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Streamlight TLR VIR II

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The Streamlight TLR VIR II is a solid entry level civilian eye safe laser and illuminator. While it may not have all the extras that a unit like a DBAL-A3, DBAL-D2, MAWL, or ATPIAL-C might have, it does its job well and comes in at a price that makes sense.

What makes the TLR VIR II a good option?

This weapon light is a solid option especially if you are just getting into night vision shooting. While we will never say it is the “perfect” aiming system, it does offer many features. Considering the price point, its a great value. We love the fact that users can run this light on carbines or sidearms. We love that it gives the functionality of a white light, IR flood, and IR laser all in one. While we recognize that it is really a “jack of all trades” and not the best at any one area, it does extremely well in all areas it was built around.

Who is the TLR VIR II best for?

We would argue that anyone just getting into night vision should consider this as their entry into lasers and illuminators. The bonus is it also functions well as a white light. This light gives the end user capabilities in the dark for a really good price. We also would say that this light is perfect for anyone building backup rifles or pistols. This light is perfect in situations where a long distance IR illuminator is not needed. For folks looking for a potent IR illuminator the Surefire x300V-B will put out more beam.



When most people get into night vision they get inundated with information and options. It can be extremely difficult to figure out what tools are needed and what gear makes sense.

The TLR VIR II is a great option for those just getting into night vision.

We would never say that the TLR VIR II is the “perfect” solution. What it does offer are features that are amazing, especially considering the price. This illuminator/laser is great for folks on a budget. Put it on your rifle for now, save up and eventually get a dedicated laser aiming system. When you finally upgrade to a higher end laser aiming device, put the TLR VIR II onto one of your pistols for night time shooting.

The TLR VIR II follows the same body as the TLR 1 which offers great holster compatibility for handguns.

What are the tradeoffs with the TLR VIR ii?

When comparing the TLR to a dedicated laser aiming system like the DBAL-A3, there are some tradeoffs. For one, users will not be able to select just the laser pointer or just the IR illuminator. They always fire together when engaged. The illuminator will also not be as high of a performer compared to a dedicated IR light, like the Surefire X300V or the DBAL. Perhaps the single largest downside to the TLR VIR ii is the fact that in order to change the battery, the user will need to remove from the weapon system. The battery cannot be replaced while the unit is mounted on your rail.

With those negatives being stated, why is it still a good option?

Here’s the lowdown: we recognize that as people get into night vision, the prices can be a massive shell shock. We know that the TLR VIR ii does not have ALL the functions of a dedicated laser/illuminator, but the price is right and it has ENOUGH function to actually be..functional. That dedicated laser/illuminator can easily run $1500-$2000+. For less than $400 beginners can have a good performing white light, close range IR flood, and very capable laser aiming device all in one.

Because of this, we believe this is a solid option for ANYONE who is in the night vision game. Even if it is just for a backup gun, the TLR VIR ii is a little powerhouse.

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White Light Output

300 Lumens

Run Time

1.5 Hours

Max Candeal


Battery Type


Run Time in IR Mode

12 Hours

Windage Adjustment?


Elevation Adjustment


IR Spectrum

850 nm

IR Laser

850 nm, Class 1



Color Options

Coyote, Black


Yes, 1M for 30 minutes


3.3″ Approximately


1″ Approximately

Weight (w/o batteries)

3.82 Ounces

Power Switch

Yes, 3 position


*NOTE: The human eye CANNOT see the Infrared spectrum. For this reason, users will not be able to see the IR laser and IR illuminator EXCEPT under night vision goggles.

Frequently Asked Questions:


1.) Are these lights drop shipped from streamlight or another supplier? 

No, we stock these lights in house. They will ship directly from our warehouse. All media, content, and information is produced by our team because we want you to have ALL the information necessary to make a good decision. Our interest is supplying you with the gear you need fast.

2.) What is the normal lead time? 

Normal lead time is 1 – 5 days except during high volume periods. This will vary from time to time but we take getting gear out to you seriously.

3.) How far of a distance is the IR illuminator good to? 

We typically say that this is a 50 yard illuminator. It is meant for closer distances. It is perfect for range training and getting used to using lasers and illuminators under night vision. It is also perfect for closer quarter/urban shooting. The laser will go extremely far. The IR laser can be seen easily over 300 yards into the distance.

4.) Do the windage and elevation adjustments have an audible “click” when adjusted? 

No. The adjusters are more like a screw under tension. There are no clicks. There are indicators on the dial that can be referenced as a shooter makes adjustments. The screws for adjustment are also recessed and protected from accidental movements.

5.) Can the battery be changed while mounted on my firearm?

No, the TLR VIR ii will need to be removed when it is time to change the batteries. This is not idea, but not a dealbreaker, especially considering the capabilities and the price. Mark your rail, ensure it is installed in exactly the same position, verify zero after reinstalling.

6.) Can I see the IR illuminator and IR laser with the naked eye? 

No, you will not be able to see the illuminator OR laser with the naked eye. You can only see the infrared laser and illuminator when using a digital or analog night vision device that can see in the 850 nm IR range.

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