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J-FB Thermal Fused Binos

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J-FB Thermal Fused Binos are a next generation night vision AND Thermal Binocular

Make no mistake, this is an extremely potent and capable night vision AND thermal binocular. Descend into the wilderness with a fused setup combining high performance intensifier tubes with a 640X512 12 micron thermal imaging displayed to the right eye only. Fine tune your unit to your preferences. Select settings: Night Vision only, thermal solid, and thermal outline settings. Contrast and intensity of the thermal overlay can be adjusted and fine tuned to your preference. This is truly the most seamless way to bridge the thermal and NV world together.

Included with each J-FB thermal fused binocular:

  • Bino housing with your choice of intensifier tubes (from the options below)
  • Dual 18650 battery pack
  • Velcro battery pack mount
  • Battery cable
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • GPS Location Services
  • Soft carry case that is very well designed and well made

Descend into the darkness with one of the most potent setups available to consumers.


 J-FB Thermal Fused Binos

The J-FB Thermal Fused Binos are one of the most capable and potent binos on the market that bridge thermal and night vision together. Do not sleep on this unit. The capabilities and features come at a cost, but the performance is absolutely outstanding.

We are extremely picky about what ends up on our site.

We will be honest: on paper we were skeptical. Other fused units left us unimpressed. The J-FB completely changes this. This unit successfully bridges thermal and night vision together in a user friendly package. Everything from the gain knob, to the battery pack, to the function buttons is laid out extremely well.

Thermal adds a HUGE value to this unit.

Which intensifier tube should you choose with this unit? To be honest: we don’t care. The thermal monocular is THAT crystal clear, we couldn’t care less what intensifier tube is installed in our personal J-FB’s. We have been perfectly happy running i2 tech Green tubes as Elbit SLH tubes. The thermal closes the gap in lower FOM tubes and makes this unit function in even less than ideal situations and circumstances.

You can fine tune the thermal, or turn off completely.

The power is at your finger tips. Crank up that thermal and turn down the NV tube gain, or dim back the thermal and allow the fusion to truly show its strengths. You decide how you want to run it. Ultimately this combines potency of the MH25 or RH25 or NOX18 with the capabilities and navigation of night vision. We are absolutely blow away by this unit.

What are the drawbacks of the J-FB binocular?

We have three objections to this unit that you should consider before purchasing. First, this unit is fairly heavy. While this may not be a deal breaker for most people, it is something to keep in mind. It is much heavier feeling on the head vs the PD PRO bino’s or a PVS14. Second, the unit feels “plastiky”. In other words: it’s just a lot of plastic. But it is built tough, and its performance has removed ANY fears of being fragile. To summarize: It’s built tough. Our fears were shelved as soon as we hit the field. The last con of this unit is simply the price. This is a VERY expensive unit, but the capabilities are completely worth the price tag.


Sensor Resolution


Optical Magnification


Sensor Pixel Size

12 Micron

Sensor Frame Rate 50 HZ
Intensifier Tubes Tube options vary, see drop down menus
Intensifier Tube Color Green OR White Phosphor Available
Weather resistant? Yes
Battery Source External Battery Pack
Battery Type 2X 18650 Batteries
Frequently Asked Questions: 

1.) Which intensifier tube should I consider? Answer: To be frank: we don’t care. We would run ANY of the options we stock without an OUNCE of hesitation. But if you want to save some money, go with the green or white photonis intensifier tubes. We love photonis tubes. They are always solid performers. If you have a bit larger budget, consider the Elbit flavors. You won’t be disappointed with either.

2.) How “natural” does it feel to run the J-FB? Answer: It is completely seamless. The largest drawback of bridged thermal and NV is the fact that it is hard for the human brain to decipher both images together. The J-FB eliminates this mental strain. While it still does take more mental power to think through the unit, it is far more seamless than bridging a thermal with a PVS-14.

3.) Does the thermal image show up in both eyes? Answer: No, the thermal image is ONLY on the right objective pod. However, due to the nature of how it works, your brain will overlay the image to your left eye if setup properly. This allows for a VERY seamless experience.

4.) How does the thermal compare to other units on our site? Answer: it is equally as good as any other 640 unit we stock on our site. It is amazingly good and quite frankly mind blowing when using. We cannot recommend this unit highly enough.

5.) Will you ship this directly to my house? Answer: Most likely no. We will ship to the closest UPS store pickup where they WILL require proper identification and a signature to receive. This is to protect YOUR investment and ours! The last thing you want is to have this unit go missing in transit. We HIGHLY recommend purchasing the optional insurance at checkout for peace of mind.

If you have ANY other questions about this unit, simply email us at cs@arkayne.com. We know it’s a big purchase. Let’s set up a call to chat and make sure this unit is right for you. Please note that this is ITAR controlled and you will need to fill out an ITAR form at checkout.

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  1. Gabriel Resendez (verified owner)

    these gentlemen built my jfb using the elbit tubes and lemme say it’s amazing! spent all weekend breaking them in at the range and lake. the lead time took a while as they are built to order but def def worth the wait! thermal nv fusion is the best option if you are looking for NVG capability and if you can shell out the money for em do no hesitate you won’t be disappointed thank you guys for the amazing build 🙏🏼

A note about our current lead times:

Arkayne is a RAPIDLY growing brand. Because of that, some of our suppliers have a hard time keeping up. There are occasions where WE experience lead times from our partners, and we do our absolute best to post the lead times at the top of our product pages. BEFORE PURCHASING: look at the lead time on the product pages. If you have ANY questions regarding lead times,  Email: cs@arkayne.com and we will send you our closest ETA. We know you are pumped to get your gear, and we will process your order as fast as possible. We aren’t Amazon, we are a small US owned business that gives a rip about getting you equipped. We will get you your gear ASAP. See you in the darkness.