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InfiRay Outdoor RL25 Thermal Monocular

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What Is The IRay RL25 Thermal Monocular?

The iRay RL25 thermal monocular is a micro 384X288 thermal monocular that is very reasonably priced yet extremely capable. iRay really packed in a ton of features with the RL25, and what you get is an extremely capable, high performance unit in a tiny package. Handheld, helmet mounted, or weapon mounted: the RL25 is ready to tackle it all.

Features Of The RL25:

The RL25 is a tiny thermal packed with features. The 384X288 core ensures positive identification of heat signatures. The light weight package means it is comfortable to use for extended periods of time, whether helmet mounted or handheld or weapon mounted. The RL25 offers many of the features of the RH25, but comes in at a much lower price.

What Mount Should I Use For The IRay RL25?

We have several helmet mount options available for the RL25 on our website. The Panobridge or Mod Armory Bridge are two methods of attachment to either the Lo Sto, G24, or Photonis breakaway mounts.

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The RL25 is the smaller brother to the beastly RH25.

We recognize that not everyone can swallow the cost of an RH25, so we were excited to test our the RL25 ourselves. It did not dissappoint. Thermal monoculars offer a huge advantage over simply running night vision alone. As thermal technology increases, the clarity and performance continues to rapidly expand. While we don’t see much improvement year over year in analog night vision technology, thermal expands rapidly every year.


The RL25 has a 384X288 core and the RH25 has a 640X512. The RH25 will absolutely have better resolution, but the RL25 is still a very potent unit. Both units feature internal recording. Both units can be weapon mounted as a standalone unit. The one upside of the RH25 is the fact that it can be forward mounted as a clip on. This means you can utilize your daytime LPVO with the RH25 in front of your scope.

How does the RL25 compare to the MH25/ML19?

The RL25 can record internally and can also be weapon mounted as a dedicated aiming device. The RL25 also has the 18650 battery. It has the same resolution as the ML19 with a few more features, but it does come at an added cost. Battery life is longer than the ML19/MH25, which is a huge step forward. The biggest pitfall we saw personally when using our MH25’s was the battery life. There are other changes that are discussed in the specifications section on this page.


This unit purchased here does not include any mounting methods. If you would like to mount your iRay RH25 to your helmet, we can offer the panobridge found HERE or the Mod Armory Bridge HERE. Please read full description of the PanoBridge & Mod Armory Bridge prior to ordering.

The RL25 has a great balance of good clarity, fast response and awesome function. This unit is light enough to wear on a helmet and small enough to carry in your pocket. If you are looking for a thermal with a small footprint, great performance, and a medium sized price, the RL25 might be the perfect unit for you.


Sensor Resolution


Optical Magnification

2X Base Magnification

Digital Magnification


Sensor Pixel Size

12 Micron

Sensor Frame Rate

50 HZ

Objective Focal Length


Objective Diameter


Objective F #


Detection Range

1375 yards

Imaging Modes

Various Modes Available

Mounting System

Multiple Attachment Methods



Onboard Recording?


Operation Time

4 Hours, 18650 Type


12.7 Ounces

Weather Resistance

IP67 Rated


1.) What is the battery life of the RH25 

The advertised battery life of the RL25 is 4 hours. This would be a large improvement over the MH25. As you might recall, the battery life of the MH25 was its biggest pitfall in our experiences. The RL25 uses 18650 batteries which are very common to find and purchase.

2.) What are proper batteries for the MH25? 

Included with this unit are (2) rechargeable 18650 batteries. Please note specifications on the included 18650 batteries. Any replacements purchased must meet the specifications of the batteries included from factory from iRay.

3.) What is included with the RH25? 

The RL25 includes (2) 18650 batteries, rail adapter, weapon mount, eye cup, chargers, and various cables for charging, data transfer, etc.

4.) How much better is 640 vs 320 or 384 core?  

We typically only recommend 640×480 or better cores. The image clarity and quality is substantially better than a 320 or 384 core. With that being said, if your budget doesn’t allow the price tag of a 640 core, lower resolution may be the only option. You can get a lot of work done with lower resolution, but when it comes to helmet mounting, 640×480 is the way. We will say this: iRay has done a fantastic job with their 384 core thermal units. We have been blown away by the clarity. It won’t be as crisp as a 640×480 or 640×512, but it is definitely capable. Don’t sleep on the iRay 384 cores and pass them up as if they are not capable. They are Incredibly capable.

5.) What about a warranty?

Contact iRay after purchase to register for their warranty.

6.) Is a helmet mount included in the price above? 

No. You will need to purchase a helmet mount separately. Please see our web page discussing the panobridge to learn more about how to mount an RH25 to your helmet.

7.) Can the RL25 be run on the Panobridge or Mod Armory Bridge along with a PVS14? 

Yes. You will need to purchase the panobridge or mod armory bridge separately. You can find the panobridge HERE and the Mod Armory Bridge HERE. We typically have found better performance from the mod armory bridge when running with a PVS14. Please read all details on the mod armory bridge product page on our site as mounting thermal monoculars to a helmet can have some quirks and special considerations.


The RL25 is packaged by iRay and includes batteries, a charger, cables as well as a soft carry case. We will shoot a full video showing all of the components inside of the kit.

Please NOTE: The RL25 does NOT come with the dovetail/picatinny adapter OR rail adapter standard. Please make sure you select both options should you want to helmet and/or weapon mount your unit. We HIGHLY recommend buying both while purchasing your RL25 thermal monocular.

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