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Photonis Binocular Night Vision Device

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The Photonis PD Pro binocular night vision devices are an ultra-compact, light weight, articulating binocular machined from 7075 Aluminum.

Quick Run Down of the PD Pro Bino’s:

The PD-PRO Binoculars are unique in many aspects. Their size is extremely compact and the unit weighs in around 15 ounces with a battery. Each pod articulates, there is an onboard infrared illuminator, and the unit is built from the Photonis 4G 16mm tubes. This binocular can be purchased with either green or white phosphor tubes. Minimum tube spec is 2000 FOM for the PD Pro.

Internet hype vs fact:

It doesn’t take long for someone to start making incorrect statements about what photonis is, and what they are not. The 4G tubes are NOT GenII spec as many claim. The Photonis 4G tubes are very different from L3 or Elbit systems and offer many advantages over either.

It is important to keep in mind that no night vision unit is perfect. For a full rundown of the pro’s and con’s of this unit, please real our full rundown below and watch the YouTube video linked below. The PD PRO from Photonis is simply one option of many. For many folks, this unit will be perfect. Others may desire something else. It is up to YOU to determine what is best for your specific need. Our job is to provide the information.

Note: lead times on this unit are very short, but estimated lead times are approximate and subject to change.


Note: Click the above image to see a full resolution comparison of several tubes in PVS14 units.


We purchased our first set of Photonis PD-Pro binoculars to be able to discuss and educate our followers about the system. Little did we know, we would fall in love with the PD Pro and it would become one of our favorite units available on the market.

What makes the PD PRO a good contender:

The PD PRO is an extremely compact, extremely lightweight set of binoculars. Its size is comparable to PVS31’s and the weight is nearly identical. The PD PRO’s are machined from 7075 Aluminum whereas the PVS31’s are not. This is a huge strength increase over many of the plastic/polymer/injection molded/3D Printed housings on the market.

Unique Traits of the PD PRO:

The PD PRO binoculars feature 16mm 4G Tubes manufactured by Photonis Defense. These 16mm tubes are a large reason for the weight savings in this little Bino. Field of view of the PD PRO remains at 40 degrees. No sacrifice in field of view is made by the smaller tubes. This unit can be purchased with either White Phosphor or Green tubes. Minimum spec of the 4G tubes is 2000 FOM. Two lanyard mount locations are also built into the aluminum housing.



1 Year Manufacturer

Gain Control


IR Illuminator


LED IR Indicator


Horizontal Field of View


Vertical Field of View



One Power (1X)

Adjustable Diopters


Tube Type

AutoGated 4G Tubes


66 feet

Spectral Sensitivity

400nm to above 1000nm

Focus Range

7.9″ to Infinity

Power Source

1 AA-Size Battery

Operation Time

20+ hours

Weight (w/o batteries)

12 oz

Onboard IR Illumination


FAQ’S:1.) How does the PD PRO Stack up against other more mainstream devices. 

The PD PRO is every bit as elegant and well designed as units like PVS31’s, DTNVS, BNVD’s, RNVG’s, ETC. They are simply ANOTHER option for users. Are they the best for ALL users? Probably not. With that being said, there is so much misinformation on what Photonis is offering on the internet. We took that seriously and wanted to get to the truth. In doing so what we revealed is a type of night vision unit that excels for most users! The PD PRO offers a high level of strength in a lightweight package. It is lighter than most comparable units. It is nearly 30% smaller than a BNVD. While not a perfect comparison, the PD PRO offers every bit of value as any of the other binocular units on the market.

2.) Are Photonis Tubes Gen II Tubes?  

No, they are not Gen II. They cannot be Gen II OR Gen III because they EXIST outside of the spec that makes a unit either generation. Photonis uses a hybrid Multi-Alkali Photocathode which sets it into its own category. Also, Gen II or Gen III is such a subjective statement and NOT an actual measurement of performance. As an example: a low spec Harris thin film tube would technically be a Gen III tube. Photonis 4G tubes walk all over these low 1300-1400 FOM tubes. In our experience, Photonis has had the most consistently clean tubes with high FOM ratings vs other mainstream options like L3 or Elbit.

3.) Are Photonis tubes lower gain? 

