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InfiRay Outdoor MINI ML19 Thermal Monocular


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What Is The MH25 Mini Thermal?

The ML19 is a micro 384X288 core handheld or helmet mountable thermal monocular designed to be a high performance unit in an extremely small package. Small is right. This unit is tiny. What makes this optic special is the clarity and performance of the core, coupled with its size and true 1.1X base magnification (can be adjusted from 1X to 4X digitally). This unit is purpose built to assist you in navigation and scanning in total darkness.

Features Of The MH25:

The ML19 is a tiny thermal packed with features. The 384X288 core ensures a great amount of clarity while keeping the price low enough for most customers. The light weight package means it is comfortable to use for extended periods of time, whether helmet mounted or handheld. One single power button/function knob keeps changing settings and navigating menus simple. Even in total darkness the settings can be changed quickly and easily from the one button/knob. Screen resolution of this unit is 1280×960 and there are four color palettes to choose from while scanning. Our team generally prefers the white hot setting, but internally users can switch between white hot, black hot, red hot, and rainbow. Battery life for this particular model is rather short but swapping batteries is very easy and fast. Included batteries are rechargeable with the included USB C cord. The ML19 is an extremely high performance thermal.

What Mount Should I Use For The ML19?

We have several helmet mount options available for the ML19 on our website. The Panobridge or Mod Armory Bridge are two methods of attachment to either the Lo Sto, G24, or Photonis breakaway mounts.

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The ML19 is a high quality thermal monocular that can be helmet mounted or handheld.

Thermal monoculars offer a huge advantage over simply running night vision alone. As thermal technology increases, the clarity and performance continues to rapidly expand. While we don’t see much improvement year over year in analog night vision technology, thermal expands rapidly every year. Here is a basic run down of what is included with this unit (for more specs, read below):

  • Includes ONE iRay ML19 thermal monocular
  • Includes rechargeable (see FAQ section about PROPER battery use!)
  • Carry case included
  • USB Mini Cord for charging batteries
  • USB C cord with 90 degree elbow for running external power pack
  • USB C/USB/Analog cord for video out
  • User Manual
  • Strap for carry case

This unit purchased here does not include any mounting methods. If you would like to mount your iRay MH25 to your helmet, we can offer the panobridge found HERE or the Mod Armory Bridge HERE. Please read full description of the PanoBridge & Mod Armory Bridge prior to ordering.

The ML19 has a good balance of clarity for being a tiny 384 core.

It has fast response and awesome function. This unit is light enough to wear on a helmet and small enough to carry in your pocket. If you are looking for a helmet mountable thermal with a tiny footprint, this is probably what you need. While the ML19 does not have quite the performance of the MH25, it is still incredibly potent. We do not hesitate to descend into the darkness with this unit. It brings a ton of features to the table at an affordable price.

If you are looking to run a bridged PVS-14 with your new ML19, you can find our PVS-14’s HERE.

Sensor Resolution


Optical Magnification

1X Base

Digital Magnification


Sensor Pixel Size

17 Micron

Sensor Frame Rate

50 HZ

Objective Focal Length

19mm F/1.0

Objective Diameter


Objective F #


Detection Range

950 yards

Imaging Modes

White, Black, Red, Rainbow

Mounting System

MUM Rail



Eye Relief


Operation Time

1-3 hours per battery


7.93 Ounces

Weather Resistance

IP67 Rated


1.) What is the battery life of the MHL19 

The greatest “pitfall” of the ML19 & MH25, in our opinion, is the battery run time. We have been experiencing about 1.5 hours of CONSTANT use with the MH25, a little bit more with the ML19. If you are turning your unit on and off, it may be longer. With that being said, when we hunt, our units stay on. Our solution to this is to simply carry spare batteries or run an external battery pack.

2.) Can the MH25 be used with an external battery pack? 

Yes. The MH25 & ML19 can operate from an external power pack so long as it is 5V or LESS. DO NOT EXCEED 5V! Many external cell phone chargers will work but you must make sure you use a battery pack that is 5V or less.

3.) What are proper batteries for the MH19? 

Included with this unit are TWO rechargeable ML16340 from nitecore. There is a built in USB Mini charge port with these batteries. This unit will not work with standard non-rechargeable CR123 batteries. Most CR123 batteries are 3V and are not adequate for use in the ML19. The included rechargeable batteries are 3.6V each. We only recommend using the included batteries or running a USB power pack that is no more than 5V.

4.) What is included with the MH19? 

The ML19 includes the following items:  one fabric carry case, two rechargeable batteries, USB C cord w/ 90 degree plug for battery pack use, USB Mini for battery charging, USB/USB C/Analog cord for video out to DVR instruction manual.

5.) How much better is 640 vs 320 or 384 core?  

We typically only recommend 640×480 cores. The image clarity and quality is substantially better than a 320 or 384 core. With that being said, if your budget doesn’t allow the price tag of a 640 core, lower resolution may be the only option. You can get a lot of work done with lower resolution, but when it comes to helmet mounting, 640×480 does offer some distinct advantages. That being said, we love the ML19. It is compact and potent. We do not hesitate to helmet mount this unit and descend into the darkness.

6.) What about a warranty?

Contact iRay after purchase to register for their warranty.

7.) Is a helmet mount included in the price above? 

No. You will need to purchase a helmet mount separately. Please see our web page discussing the panobridge to learn more about how to mount an MH25 to your helmet.

8.) Can the ML19 be run on the Panobridge or Mod Armory Bridge along with a PVS14? 

Yes. You will need to purchase the panobridge or mod armory bridge separately. The PVS14 is also sold separately. We also recommend getting the PVS14 eye piece for the ML19 if you decide to run it bridged with a PVS14. NOTE: PVS14 eye pieces are MODIFIED to work with the ML19. You Can not simply purchase a PVS 14 eye piece and install to the ML19. Purchase one of our modified PVS14 eye pieces HERE.


See bullet point #4 above for all included accessories.

NOTE: Lead times for units shown above is 5 – 10 days. This can change without notice. Please contact us with lead time inquiries.

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