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UNS-SR Clip on Nightvision

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The Knights Armament UNS-SR is a lightweight, compact clip on night vision unit.

The UNS-SR is a very small, very lightweight clip on night vision monocular. What this means is this unit is designed to be mounted in front of a magnified optic. With that being said, this unit does perform best in front of scopes with a lower base magnification. This unit was designed to be lightweight enough that it could be carried easily and deployed quickly. The UNS-SR was never meant to be an extreme long distance clip on, rather it was meant for mid range distances with modern fighting rifles. The UNS-SR is a great budget friendly option for folks looking to gain mid-range capability in the darkness without the bulk of a PVS-30.

A few notable features of the UNS-SR:
  • Designed and manufactured by Knights Armament
  • Originally designed to run in tandem with ACOG weapon sights and scopes less than 8X magnification
  • ELBIT or L3 Green Phosphor Tubes (tubes will vary, no hand selection option available)
  • Minimum 1600 FOM
  • No change in zero between daytime and nighttime
  • Manual gain to dial in brightness in varying settings

The UNS-SR is a potent mid-range option for folks who need night vision clip on capability with less bulk.

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The UNS-SR clip on night vision optic is purpose built for closer range engagements.

Running a night vision clip on has its advantages in the darkness. A quality unit like the UNS-SR will allow users to run their daytime optic and zero with no adjustments needed. Simply run your daytime scope like always. The UNS-SR shown here is a refurbished unit that has been manufactured by Knights Armament. The footprint of this unit is much smaller than a PVS30, which makes it ideal for standard or shorter length AR15’s/M4’s and similar platforms. While the unit does have a fair amount of weight, it is light and small in comparison to some other clip on options on the market.

Quality GEN III image intensifier tube for solid performance.

These units are built with either ELBIT or L3 1600 FOM Minimum Green Phosphor image intensifier tubes. Users can expect to gain the ability to engage targets at short to medium distances in darkness.

The Purpose behind this night vision clip on:

The UNS-SR was designed to be a lighter weight option to units like the PVS30. It was purpose built for shorter range engagements. Larger units like the PVS30 are most definitely higher performance, but they come at a size and weight cost. If your primary objective is keeping your night rifle light and nimble, but you still want the capability to shoot in darkness, this unit might be a good fit for you.

Effective range of this unit:

In our personal use, the UNS-SR shines between 100-200 yards, although it is advertised with a 500 yard capability. Infrared illumination further increases the performance of this unit as well. For shooters that find themselves engaging targets in these mid range distances, the UNS-SR might be a good option. For shooters looking for even further distances, purchasing a PVS30 might be the best move. The true benefit of running a night vision clip on is the precision during operation. If you have a precision scope dialed in during the day, that same scope and holds can be used at night. This is a clear benefit when looking to engage targets at night with precision.



1 Year

Gain Control


Onboard IR Illuminator


LED IR Indicator


Tube Color Type

Green Phosphor

Detection Range

Up to 500 Yards


One Power (1X)

Gain Control?

Yes, Manual Gain

Battery Life

Typically exceeds 24 hours run time


3 feet for 4 hours

Power Source

1X AA battery

Focus Range

20M to infinity


20 ounces +/-


Black Corrosion Resistant


KAC QD mount for Picatinny Rails


5.6″L x  2.7″H

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1.) Night vision clip on or dedicated weapon mounted thermal? 

The answer to this question will largely depend on what you plan to use your night rifle for. The huge benefit of a clip on night vision unit is the fact that you can run your dedicated daylight scope and run your standard holds/adjustments. The thermal scope will have a much higher performance in terms of identifying targets in darkness. Clip on night vision also typically must be used with supplemental infrared lights, like the surefire M640V. While using supplemental IR, one cool thing to note is that you can see the eyes of animals just like when using a white light. In certain hunting situations this is a huge bonus. Ultimately, there is no right and wrong answer in the thermal vs nightvision debate. It simply comes down to end use.

2.) PVS30 VS UNS-SR?

The PVS30 is a much larger, higher performance unit to the UNS-SR. It is also a very cost prohibitive unit for most people. While the PVS-30 is much higher performance than the UNS-SR, the UNS-SR is an extremely compact package. Is one better than the other? In performance, yes, there are differences. Will that matter for your end use? That will depend on what you want to do and what distances you typically engage targets at.

3.) Do I need supplemental infrared when using a night vision clip on? 

Yes. We would highly recommend ALWAYS having a supplemental infrared option, regardless of what unit or model you run. This includes helmet mounted night vision. Having a supplemental infrared light is extremely important for ALL night vision units, regardless of the performance of the unit. Adding supplemental IR allows you to see into darker places, find eyes in the darkness, and increase the clarity of the unit on your rifle. While in many situations the supplemental IR will not be needed, you will find yourself in situations where it is. The M640V is a great option for mid range distances.

4.) Who manufactures these units? 

The UNS-SR is manufactured by Knights Armament.

5.) Can I change the tube type and specs? 

No. These units are built with either L3 or Elbit 1600 Min FOM green phosphor image intensifier tube. We can’t offer hand selection on this product unfortunately.

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