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Jerry CE5 Thermal Overlay


Thermal Overlays, Like the Jerry CE5, add extra functionality to your existing night vision device.

The Jerry CE5 brings thermal capability to virtually any night vision device. Most units that utilize glass the same as or similar to a PVS-14 can utilize this device. The CE5 simply clips onto the unit and overlays a thermal image onto the intensifier tube. This is advantageous when scanning for targets in the darkness. Analog night vision is extremely easy to hide from. Adding thermal capability to your night vision adds another layer of capability that NV alone will never offer.

Included with each Jerry CE5 thermal overlay unit:

  • CE5 thermal housing
  • CE5 mounting strap (adjustable for different units)
  • Bushing (for attaching to smaller units)
  • Battery Cable
  • External Battery pack for dual 18650 batteries (included)
  • Hard case

The Jerry CE5 is a “no frills”, easy to use thermal option which will add capabilities to your equipment in the darkness.


Jerry CE5 Thermal Overlay

The Jerry CE5 Thermal Overlay is a clip on thermal device. Many people have heard of the E-COTI system, this is a more obtainable unit that offers the same benefits. Clip this unit onto your existing night vision device to enable thermal overlay.

Benefits of thermal AND night vision:

Coupling thermal to your existing night vision device aids in detection, identification and evasion of targets. Night vision alone is incredibly easy to defeat with basic camo. Thermal is much more difficult to hide from. Using thermal and night vision together also allows users to detect with thermal, verify with night vision. Using the two in tandem truly increases the capabilities of ANY night vision unit.

Expand most simple night vision units with ease

Most units are compatible with the Jerry CE5. If your current unit utilizes PVS-14 or similar glass, the adjustable strap can accommodate the thermal mounting. Users running units like the PD PRO binos should contact us PRIOR to ordering to ensure proper fitment. While there is ample adjustment for most units using standard intensifier tubes, smaller 16mm tube housings may not work. Contact us and we’ll dive into that together.

Easy on, easy off.

This unit installs in seconds without the need for tools. The strap/mount can remain attached to your unit and the CE5 can be removed quickly at any moment. The battery pack features two 18650 batteries and a velcro backer for attachment to your helmet.

The CE5 is a well rounded, capable thermal overlay unit.


Sensor Resolution


Optical Magnification


Sensor Pixel Size

12 Micron

Sensor Frame Rate 50 HZ
Intensifier Tubes Works with most tubes
Housing Type Works with most housings and glass
Weather resistant? Yes
Battery Source External Battery Pack
Battery Type 2X 18650 Batteries
Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) How capable is the Jerry CE5? Answer: The Jerry CE5 will never compare to a dedicated thermal like the MH25 or RH25. They are just two very different styles of units. The CE5 is great at showing heat and adding heat signature to your night image. It is NOT the best at identifying prey or targets at distance or in extreme adverse conditions. Predator hunters will often find more usefulness out of a dedicated thermal, while urban operators will often favor the CE5. It depends on your end goals and needs.

2.) Who is the Jerry CE5 for? Answer: The CE5 is ideal for people who already own a specific night vision device. If you already have a PVS14, or you already have binos, this might be a good addition. This is especially true for folks who have spent a ton on their current binos. Rather than swing $15K for the Jerry FB, simply add the CE5 to your existing device. With that being said, folks who want extreme clarity and detection capabilities, a dedicated unit (like the MH25 or RH25) or the Jerry FB is probably a better option.

3.) How seamless is the thermal overlay? Answer: There is some lag in the thermal overlay when moving your head a lot. This isn’t a bad thing, but it does exist. It exists on all overlay devices to some extend. Otherwise, there is much less fatigue when running this unit vs a PVS-14 and dedicated thermal. It is more seamless as both your eyes have the night vision foundation to fall back on.

4.) What are the biggest pros and cons of this unit? Answer: The biggest con is this unit is really not designed to be a standalone unit. While adapters exist, it is meant to be mounted to existing night vision to add thermal overlay. This means its uses are fairly narrow. The largest benefit is the fact that it takes a unit you already own and adds thermal capabilities to it. This increases your ability to gather data in the darkness.

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