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iRay MH25 PVS-14 Eye Piece


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The PVS-14 Eye piece for the iRay MH25 is a must have addition if users plan to run dual MH25’s on a helmet mount or desire to couple their MH25 with a PVS-14 on a bridge.

The eye piece adds more versatility to the MH25 thermal monocular and is extremely easy to install. Should you decide to add a PVS-14 eye piece to your order, simply add to the order notes if you would like our team to install it prior to shipment. If no instructions are given, it will ship uninstalled.

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What is the PVS-14 eye piece for the MH25?

This product is a custom machined PVS-14 eye piece designed to replace the iRay MH25’s stock eye piece.

What is the Benefit of this eye piece upgrade?

This MIL spec PVS-14 eyepiece assembly has been machined to accommodate proper clearance when used with the MH25 eyepiece adapter. Compared to the standard MH25 eyepiece this assembly increases the usable eye relief and interpupillary divergence, and decreases the perceived optical magnification to 1X. These improvements make the MH25 compatible with any standard PVS-14 eyepiece accessory and more useful when helmet mounted.



Specifications & Features
  • Compatible withL: iRay MH25 thermal monocular device
  • Increases the eye box forgiveness vs stock eye piece
  • Corrects Interpupilary divergence
  • Thread on, no tools required
  • One is required per unit if you are upgrading.
  • These are sold in sets of 1. Add whatever quantity you need to purchase to your shopping cart.
  • This is a custom machined part from a mil spec PVS-14 eye piece. These are built to order.
  • This DOES NOT include an MH25 thermal monocular. ONLY the PVS-14 Eyepiece

1.) Should I buy the PVS-14 eye piece?  

If you are using the MH25 as a handheld, single unit then odds are you do not need the PVS-14 eye piece. If you are running a single or dual MH25’s, or an MH25 and PVS-14 on a bridge, we recommend purchasing the PVS-14 eye piece. It is a hefty price tag, but the performance upgrade and functionality is worth it.

2.) How difficult is installation?   

Installation is very easy. It takes only about a minute or two and requires no tools.



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