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Vortex Defender CCW

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The Vortex Defender CCW is the first highly refined micro dot in the Vortex Lineup.

To say we were excited to hear the news of this drop is an understatement. Vortex has never really had a high performance micro dot for pistols…until now. The window on this unit is large, the glass is crystal clear, the dot is well produced. Buttons on the side are very easy to manipulate, and this dot offers a wide range of brightness settings. 7075 aluminum construction means durability is not lacking. Features like Auto-Shutoff and motion waking can be activated, or turned off. Battery replacement from the top means you don’t need to remove your dot to change the battery. Set it up, zero it, and rock it. This optic is designed to deliver.

Note: This red dot is offered in 3 MOA and 6 MOA. The difference is the dot SIZE. If you prefer a more crisp, smaller dot: go 3 MOA. If you like a larger dot for faster acquisition, go 6 MOA.


Vortex Defender CCW

The Vortex Defender CCW is an RMS/RMSC footprint red dot optic. This red dot is perfect for all micro pistols that can accept red dots with this base configuration. This really  is vortex optics first real option for reliably aiming on concealed pistols. This red dot has not disappointed and we are impressed by the features of it.

What we look for in a quality red dot for pistols

Durability, functionality, battery life, and clarity of glass are among the most important features we look for. This red dot has proven itself to be extremely capable. The body is manufactured from 7075 aluminum and has a rubber insert on the top to dampen recoil energy. This is advertised to provide even more durability of this red dot sight. The buttons on the side are large and very easy to operate. Users will find the left side of the dot has the “increase” button, while the right has the decrease. Having the buttons completely separate from each other increases simplicity. Even in less than ideal conditions users can manipulate the buttons properly, even without looking.

Brightness and clarity of the dot are also important

This red dot features 6 daylight settings and 2 night vision settings. The night vision settings produce a dim enough dot that can be seen under nods, but will not damage the image intensifier tubes. The 6 daylight settings offer enough adjustment for overcast or extremely bright days on the range. Users will find added confidence knowing that this red dot is capable of operating in all situations.


Lifetime Vortex Warranty

Body Construction

7075 Aluminum

Dot Size

3 MOA or 6 MOA

Motion Activation


Auto Shutoff

Yes, 14 Hours

Battery Life

Up To 9500 Hours at setting 6

Battery Type

One 1632

Click Adjustment


Screws Included

Yes, for many different applications

Water Proof?






Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) How does this dot stack up against Holosun and Trijicon? Answer: After running this dot for a couple months, we feel that this dot stacks up well. We would say that Trijicon’s RMR patterned dots are regarded by many to be some of the most durable dots on the market. The CCW will need to prove itself over the long haul in real world applications. We have quite a few of these on our builds in the armory, and have been extremely happy with their performance. They are on par with the best dots on the market.

2.) Which dot size is best for me? Answer: If you prefer a more precise aiming dot, go 3MOA. If you want a bit faster acquisition and a larger dot, go 6 MOA.

3.) How large is the window? Answer: This dot has what we would call a “typical” width window for an RMSC patterned dot. It does feel taller than other comparable dots. The window is nice and large, and dot presentation is easy.

4.) Can I deactivate motion awake and auto power off? Answer: Yes, absolutely.

5.) Can this dot be used with night vision? Answer: Yep. It has two NV settings.

6.) Will vortex make an RMR sized version? Answer: We have no idea, but we certainly hope so. We have said for years that what Vortex is missing is a high quality pistol dot. They finally have it, and we are excited about it.

7.) What about the warranty? Answer: As with all vortex products, it features the lifetime VIP warranty. Rest assured: if something goes wrong, Vortex will take care of you.

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