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RIX Tourer T20 – Digital Night Vision Scope


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This unit is affordable enough to get anyone into the darkness AND provides solid capabilities to anyone looking to get on the hunt. While we often discuss thermal more than NV scopes, they still play a critical role in your load out. The T20 is perfect for anyone looking to gain night capabilities without obliterating their bank account. This scope can also be used in the daylight, so users have a truly seamless experience.

  •  3.5x to 14.0x digital magnification
  • 300 yard detection range
  • Onboard video, photo and audio recording
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • 1920×1080 sensor resolution
  • 1024X768 display resolution

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RIX Tourer T20

The Tourer T20 from RIX is a great start for those wanting to get into the night vision world. Sure, it’s a DIGITAL Night Vision Scope but depending on the use case, it may be for you. Digital technology has come a long way and with the included IR illuminator on the T20, you can really start to see this piece of kit shine. Now, is it for the seasoned predator hunter in need of a crisp night vision scope… no. But for those looking to get into the playing field, this may be for you.

The Tourer T20 Digital Night Vision Scope: Priced Right, Packed With Options And Features.

The Tourer T20 Digital Night Vision Scope is an amazing value for the price it is offered at. This scope acts much like a daytime scope, but has the added features that allow it to be used at night. While digital NV scopes are not as “good” in low light condition as analog, this scope still slaps. RIX includes a supplemental infrared illuminator. It works good, but if you are looking for an even more potent illuminator: consider the DBAL D2 or SureFire 640V.

Internal Audio, Video And Photo Recording.

The T20 includes internal video, audio and photo recording. Consequently, this allows you to record your hunt, snap a photo or two, share with your friends and family. This scope features a 3.5X base magnification with a digital magnification up to 14x and an added 4x digital zoom. Internal sensor is a highly sensitive CMOS sensor that is capable of seeing infrared illuminators.

The RIX Tourer T20 is a high-performance digital night vision optic for the discerning hunter looking for classic aesthetics and excellent low-light sensitivity. Above all, the T20 is built around an ultra-sensitive 1920×1080 CMOS Sensor with multiple imaging modes and a 300-yard viewing range. Additional features include a picture-in-picture mode, IP68 rating, 14 hours of battery life, and much more. The T20 can last all night in any hunting conditions.

Best When Coupled With A Handheld Thermal Monocular.

The best way we have found to run the T20 is coupled with a unit like the RIX ST6. Having a handheld thermal on tap allows users to scan and find prey immediately. The T20 can make accurate shots in the darkness. This is what we consider to be a power couple. Gain capabilities of night vision WITH thermal for the price of one high end thermal monocular. If you are looking for night capabilities, this scope will deliver.


RIX Tourer T20 Specifications
Sensor Specifications Resolution, pixels 1920×1080
Pixel Pitch, μm 2.9
Optical Specifications Objective Lens, mm 50mm; F1.4
Field of view, degrees / yd @ 100 yd 4.8°/8.4yd
Optical Zoom, × 3.5 to 14.0
Digital Zoom, × 1 to 4
Eye Relief, mm 50
Diopter Adjustment, D -5 to +5
Detection Range, m/yd 274/300
Display Specifications Type OLED
Resolution, pixels 1024×768
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi / APP Support (RIX+)
Video Recorder Video Recorder Support
Memory Capacity, GB 4 to 256GB
Physical Specifications Degree of Protection, IP code IP68
Operating Temperature Range, °F -4 to+122
Weight, lb 2.09
Dimension, inch 15.3×3.2×2.8
Body Material Aluminum
Connections and Compatibilities Battery Type Built-in battery pack
Max. Operating Time(at t=72°F)*, h 14
External Power Supply, V 5V (Type C USB)
Max Recoil Power on Rifled Weapon (Eo), g/Joules 1500g/9000Joules
Aim Point, MOA/CLICK 0.28 (3.2in@100yd)
Compatible Mounts 30mm rings
Function IR Illuminator, nm 850 / 940
IR Power, W 5

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) What calibers is this scope rated for? Answer: RIX advertises this scope to be capable of handling recoil up to 1,500g. This allows it to handle calibers like 450 Bushmaster, 308 Winchester, and 338 Federal.

2.) Are digital night vision scopes viable? Answer: Absolutely. While they often will need supplemental infrared illumination, they are EXTREMELY capable. The T20 is packed with capabilities and will give users the ability to shoot and engage target successfully in the darkness.

3.) Is digital night vision as good as analog? Answer: Currently no. Digital night vision is not as powerful as analog. This is why you will see us running supplemental infrared illumination while hunting. But let’s also consider that we are almost ALWAYS running supplemental infrared even with our PVS30’s. So even with potent analog systems we typically use IR illumination. This is not an inherently bad thing, supplemental IR is critical to being able to properly ID and take game and other targets.

4.) Who should consider the Tourer T20? Answer: Anyone looking to get into a night vision scope at a reasonable price. We know that is vague and broad, but truthfully this scope could be coupled with anyone doing anything in the darkness. RIX makes a fantastic product, and the T20 is no exception.

5.) Can the RIX Tourer T20 be used in the daylight? Answer: Yes. This scope can be used night or day. There is no need to remove your scope, or mess with your zeroes. Just check your local regulations about using night vision scopes on hunts during the day. If you care about that kind of stuff.

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