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Steiner has a potent package here. The D2 is packed with features, easy to use, and features an impressively potent infrared illuminator.

A few reasons why we love the DBAL-D2:

  • This laser aiming device is compact & simple to mount
  • The DBAL D2 features many settings to fine tune it for your uses
  • The visible laser is slaved to the IR laser making zeroing a breeze
  • The battery compartment is on the front of the laser allowing easy battery removal
  • Battery swapping does not affect zero
  • One rear input for pressure pad and also a button on rear of unit for activation

While every citizen class laser is neutered, the DBAL-D2 is built around an LED illuminator that makes up for it. Full power lasers, while not illegal to own, are extremely difficult to acquire and in most situations are unnecessary for consumers. This model is citizen legal and very similar to the A3, but with a much more potent illuminator. Please note: This item is ITAR controlled. Prior to checkout you will automatically see a form for ITAR compliance. Fill out and submit to place order.

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About The Steiner DBAL-D2:

The Steiner DBAL-D2 (Dual Beam Aiming Laser) is a rugged, easy to use laser aiming device.

The D2 is designed to be mounted onto a Picatinny rail section on a rifle. Included in the packaging are the following items:

  • User manual
  • plastic case
  • Tape switch/pressure pad
  • CR123 Battery
  • DBAL D2
What makes the D2 a good option?

The biggest notable feature of the D2 is the high power illuminator. The Picatinny mount is quick attach and can be swapped between rifles without tools. Zeroing the unit is extremely easy. The visible green laser is slaved to the IR laser. This makes zeroing the device extremely efficient. The infrared illuminator features a focus. Users can tighten the beam or create a “flood” of IR light depending on need and application.

When compared to the DBAL-A3 users will find that the D2 has a much more potent illuminator. The sacrifice made is size as the D2 is very large when compared to the A3.

You can find all information about the DBAL-A3 HERE.



Specifications & Features
  • 12.5 ounces (DBAL-A3 is 8.29 Ounces)
  • Green Laser: 532 nm
  • IR Laser: 850 nm
  • IR Illuminator: 850 nm
  • Beam Divergence of 2 degrees to 30 degrees (adjustable)
  • Range/Visibility (IR Laser): 1000M+
  • Range/Visibility (IR Illuminator): 200M+
  • Battery Type: CR123A
  • Battery Life: Approximately 3 hours depending on settings used.
  • Dimensions (approximate): 3.95″L x 3.37″W x 1.59″H from top of weapon rail to top of Laser Body
  • Slaved Visible and IR Laser
  • Integrated push button or pressure pad (one tape switch and cable included)
  • Submersible to 5M

1.) Why should I consider the DBAL-D2?

The DBAL-D2 is a consumer legal laser/illuminator that is packed with features. A big feature we love is the fact that the visible laser is slaved to the IR laser. This means you can really dial in your zero in daylight hours. Once darkness falls, simply confirm zero with IR laser and make final adjustments. Some lasers only have IR function which means all zeroing must happen at dusk. The DBAL-D2 is a much more potent option versus the A3 in terms of illuminator performance. The downside is the extra bulk. For our team, we will take the bulk for the powerful illuminator, especially in hunting scenarios.

2.) How much bigger is the D2 versus the DBAL-A3?

The D2 is….Thick. Here’s the biggest reason why: The D2 uses an LED illuminator. The A3 uses a neutered laser for the illuminator. Citizens can own crazy powerful IR illuminators when they are LED. There are restrictions on IR lasers. Lame, we know. In order to have a more potent IR illuminator, the result is a much larger form factor. Is this a deal breaker? It really depends on your personal situation. Obviously the more bulk and weight you have on the end of your rail, the more fatigue you experience during longer drills, hikes, and hunts. For us, certain situations dictate the need for an insanely powerful illuminator.

3.) Can I buy a full power laser?  

The short answer to this is yes. Many folks have sources to purchase full power lasers, although you won’t be able to do that direct from a dealer. You would need some form of military or law enforcement contacts. The unfortunate reality is it is very difficult to get full power lasers.

4.) Are full power lasers worth it?  

In reality, most of us won’t need the full power lasers. For 200 yards and closer, the consumer class lasers really do work well.

5.) Are these units in stock? 

We do stock these units, but we also take orders when stock is low or out. This is because of our good relationship with our supplier. Typically we can get more lasers in a matter of days. If you have questions about lead times, please contact us at the “contact us” page.

6.) When should I consider buying a laser like this? After you have a quality build, you have a good foundation of fundamentals, and you have your helmet and nods setup figured out. An IR laser/illuminator really won’t do much for you without night vision. A quality white light will be the first form of illumination you should consider. As you check off all your boxes of priorities, then grab the laser for night vision aiming/shooting.


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