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ILR-1000 Rangefinder


The ILR-1000 Laser Range Finder is a MUST for iRay Rico model thermal scopes.

Ranging targets at night with thermal is a skill that takes time to acquire. Even seasoned pros will find benefits of using an LRF when in complete darkness. Having a laser range finder removes the guess work. Having a LRF is great, but targets often don’t allow time to mess around with handheld units while attempting to get shots off. The ILR-1000 mounts to the side of iRay Rico scopes and plugs directly into the unit. This creates a seamless integration. Focus more on shooting, less on dropping your expensive handheld LRF in the darkness.

The ILR-1000 mounts to the Picatinny on the side of the Rico units and plugs directly into the unit. This LRF features a quick attach base for ease of install and removal.

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The ILR-1000 Laser Rangefinder is an easily installed unit that adds capability to your iRay thermal scope.

Instead of guessing, add the ILR-1000 Rangefinder to your iRay USA scope. Having a laser rangefinder mounted to the unit adds seamless capability and adds a layer of safety in the darkness. We want to be safe and our shots need to be accurate. Having a laser range finder that integrates into your scope gives you both.

When it comes to night shooting and hunting, streamlined gear is key.

We have all hit the woods in darkness and fumbled with our gear. Especially as you are starting out. Being hands free means more time focusing on the terrain and surroundings and less time fiddling with loose gear. Handheld range finders are great in the day, but at night they are less than ideal. Your eyes should be focused through your units, not fumbling with other gear in the darkness.

Precision, accuracy, ease of use.

Accurate to within 1 yard, the ILR-1000 laser rangefinder will determine the range your target is at. At that point you will know your holds and can have better assurance of a solid hit. In darkness there is little room for error. Safety, precision, and skill go hand in hand. The Rico thermal monoculars make it easy to see in the darkness. The LRF will pinpoint the distance ensuring a successful experience.

One thing to note: Some areas are still behind the times. Laser Range finders are not always legal. Yes, that is dumb, but it is the truth. You should research your local regulations (if you care) prior to purchasing to ensure a game warden or other regulatory agency doesn’t confiscate your fancy new gear.

If you are in need of something other than weapon mounted thermal, shop our other sections on our site. We have a full lineup of high performance thermal and night vision units ready to ship to your door.

Never settle for less in the darkness.

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Weight 8.81 Oz
Housing Material 7000 series Aluminum/ABS
Length 2.83″
Width 2.2″
Height 2.0″
Mounting Interface Picatinny

1.) Is the ILR-1000 range finder actually necessary? 

We think so. Ranging target is difficult when using thermal. It is very different than a daylight optic. While it is true that over time you will get better at ranging, having a laser range finder mounted and plugged into the unit takes the safety and precision to a new level. Remember: we are sending rounds in TOTAL darkness. Make sure you have the tools to be safe and make consistent hits.

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