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BNVD – Binocular Night Vision Device


Lead Time on this product: 15-30 days (email for more details)
The BNVD is a purpose built, hard use capable binocular night vision device.

Every year night vision and night vision gear becomes more and more commonplace. This is fantastic. Proliferation of modern gear in the hands of regular citizens is a safeguard against future regulations and it helps us change the culture for the better.

Why should customers consider BNVD’s?

Most Binocular housings that are offered on the market are NOT designed OR tested to stand up to the rigors of operations. This includes most of the 3D printed/molded/injection formed housings built by other companies. The BNVD sets the standard for what a military/operations capable unit SHOULD be. Each BNVD is carefully manufactured by our partners over at Night Vision Devices (NVD). Bill (Owner of NVD) is the creator and designer of the BNVD and his iconic design is one of the only binoculars that is truly tested to military requirements. From ultra cold conditions, to ultra high-heat conditions, to submersion and all other harsh environments. If you find yourself diving out of a C130 (not likely you larper), the BNVD will be the device you want.

The BNVD is manufactured via a proprietary molding process that utilizes high tech plastics/carbon to create a housing that is built for abuse. It’s almost like Bill/NVD knew what they were doing here…because they did. If strength and capability is your driver, consider the BNVD.

Click above image to see a clear image comparison between three units.

    Reset options

    Optional Battery Port Upgrade

    Select whether your housing should have battery port. This is optional and includes an up-charge if selected. PLEASE NOTE: If you do NOT select battery port now with your housing, you will NOT be able to run an external battery pack in the future. 


BNVD – Binocular Night Vision Device

The BNVD – Binocular night vision device offers a more refined user experience in the darkness. Binocular Night Vision is a more seamless experience vs running a monocular. Having the right housing for your binos is also CRITICAL.

What are BNVD’s?

BNVD’s are one housing variation of binocular night vision devices. This housing was designed by Bill Grube, owner of Night Vision Devices. There are many housings on the market and it can be confusing deciding which is best for each end user. We feel that the BNVD offers features and functions that most users will appreciate. The BNVD is also one of the ONLY housings that are tested to the levels actual operators will experience in the field.  A few of the notable features are:

  • Articulating pods that individually power on and off when stowed
  • Onboard Infrared illuminator for close tasks (map reading, marking hits on targets, etc.)
  • Milspec dovetail which is accepted into most standard helmet mounts (Wilcox G24, Norotos Lo Sto, Photonis Breakaway)
  • Injection molded body is light and durable and manufactured from EXTREMELY high-end raw materials.
 Explain BNVD versus BNVD-SG versus UL BNVD-SG:

We have three variations of BNVD’s within the “BNVD” family. The SG stands for “single gain”. SG units will have a knob to adjust the gain of the system. Non-SG versions are “no gain” meaning the tubes will always function at maximum gain levels. UL stands for ultra-light and is a lighter and more compact variant of the BNVD. Folks looking for smaller footprint should consider the UL-BNVD-SG.

How do these binoculars compare to other housings? 

The BNVD isn’t the smallest housing on the market. It is larger than a PVS31, but beefed up and designed to be incredibly strong. We think of it like having the strength like RNVG’s but the articulation of 31’s or DTNVS units. For users wanting a smaller, more compact unit we recommend considering the UL BNVD. Ultimately the end users goals and objectives will determine which housing is best for them.

Overall, the BNVD’s offer many features and functions and are built strong to last for a lifetime of use. Backed by a 10 year warranty from Night Vision Devices.

If you are looking for other options to consider: Check out our in stock PVS 14’s and the Photonis PD-PRO Binos.






10 Years

Gain Control


IR Illuminator


Adjustable IR Spot/Flood


LED IR Indicator


LED Low Battery Indicator


Tactical Monocular Cutoff


Flip Up, Turn Off Setting


Field of View



One Power (1X)

Diopter Adjustment

-6 to +2 Diopters

Interpupillary Adjustment

51mm to 76mm

Eye Relief



66 feet for 3 hours

Focus Range

9.8″ to Infinity

Power Source

1 AA-Size Battery

Operation Time

20+ hours (Alkaline), 40+ hours (Lithium)

Weight (w/o batteries)

545 g (19.2 oz) BNVD / 460 g (16.2 oz) UL-BNVD


4.3″L x 4.2″W x 3.3″H BNVD


1.) Should I buy BNVD or PVS14? 

