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Premier Armor 11X26 Panel (Vertx Commuter XL Sling)


Body Armor, like your weapons of war, are a guaranteed right of free people.

The second amendment was written to protect weapons and armament for war fighting among regular citizens. Body armor falls into this category and, as you have the natural right to self defense, you have the natural right to own any tool used to achieve that end as well.

The 9.5X16.75 IIIA Body Armor panel produced by Premier Armor is a solid addition to any bag or pack that will fit this size plate. Having a soft armor panel inside of a backpack adds stab/slash resistance and protection against the most common threats we see in our nation.

We believe that body armor is a common sense passive method for free Americans who desire an added layer of protection. Most violent crimes that involve weapons are committed with handguns. Including a panel into your pack that protects against most threats offers an added layer of peace of mind.

Having a soft armor panel in your load out is discreet and non-invasive.

The lightweight and flexible form factor of this ballistic panel allows users to integrate it into their Everyday Carry without hassle. This is especially true when used in conjunction with the bags and packs we have available on our site HERE. Add a layer of protection to your daily carry without affecting the function and form of your streamlined bag.

Premier Armor is a high quality solution for anyone desiring more passive protection.

Premier armor is manufactured right here in the U.S. by a team with 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing top tier body and vehicle armor systems. Users can rest assured that they are buying a high quality product with no snake oil. In the event that a body armor panel is used to save your life, Premier Armor will replace it for you at no cost. We are proud to be partnered up and able to offer you high quality, US made armor for your kit.

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Premier Body Armor 11X26 IIIA Ballistic Panel For Vertx Commuter XL Sling 2.0

The Premier Armor 11X26 Panel is a IIIA rated ballistic panel. This panel is purpose built to seamlessly integrate into the Vertx Commuter XL Sling 2.0. The overall measurement of this panel is approximately 11″X26″ and can fit any bag that has room for it. Body armor is a natural right of free humans and is a great passive means of protection. Passive means that it is there for you and ready at all times. While it is important to have other fighting tools and capabilities, armor adds yet another layer of defense.

Designed to protect against the most common threats you might face

The Premier Armor 11X26 panel is stab and slash resistant. Most people will only consider ballistic protection, but criminals operate with a host of different weapons. These IIIA panels add a layer of protection against knives and cutting weapons. This armor panel also affords protection against the most common calibers including:

  • 9mm
  • .357 magnum
  • .44 magnum
  • 12 gauge buckshot
  • 12 gauge slugs
IIIA armor is a perfect balance of capability, fitment, weight, and comfort for daily carry

IIIA armor will not protect against ALL threats; However, it will add a comfortable, easily worn level of defense that you might not have had previously. Most criminals who choose firearms will use handguns. Most violent crime involving firearms in general uses handguns. It is no secret that we are passionate about daily bag carry, having ballistic panels in your bag adds yet another tool to your toolbox. Defense of self and others is extremely risky, we want to stack as many odds in our favor as possible.

When considering implementing armor into your daily carry, it must be easily added and must be discreet/comfortable. The soft ballistic panels by Premier Armor check all our boxes and allow us to integrate armor in a non-invasive way. While we also believe that free Americans should consider level IV or other hard special threat plates, level IIIA is a great place to start. Integrate soft body armor into your kit today to add that extra layer of passive defense to yourself and your loved ones.

Shipping Considerations and Regulations:

Body armor is legal in all 50 states. With that being said, under no circumstances will we ship armor to Connecticut. This INCLUDES Law enforcement and military entities. We will not supply government agencies with life saving tools that citizens are not lawfully able to own.



5 Years

NIJ Rating


Material (outer)

500D Cordura

Country of MFG

United States

Material (inner)

Made in USA Kevlar

Berry Compliant?


Advertised Dimensions

11″W X 26″H

Advertised Weight

1.8 Pounds



NIJ Tested?

Yes in approved NLCT laboratory







PLEASE Read FAQ’s below as they contain very important information. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) What is the actual size of this ballistic panel?

Answer: This particular armor panel measures approximately 9″ wide a the top and that grows to approximately 11.5″ wide at the bottom. Overall height of this panel measures approximately 26.25″. If these measurements are too large for your particular bag, we recommend considering a smaller option. Good news: we have plenty of options and sizes in stock at our warehouse. Also keep in mind that overall measurements MAY vary panel to panel.

2.) What Backpack on your site will this armor panel work with? 

Answer: This ballistic armor panel will fit perfectly into the Vertx Commuter Sling XL 2.0. It MAY fit other bags. Be sure to get a tape measure and measure the inside of your current bag.

3.) Where are these ballistic panels produced?

Answer: These panels are manufactured by Premier Armor here in the United States.

4.) Is body armor Legal? 

Answer: Yes, body armor is legal for MOST citizens to own. A few considerations: We will not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE ship armor to Connecticut. This goes for citizens AND Law Enforcement/Military. If you have questions about this at all, email us at

5.) Can I travel outside the US with my body armor?

Answer: Body armor is ITAR controlled at the federal level. Exporting (or brining/shipping/taking) it outside of the country without prior permission from the federal government is illegal. Body armor should ONLY be used inside the US.

6.) What protection does level IIIA afford me?

Answer: IIIA armor is a soft ballistic panel that will afford protection against most common handguns and shotgun threats. It is also stab and slash resistant. You can learn more about the NIJ rating of this armor HERE.

7.) Can I fly with this ballistic armor panel?

Answer: According to Premier Body Armor these soft panels are in fact TSA approved. We would recommend double checking before your flight on the airline website prior to flying.

8.) Should I get soft panels like this or hard level IV plates? 

Answer: It depends on your needs and situation. In our opinion, it makes a ton of sense to get a bag setup with a discreet rifle and loadout first, then move into other types of gear. Chest rigs, plate carriers, helmets and all other equipment are important tools of free citizens as well. We think it is all important. If you have the budget, having a plate carrier with rifle rated plates is a great idea. If you are just starting out, find yourself in urban areas, and want a fully equipped bag, armor panels like these make a ton of sense.

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