Yes, in most cases this is true. The White Phosphor 4G tubes are lower gain than SOME L3 or Elbit options on the market. However, gain does not equate to a “good” or “better” tube on it’s own. It is possible to have a high gain tube with low clarity. We will note, however, that the green tubes offered from Photonis land much, much closer to higher gain L3 or Elbit models. Personally we prefer the white phosphor, but green is an option for those of you who want the PD PRO and need higher gain levels.

4.) What Tubes are Inside the PD PRO? 

The PD PRO 16B features photonis 16mm 4G tubes. Minimum FOM for this unit is technically 1800 FOM. With that being said, most PD PRO Binos we receive from Photonis land very close to or above 2000 FOM. RARELY will you ever see these units around 1800 FOM. These are very high quality tubes that are in use across the globe from SWAT teams, to special operation military groups and beyond. The 16mm tubes used for this binocular device are extremely high quality and Photonis has an extremely low tolerance for blemishes with these units. If you have further questions about the specs of the 16mm 4G tubes inside of this unit, email us at

5.) Are the Photonis Tubes AutoGated?  

Yes, Photonis NAILS the autogating. The tubes react swiftly and precisely in higher lighting environments. While the 4G tubes perform extremely well in higher lit areas, and they have many safety protocols in place to protect the tube, it is important to never subject the units to high lighted areas or sources of lights.

6.) I have heard that Photonis Tubes do not compare to L3. 

We have content all over our YouTube and instagram pages and our site comparing all tube options. It is unfortunate that many companies, for whatever reason, have decided that Photonis isn’t a contender. Not only is this untrue, we’d argue that those vehemently against Photonis either haven’t used them at all or there is some sort of ulterior motive at play. In many cases the Photonis tubes have been clearer than our L3 units. This is not to say that the L3 units are bad and Photonis is better, we are simply stating that the Photonis 4G tubes ARE an effective option and will offer amazing performance. We take great pride in what we do. We don’t recommend products we don’t believe in.

The cool part: If you are 100% set on L3 in a Bino, we can get you set up as well.

7.) Is a helmet mount included in the price above? 

No. You will need to purchase a helmet mount separately. Photonis does have their own helmet mount and it works well. If you purchase the photonis mount it has a magnetic arm that will power the unit on anytime the unit is lowered into position, even if the power switch on the unit is off. For more information on the Photonis mount, click here:

8.) Which mount is recommended for helmet use?

The PD PRO dovetail is positioned a bit different than DTNVS or BNVD models. This does create some considerations when you are deciding which mount to go with. The three mounts that we have tested this unit with are: The Photonis Breakaway mount, Wilcox G24, and Norotos Lo Sto mount. The Lo Sto mount, for many people, may not be the best option for the PD PRO binoculars. This is because of the dovetail position on the PD PRO. It pushes the binos closer to the users eyes or safety glasses. Couple this with less adjustment on the lo sto and we have found that in some cases the Lo Sto did not offer enough adjustment to keep the unit from contacting our safety glasses or eyes.

The G24 and Photonis breakaway mounts are the best option, in our opinion, for this device. The Photonis mount is VERY similar to the G24. The most profound differences are the fact that the controls are essentially opposite sides between the two. The Photonis mount also has an extra arm that activates the unit automatically whenever the arm is in the proximity of the device. We don’t necessarily love this feature as it will power up the device even with the power switch OFF. Great if you need a failsafe to fire the unit on. Bad if you accidentally flip it down and have a battery in the unit. It will ALWAYS turn on if a battery is present and the magnet is near the unit.

For this reason, our typical go to is the G24. All options are available here on our site. If you have questions, email us.

Included Accessories: 

The PD PRO ships in a hard plastic case that is custom molded inside to keep your new unit safe. Inside the box are the following items:

  • Sacrificial lenses (2) for the front lenses, (2) for the rear lenses
  • Soft carry case
  • Lanyard for neck (if not using a helmet mount)
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Lens cleaning tool
  • Eye Cups
  • (2) AA batteries

*Helmet mount will be packaged inside the box if ordered at the same time as the binocular night vision device.

**These units are manufactured in Europe and imported into the United States to the Photonis Lancaster location. We purchase directly from Photonis US and therefore most lead times are 2 – 10 days until shipment. Lead times MAY vary depending on volume and supply.

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