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Dovetail Adapter for MH25/Flir Breach (Mini Rail Receiver)


Users who would like to run an MH25 (or similar) thermal monocular on the Mod Armory Bridge will need this dovetail adapter.

MH25 Dove Tail Adaptor Install Instructions

Why users should consider the Dovetail adapter:

This dovetail adapter properly positions the iRay MH25 in order to work properly when bridged with a PVS14. For customers looking to bridge the MH25 with a PVS14, we highly recommend this part. Other bridges on the market do not have the MH25 in the correct elevation, fore/aft adjustment, or side to side adjustment for proper use. The MH25 has a rectangular screen so it is very important to make sure the unit is as level as possible for a more natural/effective experience.

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The Dovetail Adapter for the Mod Armory Bridge is an accessory that is designed to adapt thermal to the bridge unit.

It is important to use the right tools when considering a bridge to run thermal and night vision simultaneously. Improper placement of the night vision or thermal monocular can lead to less than ideal results in the field. This is especially true with thermal monoculars as most have rectangular screens. Tilting the unit results in a less than ideal orientation of the screen.

The Dovetail adapter for the Mod Armory bridge aligns the thermal as perfectly as possible. The further tilt adjustment with the Mod Armory bridge will allow users the ability to fine tune their units.

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Hardware Included?


Time to Install

5 minutes




Two Piece Milspec Dovetail


MH25, ML19

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Is it worth it to bridge two PVS14 units? 

That really depends on the users end goals. It is a viable option. Is it better than getting dedicated binocular night vision goggles? In most cases, we would say no. There are a few reasons. The first is the reality that in order to have a matched set of PVS14’s, you would really need to purchase two units together AND spec that you are desiring to run them bridged. This is so we could match the two units as closely together as possible. Running two PVS14’s with very different tubes can result in fatigue. It all depends on the individual.

If you already have one PVS14, it may not be a bad plan. Make sure to purchase the same brand and type of image intensifier tube to match as closely together.

2.) Do the images actually “overlay” when running a thermal and PVS14?

This will completely depend on the end user. Most of us on our team are able to function well running the MH25 and a PVS14. It does create more mental fatigue on longer nights vs running a dedicated set of binos. The tradeoff, in our opinion, is worth it. Having a thermal over one eye allows immediate scanning of large areas for heat signatures. This is something night vision simply does not come close to on its own.

We have found the Mod Armory bridge to be one of the best solutions on the market for running thermal and NV bridged.

3.) Can I use this bridge to run dual MH25 thermal monoculars? 

Absolutely. And its incredible when you do. The MH25 is extremely capable and can be used on its own over both eyes for massive scanning and detection capabilities. You would need to purchase TWO of the dovetail adapters for the MH25 should you decide to go this route.

4.) Which is better: The Mod Armory Bridge or the Panobridge?

We don’t believe either is better than the other in all things. If weight is your biggest concern, the panobridge wins. If you want the “panoramic” capabilities with two PVS14’s and a wider FOV, the panobridge wins. If you desire strength and quick disconnection of your units, the Mod armory wins. We will say this: We do prefer the mod armory when running an MH25 and PVS14. One downside is the dovetail adapter for the Mod Armory Bridge is an additional cost whereas the panobridge includes an MH25 rail adapter standard.

They both are solid options and will do what they are designed to do. For folks running two PVS14’s, either will do just fine. For folks running dual thermal or a thermal and PVS14, we’d personally lean more towards the Mod Armory Bridge.

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