is growing more and more accepting of rifles for daily carry. A major pitfall of bagged rifle carry is keeping your gear where you need it most. Our 556/Pistol shingle will keep magazines consistently in the places you need them most. Carry up to two Rifle magazines and one extra pistol magazine in one discreet/compact solution.

Rifles offer a distinct advantage over compact concealed pistols.

When SWAT and police respond to mass casualty events, they almost always don a rifle and kit. Rifles level the playing field when handled by trained individuals. With the prevalence of shooters wearing soft (and sometimes hard) body armor, having platforms that can put rounds accurately and quickly on target is more and more important.

A distinct disadvantage of rifle carry has always been size and bulk. In recent years manufacturers are releasing accessories and variants of firearms that are specifically for bags.

Culture changes when we take the offense.

Mass proliferation of bag carry is an objective of our team. We want to make rifle and PDW/Sub Gun carry on body in bags as simple as possible. Our quad shingle allows most 9mm pistol and sub gun magazines to be carried discreetly in a simple piece of kit. Whether adding a few mags for primary CCW back-up, or packing a sub gun, this shingle will add functionality to your bag.

For users not looking to carry more than 1-2 spare mags, use the extra slots for medical, lights, or multi-tools.


1.) Are these magazine shingles produced in the US? 

Yes. We manufacture these magazine shingles (and our other sewn accessories) right here in Pennsylvania.

2.) What colors are available? 

Currently the only color we are offering is black. We do plan to eventually manufacture other colors and designs. For now, consider grabbing a black shingle and supporting what we do!

3.) What is the construction of this shingle? 

The triple rifle magazine shingle features hook on the back and loop on the front. The loop on the front can be used for other accessories or carriers/patches/medical ID tags. Each shingle is manufactured from high quality US made materials.

4.) Will the Quad 9mm pistol magazine carrier fit other calibers? 

Yes. Many 40 S&w and 45ACP magazines will work just fine. Glock pattern magazines, UZI, and Colt sub gun magazines fit with great retention. Other models MAY work as well depending on the size of the magazine.

5.) Can the shingles be used for anything else other than magazines? 

Absolutely. If you don’t want to carry three mags, use the other locations for medical gear, sharpies, a TQ, flashlights, chemlights, or multi-tools. This is a very versatile piece of kit.

6.) Will this shingle work with my plate carrier? 

The simple answer is: Maybe. We did not design this shingle with plate carriers or chest rigs in mind. While it might work for those, our objective was to offer a backpack specific solution for citizens carrying rifles daily. We believe that chest rigs and plate carriers are important, but we also believe that citizens ought to have capable means of discreet rifle carry as well.

7.) What makes this shingle different than other variants on the market? 

We weren’t trying to totally reinvent the wheel here. But one thing that we believe is that rising tides lift all ships. In other words: the more we can proliferate and encourage the carrying of modern fighting arms, the better off our community and culture will be. We desire to bring to market solutions that we believe will assist citizens in the exercising of their rights.

8.) What pistol calibers and models of magazines will work with this shingle? 

We designed our shingles to work well with Glock patterned magazines as well as UZI and COLT style mags. Many other brands and styles of magazines will fit due to the elastic construction of the Shingles.

9.) What is the overall size of this mag shingle? 

This particular version of our shingles measures approximately 11.5″ Across and stands about 4″ tall.

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