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RICO MK1 IBP-1 Battery Pack



The RICO MK1 IBP-1 Battery pack is compatible with the RICO family of weapon mounted thermal scopes.

While the RICO family of scopes has great battery life, having a spare on hand is always a good move. This is especially true for anyone looking to run for an entire evening. Swapping batteries is quick and easy. Consider adding some extras to your order to keep you running.

Also keep in mind: Inclement weather and cold temperatures are hard on batteries. Battery life will vary depending on location and seasons.

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The RICO MK1 BP-1 is a solid addition to any RICO scope

Having dead batteries is simply not an option when descending into the darkness. Make sure to grab and extra battery or two for your RICO family of thermal weapon scopes.

Note: This is JUST the battery and does NOT include other accessories or optics.

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