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N-Vision NOX18 Thermal Monocular


The N-Vision NOX18 is a high performance, high resolution thermal monocular.

Historically, Thermal optics were largely reserved for weapon or vehicle mounted systems. We are seeing more and more options on the market that allow users to have units that really cover all the bases.

Helmet mounted and handheld thermal monoculars change the game in the darkness.

Thermal monoculars offer a huge advantage over running solely night vision monoculars or binoculars. This is because high resolution thermal will detect heat extremely efficiently. Everything, including rocks, trees, vehicles, and terrain gives off a signature that thermal can detect. It is extremely difficult to hide from a unit like the NOX18.

How does the NOX18 compare to other thermal monoculars?

The NOX18 is a high quality option that stands in line with other offerings on the market. Keep in mind, no perfect thermal monocular exists. However, the NOX18 is a solid contender. It features a 640×480 12um core with a 60hz refresh rate. While not as light as the RH25, it is still light enough for handheld or helmet uses. Is the NOX18 as good as a high end dedicated weapon mount thermal? No. Then again, neither is the RH25. These units were meant for a different purpose. They are meant to do it all at a high level, but there are tradeoffs to a well rounded setup. We’ll dive into that further below.

What mount should I run the NOX18 on?

We typically recommend the Mod Armory bridge if users are looking for helmet mount ability. The NOX18 features a built in Milspec Dovetail so it will work with a host of different mounts and bridges.

The NOX18 is built right here in the US.

In the world of thermal imaging, very few units are actually manufactured here in the states. If you are die hard about supporting US manufactured products, you are in luck: The NOX18 was built here.


What is the N-Vision NOX18 Thermal Monocular?

The N-Vision NOX18 brings helmet, handheld, and weapon mounting capability all into one unit. This unit is a high performance 640×480 core thermal that can be utilized in a host of different roles and scenarios. The beauty of running a unit like the NOX18 is that users are not limited to one role.

The NOX18 is built for anyone looking for a do it all system.

Units like the NOX18 were never intended to be perfect in all applications. They are meant to perform at a high level in ALL situations. This affords more uses than dedicated units. Users can helmet mount the NOX18 using a bridge like the Mod Armory Bridge, or weapon mount using the included base. The capabilities and roles the NOX18 can play into are virtually endless. From search and rescue, to evasion, to navigation and engaging targets, the NOX18 can do all of it with good results.

Manufactured in the United States of America.

If You are looking to support US manufacturing, the NOX18 probably makes a lot of sense. All of these traits might make the NOX18 a good fit for you and your end goals and objectives.


Sensor Resolution


Optical Magnification

1X Base Magnification

Digital Magnification


Sensor Pixel Size

12 Micron

Sensor Frame Rate

60 HZ

Objective Focal Length




Objective F #


Detection Range

753 yards

Imaging Modes

Various Modes Available

Helmet Mounting System

Milspec Dovetail

Weapon Mounting System

QD Picatinny adapter

Onboard Recording?


Battery Type

ONE CR123 OR ONE 18650


16 Ounces with Weapon Mount


13.5 Ounces W/Out Weapon Mount

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Does the NOX18 Include a Dovetail Mount for Helmet Mounting? Answer: Yes. The dovetail mount is Milspec and included with the unit. This will work with many bridges, like the Mod Armory Bridge on our site.

2.) Is the NOX18 Built in the USA? Answer: YES! This is one of the best aspects of the NOX18: It is built right here in the US.

3.) What Battery should I use? Answer: The NOX18 has two methods for power supply included in the packaging. The first is simply using one CR123 battery. The NOX 18 also includes a threaded adapter that lengthens the battery housing. It simply screws into place and then allows the use of ONE 18650 battery. NOTE: NEVER RUN TWO CR123 BATTERIES EVER! You WILL destroy your unit. If you have any confusion about this, PLEASE contact us prior to using your unit.

4.) How does refreshing the image of the NOX18 work? Answer: This is one of the negatives from a user standpoint/usability standpoint that we will mention about the NOX18. The NOX18 does not have a shutter, so when it is time to refresh the image, the user must fully cover the objective and manually select to refresh. Other units, like the RH25 can do this automatically, with no need to cover the objective. Is this a deal breaker? Absolutely not. But it is something to consider.

5.) How does the NOX18 compare to the RH25? Answer: The RH25 is made overseas, the NOX18 is made in the US. The NOX18 does not have quite the clarity as the RH25, but it does hold its own in many roles. In a helmet mounted role, the RH25 and the NOX18 perform very similarly. The NOX18 is a bit heavier, but the size and weight of both are comparable. Neither the RH25 or the NOX18 are the “best” in a dedicated weapon mounted unit when compared to high end dedicated thermals. BUT these units are a great “do it all” for folks who need a thermal that isn’t just locked into one end use.

6.) Does the NOX18 have internal recording? Answer: No. It will capture photos, but it does not record videos.

7.) Can the NOX18 be clip on mounted in front of an LPVO? Answer: Yes. Although we will add that clip on mounting is not a precision method for engaging targets in darkness. It does work, but should be reserved for closer engagements of targets. If you are looking to take extremely long shots at night (200+ yards), a dedicated weapon mounted thermal is probably the move for you.

Want to learn more about the units found on our website? Check out our YouTube Channel HERE.

If you have questions as to whether or not the NOX18 is right for you contact us at CS@Arkayne.com

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