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Vertx Long Walks Waist Pack

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Vertx Long Walks Waist Pack

Carry your essential gear in a versatile waist pack that doubles as a cross body bag OR chest rig! This pack is designed to be lightweight and capable of carrying small amounts of important gear with you daily. Ample pocket space, despite its size, creates a very effective means for carrying gear. Here are some specs of this pack:

  • Mini-Ripstop material
  • Water repellant finish
  • Stylish colors, doesn’t look “tactical”
  • Three compartments, ample storage space
  • Loop in two of the three compartments
  • Discreet/hidden compartment closer to your body for security
  • Chest rig straps work with other Vertx Dual strap bags

Tell your nanny, declare you your grammy, drive to Miami, put on your pajami’s, free britanny, because you’ve got a pack for your fanny.


Vertx Long Walks Waist Pack.

The Vertx Long Walks Waist Pack is a blaster satchel of sorts. Tiny, discreet, and capable of deploying a select amount of necessary gear. Look, sometimes you won’t want a full blown back pack. Maybe you need to carry into a more “sensitive area”. Having a small waist pack like the long walks waist pack might be a solid idea.

Bring your gear, but don’t feel weighed down.

This waist pack features three compartments that create ample room for organization of important gear. Whether you use it for snacks and some medical, a pistol, or just like being stylish, this bag will deliver. It is made from ultra-lightweight fabric to keep you sleek and mobile. Don’t feel like wearing it around your waist? No issues! You can cross body carry it, keeping your gear across your chest and exactly where you need it: within arms reach.

Ample loop for any of our EDC accessories.

Inside the front and middle compartments you will find ample loop for your most critical EDC accessories. Carry spare mags, admin gear, and medical easily. Organization of your gear is critical, and the layout of this bag makes that possible.

Designed with real life in mind.

You will find peace knowing this back is durable. Additionally, the waist pack features mini-ripstop nylon fabric with water repellent finish. Keeping your gear organized and safe has never been easier.




Mini-Ripstop Nylon


YKK Quiet Zippers

Internal Loop?

Ample Loop on interior sections

Outside Dimensions

5″H x 10″W x 3″D



Weight of Pack

.5 lbs (approximately)



MOLLE webbing?


Strap Style

Single Strap (or hidden chest right attachment straps)

Chest Strap?

Yes, designed to connect to other Vertx bag straps as a chest rig

Waist Strap?

Yes, this pack can be used around your waist

Bladder Compatible?



1.) Are Vertx Bags Really That Great? 

There are plenty of quality bags on the market. There are also many…not so great options. We bought our first Vertx bags back around 2015/2016. We have been a customer of Vertx for years and we have used nearly all of their backpacks, slings, and packs in our personal lives. Our team quite literally carries Vertx bags on us every single day. There is a reason: They are extremely well built, they are laid out well, they can take immense abuse, and the don’t look tactical. The last thing we want is to have bags that look tactical or are laid out poorly. The Vertx bags in general are well built, well thought out packs.

2.) Are These Bags Drop Shipped? 

No. We stock these physically in our warehouse and we only stock models that we have had the opportunity to get our hands on and use. We stock these bags so we can be sure to service you the way we know you want to be treated: Faster shipping, better service.

3.) Are Vertx Bags Made In The USA?  

No. Vertx bags are manufactured in Vietnam and other countries.

4.) Who Should Consider The Long Walks Waist Pack? 

Are you looking for a small, discreet, and lightweight way to carry ONLY the most important small items with you daily? Are you looking to add another method to the bag you already carry? Do you think fanny packs are sexy? If so, this is for you. It’s almost like, dare I say it, it was built for YOU.

5.) What Size Rifle Will Fit Into The Long Walks Waist Pack?

A small squirt gun, possibly a cap gun could fit in this bag. Or just use some of our EDC accessories to carry your Glock with you. Up to you.

6.) What Is The Best Way To Carry Spare Magazines? 

We offer several variations of our mag shingles. We have even more options in development. Any of our hook/loop accessories will work great for the bags we offer.

7.) Who Should Steer Clear Of The Long Walks Waist Pack?

If you need a larger method of carry, this isn’t the best for you. This is more of a complimentary accessory to larger bags or times when you need less gear.

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