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Vertx VTAC Double Pistol Case


This is the Vertx VTAC Double Pistol Case

Loose mags, loose gear, and lost parts: not ideal. The Vertx VTAC double pistol case is designed to transport your pistols and mags to and from the range with ease. Organized, Capable, and Durable.

  • Strong/Durable materials = built for hard use.
  • Vertx legendary quality inside every detail.
  • Poly-Carbonate coating on exterior resists stains and water.
  • YKK zippers for a consistent and reliable function. Every. Single. Time.
  • Desiccant Packet Pocket to keep moisture minimized.
  • Internal magazine pouches to hold 10 mags
  • AMPLE internal storage pouches for misc gear.
  • Double external handles for easy carrying in and out of your vehicle



Vertx VTAC Double Pistol Case

The Vertx VTAC Double Pistol Case is specifically constructed to introduce more organization to your travels and training. Keep your pistols safe, sound, and ready to send rounds. Hey look, we rhymed.

High quality materials and finishes create an amazing option.

Whether you just need a bag to go back and forth to the range, or you are training for your profession, the VTAC double pistol case will serve you well. Your pistols need a case like this. While this bag is not meant to be an “active carry” bag, it does keep your gear safe during travels. Additionally, you need organization in order to train to a higher standard of performance. We all do. Bags like this one help all shooters to create systems around their gear. Know your gear, and know WHERE your gear is!

Sized perfectly for all modern EDC handguns.

Gone are the days of plastic, bulky carry cases for pistols. You know the kind: Big, square, and full of weird foam that doesn’t actually secure your gear anywhere. You deserve a better case and your pistols deserve a better case. Additionally, your cases/storage should be designed to compliment your load outs, not restrict them. Many cases are not designed with functionality in mind.



420D Nylon Ripstop


YKK Quiet Zippers

Carry Method

Double Handle

Outside Dimensions

11.4″L x 9.1″H

Inside Dimensions

11″L x 8.7″H x 5.1″ depth

Water Resistant?

Yes/ Poly-Carbonate Coating


Two pistols (can hold up to FOUR), 10 magazines

Interior Storage?

Yes, multiple pouches for misc. items


1.) Are Vertx Bags Really That Great? 

There are plenty of quality bags on the market. There are also many…not so great options. We bought our first Vertx bags back around 2015/2016. We have been a customer of Vertx for years and we have used nearly all of their backpacks, slings, and packs in our personal lives. Our team quite literally carries Vertx bags on us every single day. There is a reason: They are extremely well built, they are laid out well, they can take immense abuse, and the don’t look tactical. The last thing we want is to have bags that look tactical or are laid out poorly. The Vertx bags in general are well built, well thought out packs.

2.) Are These Bags Drop Shipped? 

No. We stock these physically in our warehouse and we only stock models that we have had the opportunity to get our hands on and use. We stock these bags so we can be sure to service you the way we know you want to be treated: Faster shipping, better service.

3.) Are Vertx Bags Made In The USA?  

No. Vertx bags are manufactured in Vietnam.

4.) Who Should Consider The Vertx VTAC Double Pistol Case?

If you find that you are transporting your pistols, ammo, mags and other gear loose, this bag is for you. We NEED to be organized on and off the range. Organization helps us focus on what matters most: training. This double pistol case will be a game change for you. Always have your mags and pistols ready for training.

5.) What Size pistols and mags will fit into this case? 

Standard concealed carry pistols will fit in this case. Many will even fit inside their holster, which we recommend. 9mm, 10mm, 40 and 45 ACP mags will work perfectly inside this case. Most sub gun mags styled around Glock or UZI footprints will work as well.

6.) What Is The Best Way To Carry Spare Magazines? 

We offer several variations of our mag shingles. We have a triple rifle version, a 2 Rifle 1 Pistol, and a Quad Pistol shingle for discreet bag carry. For this particular bag the shingles/spare bags work best in the concealed carry compartment (closest compartment toward users back).

7.) Who Should Steer Clear Of The Vertx VTAC Double Pistol Case. 

If you like to justify your disorganization and haphazard storage of your mags, ammo, and spare parts. Don’t buy this. This bag will make you change your ways, which you evidently don’t want to do anyway. For everyone else: BUY THIS.

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