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Wilcox G11 Night Vision Mount


The Wilcox G11 allows solid attachment of PVS14 style J-arms to a wide variety of helmet shrouds. This mount will also work for many other styles and models of night vision that utilizes a horn style connection or J-Arm.

What models interface with this Mount?


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The industry standard for mounting PVS14 Monoculars is the Wilcox G11 mount. This “force overcome” mount is intuitive and built like a tank.

The Wilcox G11 Mount:

This night vision is a simple and effective way to mount your new PVS14 to your helmet. Most PVS14’s (and some other models of night vision) will use a J-Arm that is compatible with this mount. If you have any questions about compatibility please contact us. If you purchase a PVS14 from us, it will definitely be compatible with this mount. For folks purchasing a set of binocular night vision they will want to check out the available dovetail mounts on our site (G24, Lo Sto, Photonis Breakaway).

Features of the G11 Mount:

The G11 is “force overcome” meaning to lower from a stowed position users must overcome the friction within the unit. There is no button pressing with this unit. Simply grab the arm and rotate into position. The G11 will work with most helmet receivers (Wilcox one hole HMI, Three Hole HMI, or standard mil spec shroud) and has a durable finish to prevent corrosion and premature wear and tear. The G11 prevents breakaway of the mount. We HIGHLY recommend using a lanyard to ALL helmet mounted units to prevent unintentional falling off the helmet during falls or impacts.

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“Force Overcome”



Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Force overcome VS button for stowing units: Which is better? 

The G11 mounts are force overcome. This simply means that there is “friction” within the mount that holds the unit up when stowed. There are no buttons or levers to press in order to flip the unit into its downward position. Simply grab the mount, rotate unit into position. It will feel like the mount is under tension and it does take some force to overcome. Hence the name.

2.) Do you offer the G11 in other colors? 

Nope. Just black. If you want another color we recommend rustoleum 2 in 1 spray paint. Works well.

3.) Is the G11 a breakaway mount? 

No. This unit is NOT designed to breakaway under harsh impacts. Even though this is true, we still HIGHLY recommend end users use lanyards to secure night vision devices to helmets.

4.) Are these mounts drop shipped? 

No. We stock these units in our warehouse. We package and ship for all our own orders from our warehouse/facility. Our objective is to connect you with lifesaving gear as quickly as possible.

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