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Vortex Pro Extended 30mm cantilever mount 1.44″


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The mount you choose is the foundation for your rifle scope.

When it comes to choosing the correct scope mount, it can be daunting. We wanted to make it as simple for our customers as possible, so we have curated a few options that have worked well for us over the years.

The Vortex Optics Pro Extended 30mm cantilever scope mount fits that bill perfectly. Here are a few reasons we like to run this mount:

  • Each cantilever mount features Precision machining which means a perfect fit and finish in our firsthand experiences with these mounts
  • Easy, yet secure mounting to most rifles with Picatinny rail on top of their receivers
  • Lightweight design doesn’t add too much bulk to each rifle
  • Forward can’t allows ample rail space for secondary sighting systems, offset sights, or other accessories

For anyone who needs a simple, functional workhorse of a mount, this might be a good fit. For folks looking for a quick release option, check out the QR 30mm mount HERE.

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The Vortex Pro Extended 30mm cantilever scope mount is an efficient, cost effective, yet rugged solution for mounting all 30mm scopes.

We chose to add the vortex pro 30mm cantilever mount to our website because it is a simple, rugged, and reliable mounting solution for rifle scopes on AR15 platforms. This scope is a great price, delivers exactly what users need, and is extremely reliable.

How does the pro extended 30mm cantilever mount compare to the Vortex QR 30mm mount?

Aside from the price being less on the Pro Cantilever scope mount, it also only uses two nuts for attachment to a weapons receiver. This means removing the scope from a rifle does require some tools. For users who do not want the quick release function of the QR 30mm cantilever mount, the Pro cantilever mount might be a better fit. Both mounts are approximately the same size and weight and their fit, form, and functions compare similarly.

What weapon platforms will this cantilever mount excel on?

Generally speaking, a cantilever mount like this one is most at home on rifles like AR15’s. This is due to the height from the receiver to the centerline of the optic. Weapon platforms that have a step down from the receiver to the stock (like most bolt action rifles, lever action, Galil’s, AK’s etc.) are not ideal candidates for this mount. For platforms like these, separate precision rings in a lower centerline height may be the better option.

Material Aluminum
Finish Black Hard Coat Anodizing
Quick Release? Yes
Center Height Approximately 1.435″
Length Approximately 6″
Weight 6.94 Ounces
Scope Diameter 30mm
Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Will this mount work with 1″ scope tubes? Answer: No, this mount will only work with scopes that have an outside diameter of 30mm.

2.) What platforms are best suited for this mount? Answer: AR15’s or any weapon platform that utilizes a flat top receiver in line with the stock. With that being said, it CAN work with other platforms but will simply require less cheek weld to see through the optic.

3.) Which mount should I buy: The quick release or the pro 30mm cantilever? Answer: We have both on our site because they are both solid options. The biggest benefit of the QR mount is the quick release capability. It also feels more rugged/beefy and a bit more refined than the 30mm pro cantilever mounts. Both are great options, ultimately it depends what your end goals and budget are.

4.) Are these scopes drop shipped from Vortex? Answer: No. What we have shown on the site is in stock unless stated otherwise. We want to get these optics and accessories to our customers as efficiently as possible. For that reason, we will continue to increase our inventory of these products.

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