That’s a tough one. Really, the PVS14 is the gateway drug into night vision. Most people start with a PVS14 and eventually jump into bino’s. There is nothing wrong with that at all. A PVS14 can provide you awesome capabilities and at the end of the day will help you see more at night than your own eyes. You also will be able to use IR illuminators and lasers with a PVS14. With all that being said, Binoculars do everything better, generally speaking. Depth perception is better with bino’s like the BNVDS. BNVD’s also offer more features and you always have the ability to run the BNVD’s with one channel stowed up if you’re running a handheld thermal scanner. We tend to argue that Bino’s will offer more performance, but if your budget says PVS14, that’s a great option.

2.) Which Image Intensifier is best for me? 

Currently L3 is pretty much off the table. The lead times are often 6 months or more and there could even be further delays until really high quality L3 tubes hit the open market. That is unfortunate, but with the help of NVD we have put together a list of good options that will work for most people.

ELBIT: Usually a phenomenal performer. These are 90 day lead time.

Photonis ECHO tubes: Photonis tubes sometimes get slammed in the industry. They are not US made tubes. While they may not perform exactly like the ELBIT or L3, we have quite a few units in house that we have used in content that feature the Photonis tubes. If you are in a more urban environment and there is some light pollution, the Photonis will be amazing. The clarity of the tubes is there, but they will not perform in super dark conditions quite as good as the ELBIT or L3. Will that be a problem for most people? No, most people will find the Photonis tubes to work great. If you need nightvision capability and want a clear tube in white phosphor, the photonis is currently an amazing option. 90 day lead time on Photonis.

3.) White Phosphor or Green: Which is Better? 

This really is a personal preference. With that being said, we prefer white phosphor as it feels more natural looking through the units. The human eye will naturally see more under white phosphor than green. With that being said, there are still plenty of people that prefer green. Ultimately, find your budget and pick the tube with the best performance within your budget. That is the most important part.

4.) What Sets the BNVD apart? 

The BNVD’s and UL BNVD’s you see above are a binocular nightvision. There are quite a few binocular nightvision devices on the market, however our team wanted to curate some options that we thought would best serve the individual. BNVD’s are simple and extremely rugged. They aren’t using crazy proprietary parts which means if something goes wrong, you can get it back up and running again. They also have tons of features listed above and an attractive price point, which we thought serves most people well.

5.) Does The Arkayne Team build these units in house? 

We partnered up with NVD to provide these units. Night Vision Devices is a leader in the game of night vision and there are few places building night vision that have as much experience and time assembling units. We also choose them for these units because they have been around long enough to be able to advertise their 10 year warranty. Some smaller “pop up” night vision manufacturers might have warranties, but will they be around long enough to stand by them if something goes wrong with your unit prematurely? NVD will.

6.) What about a warranty?

These units are covered under a 10 year warranty by NVD. If you need warranty assistance, contact us and we will assist in the process.

7.) Is a helmet mount included in the price above? 

No. You will need to purchase a helmet mount separately.


Standard Accessories: Soft Carry Case, AA Batteries (2), Operator’s Manual, Neck cord, Retaining Lens Covers, Eyecups, Lens Paper, Demist Shields, Sacrificial Windows, IR Flood/Spot Lens Assembly, Operator’s Card and Dovetail Mounting Adapter.

Units feature 10 year warranty through night vision devices. Contact us on our contact page for more information on the warranty on these units.


Units are manufactured for us by Night Vision Devices and are backed by their 10 year warranty.

This system complies with MIL-STD 810G, MIL-PRF-A3256342A(CR) and MIL-PREF-49427(CR).

NOTE: Lead times for units shown above is typically 90 days. This may change without notice as the market is incredibly volatile. For this reason we are equipping citizens with high quality and available options.

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